Dragon Husband Chapter 692

Chapter 692

When the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family got this bottle of ointment, she also dedicated it to the old lady.

Even the well-informed man and ghost like Old Taijun showed slight approval for this ointment.

She only said two words.


Who is the old lady!

The leader of the Beilin Lu family!

People called the dead march!

It is extremely difficult and extremely honored to hear the appreciation for certain prescriptions or medicinal materials from her mouth.

At that time, an elder of the Lu family in Beilin, in order to please the little princess, also devoted himself to research, trying to analyze the ingredients of this ointment, so as to provide the little princess with a steady stream of ointment.

However, the elder failed.

He locked himself in the room for a full month!

Until the little princess left Beilin Lu’s family, he could not accurately analyze the specific composition ratio of the ointment.

Many people in the Lu family in Beilin remember that when the elder left the customs that day, his face was blatant, and his eyes were filled with inevitable resentment.

He also only said four words.

I can’t do it.

These four words undoubtedly mentioned this ointment to a very high status.

Even the elders could not analyze the ingredients of the ointment, how mysterious it is.

Afterwards, Lu Defu once served the elder to drink. When he was drunk, the elder was arrogant and wrote down the ingredients he analyzed.

He only said that he analyzed 90%, and the remaining 10% could not be analyzed.

But these words fell in the ears of Beilin Lu’s family, and they had another taste.

There is no such thing as 90% and 10% in prescriptions.

The difference is a thousand miles away.

This elder was just distressed in his heart, and he just said something about it.

Both Lu Defu and Lu Furong both had photocopies of the ointment ingredients written by the elder.

Lu Defu’s expression was hard to see the extreme.

He looked at Wiliam as if he was looking at a monster.

He didn’t even think that Wiliam would write the exact ingredients of the ointment.

Even if it is one percent, it is already a godly thing for a fledgling person in his twenties.

Now, this kid, taking a mouthful of medicine, is as precise as a hundred steps piercing a Yang, and like a ten thousand arrows piercing a heart, he wants to pierce Lu Defu’s originally arrogant and playful heart with blood.

In the end, he couldn’t help it anymore and tremblingly took out the piece of paper that he had hidden.

Look at it word by word!

Nothing is missing, a perfect match!

At this moment, he was actually a butt, sitting directly on a chair!

This is already beyond his imagination!

Now, it is not at all whether this kid can guess the proportion of ointment, whether he can answer this question correctly, and whether he can pass the second level question!

On the contrary, if this kid is so, his medical skills are comparable to the elders of the Beilin Lu family!

No, it is not comparable, it is completely beyond the elders!

You know, the elder, holding the ointment, tried his best to study and analyze.

And this kid was blindfolded by himself, his eyes and mouth and nose were blindfolded, and he analyzed it only by the touch and feeling of putting the ointment on his face.

There is a huge difference here!

The means are much better than the elders!

Thinking of this, Lu Defu felt a terrible suffocation!

At a young age, his medical skills surpassed the elders of the Beilin Lu family!

It’s not an exaggeration to call it a genius!

This kind of talent who was born out of nowhere must be the sweet pastry for all the wealthy families to compete for!

Could the Beilin Lu Family watch the loss of such a genius?

Totally impossible!

Maybe, this kid will be hired directly as the honorary elder of the Beilin Lu family!

This status is soaring!

Completely surpassed his so-called big butler!

At that time, this kid will investigate today’s affairs…

Lu Defu suddenly felt a violent panic.

By that time, I would have a hundred lives, not enough for this kid!

You know, today, not only did he blatantly make things difficult for him, but even let people take off his clothes and pants, humiliating his personality in public!

Normal people can’t bear this kind of enmity, let alone geniuses have their own qualities, and it is even more difficult to accept.

It’s all to blame for that stupid nephew!

Seeing the lust, I have to suppress this kid by myself!

I also blame myself, even this kid can’t figure out the details, and he started to humiliate him!

It’s great now, how can it end!

However, Lu Defu was still trying to excuse himself.

After all, who could have imagined that there was a golden dragon hidden in the shallow pond and a phoenix in the sparse forest!

In a small recruiting servant, there is such a magical figure hidden away!

For a while, Lu Defu was completely helpless.

As for Lu Furong on the side, her eyes really fell to the ground.

She also knows the composition paper of the elder.

She also studied it seriously at the time, but she didn’t have any thoughts at all.

Even the contempt of Wiliam just now she has been unforgettable.

She had never thought that this kid could answer this question correctly.

After all, the situation was truly a desperate situation for Wiliam.

She just thought that this kid could quickly lose out and leave this place of right and wrong in peace.

However, Wiliam answered.

Answered Lu Furong sweating profusely!

Answered that Lu Furong was shocked!


In the desperate situation, there was a flash of golden light!

There is another village in the dark!

She was not as far away as Lu Defu thought.

She just felt an extremely ecstatic.

On the one hand, marvel at the hidden talent of this kid.

On the other hand, it was a bad breath!

Just now, I have been suppressed by Lu Defu, a shameless old man, but there is still no way to fight back.

She had no idea, but this kid did it.

He used the sharpest answer, hit the nail on the head!

He hit Lu Defu’s old face hard!

And it beat him speechlessly looking for teeth!

It’s so fun!

“Okay!” Before Wiliam finished speaking, Lu Furong could no longer bear the ecstasy in her heart. She unexpectedly interrupted and clapped vigorously.

At this moment, everyone’s laughter suddenly stopped.

The little butler clapped inexplicably with a look of ecstasy.

Looking at the butler again, like a mourning concubine, she is dumbfounded.

A feeling of death coming.

What’s the situation?

Why is it different from what they expected?

At this time, they looked at Wiliam again.

Some people suddenly slapped their heads and yelled hesitantly: “Damn! Isn’t this kid who can really figure out the ingredients of this ointment?”

Sudden a thousand waves!

Everyone’s eyes widened.

how can that be!

Shu Road is difficult, and it is difficult to climb to the sky.

This kid, won’t he just go to heaven?

Even Wang Yiran, who was originally laughing wildly, froze instantly.

He frowned deeply, and rushed to Lu Defu in one step, ignoring his inferiority, and shook Lu Defu, who was still lost.

“Uncle, what the hell is going on! What is this kid talking nonsense? Shouldn’t you just drive this nonsense kid out?”


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