Dragon Husband Chapter 693

Chapter 693

“Ho ho, get out? He dare?” At this moment, Lu Furong sneered.

After reacting, she finally understood why Lu Defu had such a dim face.

Now this kid is probably a figure of the genius doctor level.

It wasn’t a small person like Lu Defu who could easily control him.

If the people above were to know, Lu Defu would have driven a startled dragon out of the Lu family in Beilin.

What is waiting for Lu Defu will definitely not be as simple as a happy death.

Maybe, when the old lady is angry, he will dig out the old and shameless heart, liver, and lungs for research.

Ho ho, that’s the specialty of the old lady.

As Lu Furong spoke, she looked at Wiliam who was interrupted by herself, still standing indifferently, as if indifferent to the world.

Now, she vaguely understood.

No wonder this kid uttered wild words before.

No wonder this kid is forbearing everywhere.

It turned out that Yi Gao was bold.

He is not afraid of not showing his talent at all!

Just like now, the talent is revealed, and the talent is amazing!

Lu Defu reacted and suddenly slapped Wang Yiran’s face fiercely!

“You really want to kill your uncle, don’t you! Get out of me!”

Lu Defu looked at Wang Yiran, his anger stopped!

Unlearned guy!

Relying on a bit of fist and kicking skills, he was rampant in Beilincheng.

If it wasn’t for his uncle’s release of water in the second level, could he pass?

Let him be steady and low-key, and just make sure that the middle point is secure.

Unexpectedly, this bastard would immediately get the first place.

Originally, Lu Defu didn’t want to care about this kid, but the people at the scene knew how much he knew, and they didn’t dare to say it.

But things are different now.

With this kid, the master above will definitely be involved in the recruitment of servants today, for fear that there will still be leftover beads in the dust.

If this is implicated again, Wang Yiran’s inexperienced and unskilled, chased to find out, this uncle must not be covered in dirty water!

Lu Defu was depressed thinking of this.

But Wang Yiran, who was beaten, was even more aggrieved.

He still doesn’t know why his uncle became angry all at once.

He wanted to ask, but seeing Lu Defu’s angry face, he held back.

He could only retreat in a jealousy.

This scene was seen by everyone, and everyone felt happy.

One by one showed sarcasm and began to whisper.

Wang Yiran stared at these people fiercely, and they gradually stopped commenting.

The scene was quiet again.

Just when Lu Furong wanted to stand up and announce that Wiliam had a perfect promotion this round, and then taunted Lu Defu again.

Wiliam spoke again.

“Xiaohan Dangui 2.3%, Baitou Cream 0.5%, Chunzhi 1.7%…”

It turned out that Wiliam continued to report the ingredients of the ointment.

But after these herbs came out, Lu Furong was stunned, and the steps he wanted to take were also suspended in the air.

Her face was filled with consternation.

It seemed to hear a strange sound.

Was someone talking just now?

Is it this kid?

Compared to Lu Furong’s astonishment, after a brief loss of consciousness, Lu Defu’s eyes suddenly showed a glimmer of hope.

He smelled a mysterious smell.

And Wiliam was still talking, plausibly.

The more he said, the more ugly Lu Furong’s face became.

In the end, Lu Furong actually interrupted Wiliam directly, “Didn’t you finish answering? Stop talking!”

Between her words, she actually used internal force!

The eardrums of the people present were so shocked that they hurt.

Everyone could tell that Lu Furong seemed to be angry suddenly, and it was overwhelming.

Wiliam stopped talking when he was drunk like this.

But at this time, Lu Defu suddenly laughed wildly.


Escape from the dead!



Before, Wiliam had indeed reported many, many correct names of herbs.

Lu Defu also fell into a dead end.

However, there is another village in the dark!

This kid went on to report a few herbs just now.

These herbs are simply Lu Defu’s life-saving elixir!

Because these herbs are not the ingredients of this ointment at all, the elder didn’t even mention it!

Originally, Lu Defu thought, could it be that this kid had a wrong memory, or that he really had great power? Even the elders did not analyze it together with 10% of the analysis.

But after hearing this, Lu Defu completely dispelled the idea.

Because the elder said that this 10%, at most, there are only two medicinal materials.

Just now, Wiliam reported five or six medicines in one breath, which completely exceeded the elder’s prediction range.

Although the elders have incomplete inferences, they should not be absurd!

What made Lu Defu ecstatic was that among the medicinal materials that Wiliam finally reported, there were two kinds of medicine, which were poisonous!


How can poisonous medicine be used as ointment?

Simply ridiculous!

Lu Defu immediately understood that this kid didn’t even guess the correct ointment at all, and he really made a random report.

Although several medicines are correct, as long as they are wrong, they are wrong!

Herbs are cautious and deadly!

“Lu Furong, what are you nervous about! You let him continue!” Lu Defu now had confidence in an instant and stopped Lu Furong.

Lu Furong was really going to be pissed off by Wiliam.

She originally thought that Wiliam was shocked, but the more she listened, the more wrong she became.

Why do you report more and more, and more and more outrageous?

It’s just a bunch of nonsense and a mistake!

Could it be that this kid also has a deep heart, so he would rather kill the mistake than let it go?


This is a big taboo of medical skills!

The prescription is not that the more prescribed, the better the effect, don’t you even understand this truth?

She couldn’t wait to choke Wiliam to death now.

Don’t know if enough is enough!

Now it’s okay, I can’t pretend to be forced, I’ve been seen by this old man!

Please stop talking!

The more you say, the more mistakes!

However, Wiliam let Lu Furong continue to disappoint.

As if he couldn’t feel Lu Furong’s anger, he continued to speak indifferently.

Every time he talked about medicine, Lu Furong’s expression became ugly, and Lu Defu’s smile opened up.

He reported the five medicines in succession before slowly stopping.

At this time, it was Lu Furong’s turn to sit on the chair.

Now, it’s the Immortal Daluo that can’t save this kid.

It turned out to be singing a big show. Lu Defu was scared just now. Can he easily let this kid go now?

Lu Defu swept away the previous haze and became energetic. At the same time, the expression in Wiliam’s eyes became extremely cold.

He already stood in front of Wiliam and asked in a ruling manner: “You, do you have anything else to say?”

Anyway, no way to escape!

But Wiliam really had something to say!

Moreover, only these four characters are utterly exhausting!

“Name of medicine, Hongyan.”


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