Dragon Husband Chapter 694

Chapter 694

The name of the ointment is Hongyan.

When Wiliam said the name of the ointment, his heart was slightly disturbed.

Even Feliicity behind him trembled slightly.

A feeling of knowing each other is permeating between the two.

Red face…

What a familiar name.

This ointment is not the first beauty product that Wiliam developed for the first time in Q City ( Qena City ).


Wiliam still took this name.

Wiliam’s mouth, nose and eyes were blindfolded just now, and he couldn’t see or smell.

But when he touched the ointment bottle, he felt a familiar feeling.

After all, when the first ointment was produced, Lydia meticulously designed the ointment bottle, and Wiliam praised her at the time.

Holding this doubt, he rubbed the ointment on his face.

Sure enough, the feeling on his face convinced Wiliam that this ointment was undoubtedly a beauty.

The world is unpredictable.

Even Wiliam could not have imagined that the first batch of hongyan ointments he had developed would appear in the Lu family in Beilin.

This batch of ointments was not produced in large quantities at the time in order to create hunger marketing, and there will be no subsequent reproduction.

Even later, Genuine Care Medical Center, and even now the Baishi Group, successively launched upgraded versions of Hongyan.

But the beauty effect was deliberately weakened by Wiliam, and there is no such magical first-generation product.

In this regard, Wiliam could only sigh in his heart that there is no unparalleled road.

Originally, he had no confidence in today’s medicine debate.

I didn’t think that it was me who helped me.

So it is better to ask for yourself.

Lu Defu and Lu Furong were stunned when they heard Wiliam say the word “Hongyan”.

Lu Defu had come from a desperate situation, and hated this kid in his heart.

It’s this kid who just bluffed and made himself ashamed in front of everyone.

Who knew it was a false alarm.

So Lu Defu has made the most ruthless plan.

No matter how much this kid is talking about, when he finishes speaking, he will directly pronounce this kid to death!

Let him know what it is like to talk nonsense in front of Beilin Lu’s family!

However, he did not expect that Wiliam would say the word “Hongyan” when he was killed.

He was dumbfounded on the spot.

Lu Furong was even more confused by Wiliam.

Is this kid a man or a devil?

I completely reported the ingredients of the ointment before, I thought he was a god and man!

Then he talked nonsense again, and said all the poison in it, thinking that he was stupid to cast a net to fish.

And now, he said Hongyan!

Apart from Lu Defu, only Lu Furong knew what these two words meant!

These two words are the name of this ointment!

When the little princess got the bottle of ointment, the word “Hong Yan” was attached to the bottle.

At that time, the little princess still praised the name of the ointment with a look of affection and beauty, which made people feel gentle.

However, after such a long period of time, the confidant label on it has long been torn off.

What was exposed to everyone now was an exquisite ceramic bottle without any mark at all.

How did this kid know the name of this ointment!


What’s wrong!

Could it be that this kid has seen this ointment outside?

It’s impossible!

At that time, in order to please the little princess, Lu Furong made great efforts to find and buy the ointment, but it was all sold out, and there was no second bottle.

This kid looked ordinary, and he didn’t seem to be someone who had access to this ointment.

What’s more, how about seeing it?

His eyes, nose and nose are blindfolded, and he can’t recognize him.

Where is the problem!

Just when Lu Furong was puzzled, she saw Wiliam gently take off the strip of cloth covering his face.

When Wiliam saw the old thing in a different place, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

He gently patted the Feliicity behind him.

The Feliicity behind him felt like Wiliam’s tenderness, and knocked his face gently on Wiliam’s shoulder.

There was a soft “yah” sound in his mouth.

As if responding with gentleness.

This bottle of ointment is of great significance to both of them.

It was the beauty, let Lu Yechu show up, stirring up a pool of water in Q City ( Qena City ).

It was Hong Yan, who made Feliicity break with the Bai family for the first time, and let Feliicity know that only Wiliam who can depend on this world.

Therefore, they can not forget the beauty.

Just when the two were tender, a gnashing voice suddenly rang!

Lu Defu!

Lu Defu suddenly looked at Lu Furong, and said viciously: “I understand completely! Hohoho! Lu Furong! So the problem lies with you!”

Lu Furong had a bewildered look, but when he was questioned for no reason, he was also angry, “Housekeeper Lu, you better keep your mouth clean!”

Lu Defu also had a flash of inspiration just now, but he felt that he had a complete insight into the drama on the court!

He shouted sharply: “It’s you! You have colluded with this kid! So, you revealed the hongyan ointment to this kid in advance, and even gave him the elder’s guess paper! So, he can answer the elder’s paper. The ingredients of the herb, and can accurately name the ointment!”

When he said so, the scene suddenly became an uproar.

Everyone looked at Lu Furong and Wiliam with an angry expression!

It turned out that it was another one who walked through the back door!

If it weren’t for Lu Defu’s words, everyone would be kept in the dark.

Lu Defu’s words are too reasonable, how can an ordinary kid be better than the elders!

It’s impossible!

So there is only one way, and that is cheating!

Someone broke the question in advance.

Lu Furong was stomped with anger, “Fuck your mother’s shit! I am standing upright, Lu Furong! I won’t do such a villain thing at all!”

But Lu Defu said rigorously: “Huh, you just maintained this kid everywhere. Everyone can see it. You can’t deny this, right?”

Lu Furong’s face became stiff, and she felt aggrieved in her heart!

That’s because I sympathize with this kid, and even want to take this small blow to you, so I will speak for him, how come I am in a group with him!

However, everyone at the scene showed a clear expression, and obviously they also believed Lu Defu’s words.

Lu Defu continued to say grimly: “Ho ho, originally, you did nothing wrong in this matter, and you even lied to me. But, you are too cautious, or this kid is too stupid! You must be pre-event. Explain to him that the herbal ingredients that the elder unloaded were not complete, so let him pay attention. So this kid was smart and played arbitrarily, and said a lot of medicinal materials in one breath, which completely failed your wishful thinking. So you Just now he will be angrily shut up and don’t continue to say, everyone said I was right!”


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