Dragon Husband Chapter 695

Chapter 695

Everyone at the scene looked at Lu Defu with admiration.

His analysis turned out to be very detailed, and people could not find any point of counterattack.

That makes sense.

Had it not been for the two people who had rushed together a long time ago, how could they have known the ingredients of the ointment and the name of the ointment.

After all, this is something that even the elders of the Beilin Lu family can’t do.

What’s more, Wiliam’s mouth, nose and eyes were blindfolded, and it was impossible to do it.

Only as Lu Defu said, the two of them wanted to hide from the sky, but in the last moment they were acting up because of Wiliam’s cleverness.

Lu Furong flushed with anger, she pointed to Lu Defu, but she couldn’t say a word.

At this time, she admired Lu Defu a little.

This old man who is not ashamed and thought so careful is really an old fox.

It can still be so false and true.

But at this time, a sneer suddenly sounded at the scene.

Everyone’s complexion froze, because the person who sneered was Wiliam who was abandoned by everyone.

Lu Defu obviously thought he had guessed right, because this was the most reasonable situation.

He looked at Wiliam arrogantly, and asked jokingly: “What? Do you still want to quibble? All right, you can say it, we listen carefully.”

Wiliam smiled, naturally laughing that Lu Defu was stupid, and the people at the scene were even more stupid.

A few unfounded words made everyone believe it.

He said faintly: “If I guess wrong, this bottle of ointment is a temporary motive. Get it from your hand.”

As soon as these words came out, there was deathly silence.

Their heads couldn’t turn around for a while.

What is this kid saying about this?

Does it have anything to do with this matter?

However, Lu Furong, who had been suppressed, suddenly showed ecstasy.

She reacted instantly.

Even because of the excitement, her voice was a little distorted.

She clapped her hands loudly and said, “Yes! This kid is too right! You may have seen it just now. It was Lu Defu who temporarily let his hands go down and get our little princess’s ointment, right?”

Lu Furong couldn’t care about etiquette anymore, and directly called Lu Defu’s name.

And everyone is still confused, but some people nodded ignorantly.

Indeed, as Wiliam and Lu Furong said, when Lu Defu ordered to take the ointment, many people saw it.

Lu Furong continued excitedly: “Since Lu Defu brought this bottle of ointment on a temporary basis, how would I know in advance! How could I collude with this kid in advance! Everyone is right! So this matter is clearly Lu Defu. Framed up!”

A word to wake up the dreamer!

Lu Furong’s words set off a big wave in the scene!

Everyone suddenly realized Lu Furong!

That’s right.

Before, Lu Furong had no idea that it was this bottle of Hongyan Ointment that he was going to show Lu Yebian medicine!

Until Lu Defu’s men took out the ointment, they also gave it directly to Lu Defu.

And Lu Defu personally delivered it to Wiliam.

In this case, how can Wiliam and Lu Furong collude?

Even, everyone inferred from one another and found more things wrong!

For example, Lu Defu was also at the last juncture, temporarily speaking out the rules and conditions for Wiliam to discern medicine.

Before, everyone, including Lu Furong, didn’t know how Lu Defu would evaluate Wiliam.

Therefore, there is no possibility of communication.

In this matter, it was obvious that Lu Defu was telling right and wrong, splashing dirty water on Lu Furong and Wiliam.

At this moment, Lu Defu’s expression was ugly!

He was full of confidence and wanted to say that his guess was perfect!

It’s just a word!

Let all your guesses be shattered in one sentence!

In one sentence, I completely pushed myself to the cusp of the storm!


It’s this kid!

Lu Defu looked at this kid with a grim look.

He suddenly discovered that he couldn’t see through this kid.

It used to be all sorts of weirdness before, but now, it’s even easier to say a few words!

Put all your efforts to burn!

“Lu Furong, don’t slander me here! How can I be a villain who can do this!” Lu Defu cursed at Lu Furong’s face.

However, he himself felt that his words were not convincing at all.

Lu Furong crossed her eyebrows coldly, and just smiled.

Now the initiative of the matter has fallen into her hands.

Even if Lu Defu had a hundred mouths, it would be difficult to clear his innocence.

Lu Furong glanced at Wiliam gratefully.

This kid is really amazing.

Obviously he was in the game, and he was scolded bloody by everyone.

But it seems to be outside the matter, seeing everything very transparently.

Even myself, I was so excited just now, I didn’t even think of this.

He thought of it instantly, and awakened himself.

If he is not so wise and foolish, then he is really fearless.

He seemed to be standing above the sky, looking down at everyone, and naturally everything could be seen clearly.

But how is this possible?

He is only in his twenties, so why is there such a vicissitudes of eyes and courage that surpasses everyone?

For a while, Lu Furong was also extremely curious about Wiliam.

Things suddenly turned into a drama.

Lu Defu saw that he was completely unable to clean the stains, so he suddenly changed his mind and said fiercely, “Okay! Even if my guess was wrong just now, what about it?”

Lu Furong’s face froze.

What is it called?

What kind of moth is this old man doing?

Lu Defu was ready to die.

He pointed to Wiliam and said, “Let’s study this matter later. Today is after all medicines. We will just discuss the matter. The ingredients of the herbs that this kid just read out are quite different from those written by our elders. So, this The kid is a loser in this medicine discrimination. Do you dare to question Lu Furong?”

Lu Furong choked for a while.

She looked at Lu Defu in surprise, and she didn’t think that this old treacherous thing had actually escaped Jin Chan and returned to the original state of the matter.

That’s right, although Wiliam had reported all the correct medicinal ingredients before, but then he uttered a little nonsense, which drove him into a dead end.


Lu Furong was so heartbroken that she once again had the urge to choke Wiliam to death.

But she also changed her thoughts, so she can.

Anyway, things have coaxed into this, Wiliam and Lu Defu have become enemies, and there will be no good fruits in the Lu family in Beilin.

It’s better to send him away as I thought at the beginning.

Now that Lu Defu has a stain, Lu Furong still doesn’t believe that he dared to act on Wiliam on the spot.

Just as Lu Furong wanted to nod and say yes, she heard Wiliam’s sneer again.

Wiliam raised his eyebrows and said faintly: “Really? Who told you that the medicinal ingredients written by your elders are correct?”


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