Dragon Husband Chapter 696

Chapter 696

The scene was deadly quiet!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in horror!

Is this kid the courage borrowed from the sky!

Now they are all directly suspecting that the herbal ingredients written by the elders of Beilinlu are wrong?

I don’t know how to live or die!

If the ingredients of Beilin Lu Family’s herbs are wrong, didn’t you repeat it very neatly before?

Although everyone at the scene didn’t know how Wiliam learned about the medicinal ingredients written by the parents of Beilin Lu, they already felt that this kid must have cheated by some improper means.

It’s just that there is no evidence.

If you’re smart, you can quickly go down this step and get out of Beilin Lu’s house quickly.

Now, publicly question the elders of the Beilin Lu family.

This is already a capital crime.

On the spot, who else can keep this kid?

Lu Furong’s pretty face turned pale instantly!

There is a way to heaven, this kid doesn’t go, he has no way to go to hell!

I strangle your grandson to death!

Lu Defu had planned to let this kid go.

Hearing this, he suddenly laughed viciously.

It’s really seeking a dead end.

“So, do you doubt the medical skills of our elders in Beilin Lu?” Lu Defu said grimly.

Lu Furong hurriedly went to pull Wiliam, beckoning him not to say anything.

But Wiliam gently shook off Lu Furong, and said faintly: “No one is perfect, there is a sky beyond the sky. Your elders wrote wrong, or did not write all the ingredients of the herbs, what’s so strange about this?”

Lu Furong’s head bounced and she didn’t know how to end it.

That’s it.

What do you like, the road is your own choice, nothing special.

“Then you mean, can you write the correct medicinal ingredients?” Lu Defu knew this was a pit, so he continued to dig down.

Wiliam pushed the sheet of paper that was recorded in front of him, and said, “That’s it.”

The people at the scene, including Lu Defu, burst into laughter after a brief absence.

They all looked at Wiliam with mad eyes.

Lu Defu smiled even more, leaning back and forth, exaggeratingly said: “Oh, what did I hear? This kid actually said that this is the right herbal recipe! That is to say, this kid admits in public that his The medical skills are better than the elders of our Beilin Lu family? Are you looking down on our Beilin Lu family!”

At the end of Lu Defu’s speech, his voice suddenly became extremely majestic.

A strong aura permeated the scene.

Some people were so scared that their whole bodies began to tremble.

This is definitely a tall hat!

Wearing this hat on Wiliam’s head, he will never survive!

On the ground of Beilin City, who would dare to look down upon Beilin Lu’s family!

Even now, it is still the territory of the Beilin Lu Family!

In a tiger’s den, dare to despise the tiger!

Really ignorant are fearless!

“I haven’t seen the level of your elders. Naturally, there is no way to say who is high and who is low. You don’t need to dig holes for me.” Wiliam said calmly.

But when everyone hears this, this kid has realized the seriousness of the matter.

He started to admit it.

Want to make up for it.

Lu Furong sighed.

So far, things have been overwhelmed.

The Beilin Lu family never gave people the opportunity to reflect.

You kid, if you had this consciousness earlier, it wouldn’t be enough to make it impossible to end it now.

“Ho ho ho, then I have to ask, how did you write the so-called correct medicinal ingredient? The elders couldn’t write it out, so where do you come from?” Lu Defu asked aggressively.

Wiliam also smiled ho ho, “You finally said something human. Then listen carefully. If I say, this red face ointment is from your own hands, do you believe it?”

The scene is so quiet that the needles can be heard!

Everyone’s jaws are falling to the ground.

Is this really reflection?

Is this really thought?

Is this a confession?

It’s getting worse than before!


This kid is so arrogant now that he personally made this red face ointment.



The great jealousy of sliding the world!

How can this kid, He De, be able to dispense ointments that even the parents of Beilinlu can’t guess?

This is unclear, and another foot slammed on the face of the elder Beilinlu?

Even the entire Beilin Lu family will be severely stepped on by this kid.

It’s so ridiculous!

But at the scene, only Lu Furong shook his heart after hearing Wiliam’s words!

Wiliam made this ointment?

Her first reaction is absolutely impossible!

This kid definitely has this ability!

However, she slowly savored, but she was extremely afraid!

She used the reverse method to consider this matter.


What if this ointment was really made by Wiliam?

It was made by him, and he could write the proportions of the medicinal herbs. What’s so strange?

What’s so strange that he can say the word “Hongyan”?

Everything became so smooth after the kid admitted that the ointment was what he had prepared.

All the doubts found the most reasonable explanation in this answer.

Lu Furong covered her heart and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Believe or not?

You must not believe it?

She also didn’t believe that a kid in her twenties could do such a earth-shattering thing!

If he could dispense this ointment, he would have made a fortune!

Even if he can make this, he can make other prescriptions.

How could such a person who travels through the sky and the earth be so silent!

No bad money, no bad name.

But why come to Beilin Lu’s house to be a little servant?

This is another unimaginable contradiction.

Just as Lu Furong was surprised, Lu Defu laughed out loud, “Hahaha, what did I hear? What did this kid say? He made the ointment?”

In response to Lu Defu’s exaggerated voice, they all laughed.

This matter is completely out of line and impossible.

“Is it right? It’s clear if the herbal ingredients I wrote down just now are used to make it right away?” Wiliam said lightly.

But everyone still laughed wildly.

Who is willing to do this boring thing, making it clear that it is impossible, and wasting time and energy.

I’m afraid this kid knew that his death was approaching, and it was a while since he started to delay his life for a while.

Lu Defu also smiled arrogantly, “You are getting more and more true, but do you think I will believe it? Ask the people at the scene, can anyone believe it?”

Everyone shook their heads, this thing is completely unreliable. At this time, it is correct to get lucky.

Even Lu Furong didn’t know what to do, her brows were knotted.

But at this moment, an extremely cold voice came from the door.

“What if I say, I believe?”


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