Dragon Husband Chapter 697

Chapter 697

When everyone heard this voice, they looked towards the door.

I wanted to see who was so ignorant of admiration. When Lu Defu was so influential, he dared to pour cold water.


Lu Defu also turned his head and said grimly: “Who are you so special! Dare to set the score in front of Lao Tzu? What are you…”

Sound, that’s it.

After Lu Defu saw the person standing at the door clearly, the smile on his face instantly solidified!

The voice came to an abrupt end!

Dou Da’s cold sweat came out along his forehead!

At the door, stood a woman, carrying a suitcase.

Simple, ordinary.

But it makes Lu Defu like an ice cellar!

Everyone looked dumbfounded, who is this woman?

Suddenly appeared here, and dared to challenge the butler Lu Defu.

After seeing this woman, Lu Furong suddenly fell with tears.

She almost dashed over, crying bitterly, “Little princess! You are finally home! I miss you.”

Little princess!

When everyone heard this name, they all shivered!

There is only one little princess in the Lu family in Beilin!

If you live deep in the simple, outsiders have no chance to see it.

But this little princess has been the jewel in the palm of the old prince since childhood, and the darling of the entire Beilin Lu family.

Who dares to mess with her!

It was rumored that she ran away from home long ago, unexpectedly coming back today.

After seeing the little princess, Wiliam was also taken aback.

It wasn’t that she was amazed by her face, nor was she intimidated by her identity.


It’s no coincidence that there is no book.

This little princess turned out to be someone Wiliam knew.

Fortunately, not dead, it happened to be the Lu Xiaolu that Wiliam met in Jianghuai Hospital!

A few days ago, Wiliam personally made this Lu Xiaolu so angry that he broke down and cried.

He even got angry with her mental illness again.

Wiliam thought of the chick crying in front of him like a grave, and calling herself a bite of rubbish. This scene was so sour and sour.

Unexpectedly, she was actually the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family.

Wiliam bit his scalp, feeling that the road to the Lu Family in Beilin had become extremely bumpy again.

How could this girl retaliate against herself?

Lu Xiaolu stood at the door with a trace of emotion in his eyes.

She should have returned two days earlier.

But in the end he hesitated, stopped and went, and only now returned to Beilin Lu’s family.

Seeing the gate of Beilin Lu’s house, she was amazed.

Once in the world, it feels like a world away.

Now come back again, tender heart.

She was actually standing at the door just now, but nobody noticed her.

When she saw Wiliam standing in Beilin Lu’s house, she almost collapsed in her heart.

She would never forget this beast in her dreams!

Can anger her to be lost, there is only this beast in this world!

Thinking of the shame and shame that he had exposed in front of him back then, Lu Xiaolu trembled all over.

She couldn’t wait to rush in right away and cut this kid a thousand times.

However, she was afraid of rushing over, and being so angry that this kid was crying and selling miserably in front of so many people, she lost the face of Beilin Lu’s family.

So she looked at the door for a while, and she probably saw some clues.

When she heard that Lu Defusheng humiliated Wiliam, she didn’t mention how happy she was.

It turns out that this kid is really a troublemaker, and he will bring trouble wherever he goes.

Deserve it!

She had let Lu Defu kill him as she thought, and she had fulfilled her wish.

Until she heard Wiliam say that Hong Yan was from his hand.

Lu Xiaolu’s heart suddenly set off a big wave!

She never imagined that Wiliam would make a miraculous ointment like Hongyan!

It’s absolutely amazing.

Lu Xiaolu’s love for Hongyan ointment is beyond words.

Even when she first got it, she couldn’t sleep for days after she was happy.

She couldn’t bear to use this bottle and kept it in her room.

Unexpectedly, the owner of Hongyan Ointment was Wiliam.

Originally, Lu Xiaolu didn’t believe that he was killed.

After all, Wiliam’s impression of her was really bad, just like a beast.

However, she suddenly thought of the magic that Wiliam had in front of her before.

That kind of insight into medical principles is enough to throw her hundreds of streets away.

I am afraid that only grandma’s medical skills can surpass him.

Therefore, Lu Xiaolu also had to believe that it is very possible that the confidante really came from this kid.

Lu Xiaolu was struggling now.

The so-called Aiwu and Wu, if this kid was killed by Lu Defu, it would be a pity that the confidante would really become a masterpiece.

Thinking of this, her heart felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly, a thought came to her mind.

She thought of a perfect way!

Not only can retaliate against this kid, but also make the beauty live forever!

That is to let this kid live, and only live in Beilinlu’s house!

Didn’t this kid come to apply for a servant?

Doesn’t this just give yourself a great opportunity?

In the Beilin Lu Family, he was the supreme god, and he was just a lowly servant!

I’m not always able to pinch him, humiliate him, trample him!

Just thinking about it makes me excited.

Therefore, at the last moment, Lu Xiaolu would stand up and speak for Wiliam.

Lu Xiaolu comforted Lu Furong for a while.

This Lu Furong was a person with Lu Xiaolu a long time ago, half of the relationship between the two is the master and servant, and the other half is the love of girlfriends.

Lu Furong seemed to have been bullied miserably today, and her tears never stopped.

When she saw Lu Xiaolu coming back, it was like seeing a savior, Lihua brought rain.

After comforting Lu Furong, Lu Xiaolu walked in slowly.

Lu Furong hurriedly pulled Lu Xiaolu’s suitcase and followed.

Lu Xiaolu stepped in!

All are kneeling!

“Meet the little princess!”

The people headed by Lu Defu respectfully knelt on their knees, welcoming the little princess back home.

Except for Wiliam and Feliicity, he stood upright.

As soon as Lu Xiaolu came back, he enjoyed the worship of hundreds of people, and a strange feeling also appeared in his heart.

This feeling of being worshipped by others is so wonderful, why can’t I think of it as rubbish?

Bah, baah! Be a wool trash!

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback by his own thoughts. I can’t even think about it!

It’s too easy to be fascinated!

“Get up.” Lu Xiaolu said lightly.

Everyone just got up.

When Lu Defu saw Lu Xiaolu, he was already trembling.

He bends down, his voice slams, “Little, little princess, why are you back, the old slave has gone to meet you, you deserve death…”

However, his plea was not answered.

There was a dead silence in the Quartet.

He couldn’t help raising his head, thinking of looking at the little princess.

However, there is still a little princess in front of me.

And following everyone’s horrified eyes, Lu Defu saw the scene in front of him, his head blew, almost fainted!

Beilin Lu Family, the supreme little princess!

Standing in front of Wiliam at the moment, he smiled and spoke softly.

“Hello Wiliam, we’re seeing each other again, it’s a destiny.”


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