Dragon Husband Chapter 698

Chapter 698

Many people at the scene were dumbfounded when they heard such a friendly greeting.

This is the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family!

The status is absolutely supreme.

Looking at this situation now, the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family actually knew this kid who didn’t know the heights?

And judging from the tone, the relationship between the two is very unusual!

This made it difficult for people on the scene to accept it for a while.

How can this kid, He De, can only talk about it, but with some kind of shit luck, he clung to the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family!

Especially Lu Defu, the whole person was stupid, a kind of chill came out from the soles of his feet, causing him to fight a cold war.

This kid and the little princess know…

Then the little princess would definitely protect this kid.

The things I did to this kid just now…

Thinking of this, Lu Defu’s whole person is not good.

Lu Furong was the same. Seeing the little princess greet Wiliam, her chin was about to fall to the ground.

It really turned around.

This kid has good connections, and he knows the little princess, now things can be fun.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu lightly, without replying.

On Lu Xiaolu’s face, there were three characters written on it: Do something.

Wiliam didn’t think she had a close relationship with her, and it could even be said to be a hot water.

When Lu Xiaolu met him again, it was good not to tear his face on the spot, and now he greeted him pretendingly.

She doesn’t want to have a ghost, who believes it.

Feliicity also stared at this charming little woman with wide eyes, her mouth opened, but she couldn’t speak.

Only then did Lu Xiaolu notice a woman on Wiliam’s back.

And when she saw the woman’s face clearly, she suddenly felt astonished by time.

Comparing with the woman in front of him, Lu Xiaolu felt that he was scum and rubbish.

Not as good as garbage.

When this kind of thought comes out, Lu Xiaolu has the urge to relapse.

Fortunately, Lu Furong behind him was sensible, and hurriedly stepped forward, shook Lu Xiaolu gently, and whispered: “The woman on his back should be his wife. He came to apply for a servant this time, so he wanted to bring his wife to join. From Beilin Lu’s family.”

With that said, Lu Xiaolu became sober.

She recalled that when Wiliam was in the hospital, she had to be discharged in a hurry and wanted to go back to see her wife.

Hey, he looks really beautiful and beautiful.

No wonder she couldn’t let go of her for a moment.

If I had such a shocking wife, I would definitely take my wife with him all the time.

“Hey, don’t you know me? Me, Lu Xiaolu.” A trace of joking flashed in Lu Xiaolu’s eyes, and he continued to talk.

Knowing that she was uneasy and kind, Wiliam nodded indifferently, “Hello.”

This tone completely rejects people thousands of miles away.

The people at the scene were crazy.

This is the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family.

Those who chase the little princess can line up outside Beilin City!

How many people want to come forward and say a word to the little princess and suffer because they have no chance or even more qualifications.

What’s the matter with this kid!

People take the initiative to say hello, who are you showing a poker face!

The people at the scene suddenly had a raging fire in their hearts!

I can’t wait to cut this ignorant boy a thousand times.

Although Lu Xiaolu faced Wiliam, he was drifting around from time to time.

She found that the people around her were furious, and she felt even more proud.

This is what she wants to see.

She wanted to deliberately provoke the anger of the people and push this kid to the opposite of the people.

So Lu Xiaolu got even more energetic, pretending to be aggrieved and wringing his fingers, and said from his little daughter: “Why are you doing this to others? Did you forget that day…”

Having said that, Lu Xiaolu deliberately kept silent.

The ears of the people at the scene were all pricked up.

That day?

What day?

What happened that day?

Could it be that after the spring breeze, this kid always abandoned it?

Everyone’s heart touched their throats, and they could not wait for a violent beating on the ground by this kid.

“Oh, I should believe my grandma’s words, men don’t have a good thing, they are big pig hooves! Hmph, ignore you for now, I will help you settle the matter before you, and we will slowly narrate after a while.” Lu Xiaolu stomped his feet on purpose and rolled his eyes at Wiliam.

Then, she slowly turned around and looked around.

When the little princess saw the people at the scene, their eyes became hot.

It seems to be saying, watch me watch me! I’m here.

Finally, Lu Xiaolu’s eyes fell on a trembling person.

Lu Defu.

“Lu Defu, come here.” Lu Xiaolu swept away the coquettish expression before and became extremely cold.

Everyone can tell that she is so angry with this appearance.

Lu Defu’s heart was startled, with a very ominous premonition.

Retribution is coming.

Lu Defu came to Lu Xiaolu tremblingly, and bit his head and said: “Little princess, you call me?”

Lu Xiaolu sneered, and shouted directly: “You can convict!”

When Lu Defu was directly questioned by so many people, he was embarrassed to the extreme. He hesitated and said, “Old slave, convict…”

“Oh? Then tell me, where is your crime?” Lu Xiaolu said irresponsibly.

Lu Defu hesitated immediately.

Lu Xiaolu walked over and kicked Lu Defu with one kick!

How could Lu Defu dared to resist, he was kicked directly to the ground, clutching his heart and crying for pain.

“What to pretend? Get up for me!” Lu Xiaolu shouted again.

Lu Defu was so nervous that he had to kneel again tremblingly.

“Huh! Who let you enter this lady’s room! Who let you take this lady’s favorite beauty in private! Who gives you the courage!” Lu Xiaolu asked sharply.

She was really angry. She couldn’t bear to use the bottle of ointment, so she kept it in the drawer of the room.

Unexpectedly, this dog slave had taken it out privately. If it weren’t for Wiliam to meet anyone today, this unparalleled beauty might be cleansed by misfortune.

“This lady just left home for a while, do you really think it was this lady who died! Dog minion, do you want to rebel? Go on and get a hundred flogs later!” Lu Xiaolu continued.

Lu Defu’s heart immediately took off the cold.

Flogging a hundred!

This is a very harsh torture by the Beilin Lu family!

One hundred whips down, half of his old life will be gone!

However, this was an order personally made by the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family!

With a tragic expression on his face, he said blankly: “The old slave dares not, the old slave will go down and receive the punishment…”

As he said, he was shaking and was about to go down.

But he was immediately drunk by Lu Xiaolu, “What are you going to do! Did I let you go now? There are more important sins, I still don’t ask you!”

When Lu Xiaolu said this, he pointed his finger at Wiliam, “How did you bully my friend just now!”


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