Dragon Husband Chapter 699

Chapter 699: The Source of All Evil

Lu Defu’s head buzzed!


Why forgot about this!

What really made the little princess angry was that he made things difficult for Wiliam just now!

It’s over!

If you move her ointment, you must flog a hundred!

Now that the man who moved her, his life must not be left here.

For a moment, Lu Defu was in a trance.

“Ho ho, this lady’s person, you can bully casually? Come over and apologize to him with a hundred beeps!” Lu Xiaolu said directly.

When Lu Defu heard these words, his heart was frustrated to the extreme.

Kow to this kid!

Somehow he is also a big housekeeper.

Kowtowing to a brat to admit his mistake.

Still in front of such a person!

Face sweeping!

“Isn’t it? Hoho.” Lu Xiaolu sneered.

Lu Defu’s face became stiff, he hurriedly walked to Wiliam, knelt on his knees, and began to kowtow.

While knocking, he only apologized, “Mr. Lu, I’m sorry, I was wrong before, I was wrong.”

Lu Defu hated it.

I hate this kid, how come I fly to the branch and become a phoenix!

Obviously he is just a bravado and brazen person, but because he has climbed to the top, he can’t afford to offend him far!

He regretted it too!

I knew this was the case, I shouldn’t have targeted this kid in the first place.

Just assume you don’t know everything, okay?

By the time he knocked his head a hundred times, his head was completely red and swollen.

“Okay, now I declare that you don’t need to be a big steward anymore. I think you are still a 30-year old dog who has served the Beilin Lu family for 30 years. From now on you will be a low-level servant.” Lu Xiaolu said again. .

This announcement is like thunder!

The explosion made the scene silent!

So cruel!

This little princess does not appear!

As soon as he appeared, he directly demoted the old slave of Beilin Lu’s family to the lowest servant!

Killing but nodding!

This trick is cruel and merciless.

And Lu Defu, the whole person was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t recover at all.

What happened now is as cruel as a nightmare to him!

The man who was supposed to molested the little handmaid in the backyard, but now because he rashly offended a boy, he ended up in such a field.

Thirty years of hard work was completely wiped out!

He is a little unsteady.

His hands were tightly supported on a chair, and the body did not fall down.

He glanced at Wiliam, his eyes instantly filled with resentment!

The source of all evil is this kid!

If it wasn’t him, if there wasn’t him!

How did I fall to where I am today!

The flames of vengeance almost swallowed his mind.

But in the end, he abruptly held back.

He knows that if you can’t bear it, you can’t do anything.

Keep the green hills without worrying about firewood!

As long as I stay in the Lu Family in Beilin for a day, there will always be a moment when the king returns!

There will always be a time to deal with this kid!

“Go down and get the whip, don’t you? Come on, let me take him out.” Lu Xiaolu was really ruthless.

Words and deeds are all pretentious.

Everyone shivered.

Is this the little princess of Beilin Lu’s family?

I don’t want to be so gentle and beautiful in the legend.

Killing Guojue, cruel and ruthless, is simply a stubborn little princess.

If this offends her, I’m afraid the entire Beilin City can’t tolerate herself.

After Lu Xiaolu finished this, a joking flashed in his eyes.

Lu Furong next to her was stunned by her.

Is this still the little princess she knows?

The little princess before, although a little willful, but has a very good heart, and treats her subordinates very gently.

How long has it been since I went out, and I came back like a new person.

This made Lu Furong give birth to a fear of companionship like a tiger.

Lu Xiaolu kept everyone’s expression in his eyes.

Especially Lu Defu.

In fact, if she really had the heart to deal with Lu Defu, and she would give him to death directly, she wouldn’t dare to say anything.

However, she just doesn’t kill.

Such a resentful Lu Defu should be kept well.

The future is a good knife.

While Lu Defu was still far away, Lu Xiaolu ran up to Wiliam and asked loudly, “Wiliam, how is it? Are you satisfied with the way I deal with the old dog? If you don’t Satisfied, just say what you want to do, I will listen to you.”

These words made Lu Defu tremble all over his back.

The insidiousness in his eyes deepened.

How could Wiliam not know Lu Xiaolu’s tricks?

It’s just killing someone with a knife, it’s awkward.

He didn’t care about Lu Xiaolu, but talked to Feliicity quietly.

He told Feliicity everything that had happened before in the hospital and Lu Xiaolu.

Because the two had experienced too many misunderstandings, Wiliam was afraid, and so was the Feliicity.

I’m afraid that there will be any misunderstanding between the two, so I might as well just talk about it.

Feliicity also knew that Wiliam was not the kind of person who made flowers and grass everywhere, just nodded softly and responded in a low voice.

It seems to say, I understand, I understand, I believe.

Lu Xiaolu felt very angry when he saw that Wiliam hadn’t even paid any attention to him.

She wanted to take off her shoes and give this kid a shoe print.

However, half of the show has been performed, so I have to bite the bullet and continue to act.

She looked at the astonished people at the scene, and suddenly had a plan.

She called Lu Furong and asked, “How many servants are you planning to hire today?”

Lu Furong seemed to know what Lu Xiaolu was thinking, and quickly said: “Three. Little princess, your friend has passed two levels now, and if there is one more level…”

Lu Xiaolu directly waved his hand and interrupted, “Lu Furong, are you going back more and more lively? My friend, wow, it is not easy to pass the two levels, of course it is directly admitted. He can come to Beilin as a servant, is it for Don’t we save face?”

This made Lu Furong sweat, but she didn’t know how to answer.

As a result, Lu Furong’s impression of Wiliam was really not very good, because he was just a stinky kid who made no sense of anything.

Secondly, since it is a friend of the little princess, of course the back door must be opened, but, anyway, let’s operate it privately.

Now the little princess speaks directly, what do the people present think?

Where is the fairness and openness of Beilin Lu’s family?

Sure enough, everyone at the scene looked unsightly, and some even burned with jealousy, staring closely at the landing leaves.

“Well, otherwise you and your friend will go back to the backyard first, and I will continue to recruit three more.” Lu Furong said bitterly.

But Lu Xiaolu frowned exaggeratedly, “Lu Furong, don’t you understand what I mean? How can my friend go through the back door? Of course, he passed the three passes smoothly and won the first place with a very good result. , So naturally we have to take up one place. You only have two places left.”

As soon as this was said, the scene would explode instantly!


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