Dragon Husband Chapter 700

Chapter 700

Everyone was so excited, their faces flushed!

They stared at Wiliam and Lu Xiaolu as if they were looking at a couple of dog men and women!


Lu Defu was shamelessly shameless before, at least he pretended to be notarized.

Now, there is a wolf and a tiger here!

This little princess of Beilin Lu’s family who appeared inexplicably was Chi Guoguo’s rogue!

Obviously, he was going to walk the back door for this kid, but he said so disgustingly!

Everyone was fighting for three places.

Now it’s good, one quota is removed, and two are left!


And that Wiliam!


Many people saw him upset at the beginning.

I don’t know how he cheated through the first level!

At that time, many people felt resentful, but because Lu Defu wanted to deal with him, everyone didn’t break out.

At the second level, this kid is even better at farting, and he talks nonsense, and finally said that he made the ointment?

Where is the face?

Although in the end the little princess appeared to support the kid, saying that she believed that the ointment was made by Wiliam.

But who believes it?

At first glance, the two of them are the male thief and the female prostitution. What’s so strange about the female perjurying the male?

So how can this kid pass the second level?

This kid has been unconvincing for two consecutive levels. It is better now. The third level is directly exempt from admission?

When Xiao Bai Lian walks through the back door, go through the back door!

Everyone can only sigh that they are not lucky enough to agree with such a young princess.

But it is too much to go to the back door interview, but also to occupy the first place.

Doesn’t this have to be both a watch and an archway?

When Lu Furong saw that the people at the scene were not right, she felt a little bit in her heart!

She also felt that the words of the little princess had pushed both Wiliam and the little princess to the cusp of the storm.

So Lu Furong hurriedly said, “Little princess, I’m afraid this is wrong. Would you like to consider it again?”

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback, and he was really thinking.

The people at the scene felt a little better after seeing this.

But after only ten seconds, Lu Xiaolu patted his head and said in surprise: “Oh, Furong, look at my memory, how can I forget such an important thing? It’s really wrong, you reminded me well!”

Lu Furong thought that the little princess had finally figured it out, and knew that she could correct her mistakes, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

And the little princess’ next sentence made Lu Furong directly angry.

“Why did I forget Wiliam’s wife, aren’t both of them going to join Beilin Lu’s family? So Wiliam should have one spot, and his wife should also have one, so today you just hire one more person. Up.”

As soon as this was said, the scene really exploded!

The scolding sound swept the audience instantly!


Make things worse!


Originally, Wiliam had already made everyone feel very upset.

Now I have to add another woman!

This woman was on Wiliam’s back from beginning to end!

Even if there is no participation in the competition, let her take a place!

This makes the people who work so hard at the scene so much!

“Little princess! By doing this, won’t you be afraid of the cold to the hearts of everyone present!” someone shouted loudly.

There is only one place, and they are completely broken.

The scene couldn’t be controlled at once.

Lu Furong’s head is big.

She never thought that the little princess would say such shameless words.

Isn’t this set fire to pull hatred!

She gently stabbed Lu Xiaolu, motioning her to speak back quickly.

But Lu Xiaolu looked at these people with emotion and resentment, but he felt very happy to come soon.

Come on, come on, the higher the hatred, the happier this lady will be.

To be honest, Lu Xiaolu’s status is honorable, and he simply doesn’t put these people in his eyes.

What if they are angry?

It’s just acting a scene.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaolu’s face also became cold, and he shouted: “What do you call! Call again to drive you all out!”

The scene was silent for a moment.

Lu Xiaolu looked unhappy and said angrily: “One by one, do you want to rebel? Don’t you see who you are? Beilin Lu family is your presumptuous place? It is unfair to say that this lady is unfair. No? Okay, this lady is not fair to you! Who! Are you not Lu Defu’s nephew? Okay, the last place will be given to you, and you don’t have to participate in the third round of the test. The rest of you, go back. Wash and sleep.”

The people at the scene were trembling.

Damn it!

Really completely shameless!

Have pity for them, they have worked so hard until now, it turned out to be an empty basket!

I had known that the three quotas today were reserved for the affiliated households, and they had come to compete!

Everyone came for the reputation of the Beilin Lu family, but today they were disappointed!

Famous family, but so!

Some people walk away on the spot!

But Wang Yiran, who was named by name, was unexpected, and the whole person was calm.

He can see clearly, the little princess is protecting him.

Although I don’t know why, but at any rate it can be regarded as joining the Beilin Lu family.

Ho ho, it’s really fate.

Come in with that kid and his wife.

In the days to come, some can play.

Have you ever heard that strong dragons don’t crush ground snakes? In the territory of Beilin, I can kill you!

Lu Xiaolu looked at Wang Yiran jokingly, very satisfied.

Well, if Lu Defu was an old fox before.

Then this Wang Yiran is just a vicious dog plus a poisonous snake.

Be able to bend and stretch, tolerate enough, fun.

From now on, Beilin Lu’s family will be hot.

Wiliam, Wiliam, you will be startled every step of the way.

After doing this, Lu Xiaolu came to Wiliam again, because he was almost gone, Lu Xiaolu also lost his previous disguise.

She looked at Wiliam mockingly, and asked in a weird manner: “Boy, how is it? Are you satisfied with this lady’s arrangement today? Thank you Miss Ben?”

Wiliam was unmoved.

At this time, Lu Xiaolu looked at Feliicity behind Wiliam again, and smiled: “Hello, this is the first time I greeted you. From now on, we will have a master-servant relationship. By the way, I don’t know what your name is. Where’s the name?”

Feliicity behind her mouth opened, but she could only make a babble sound.

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback, and frowned, “Are you husband and wife being so polite? I did you a favor too, not even thank you? Beauty, if you don’t speak, I have to mention something Click on you.”

Wiliam suppressed his anger and said lightly: “My wife is called Feliicity, and I can’t speak now.”

He didn’t know that Lu Xiaolu suddenly burst into laughter after hearing this, pointing to Feliicity’s smile so proudly, “Oh, it turns out that the big beauty is a dumb hahaha!”


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