Dragon Husband Chapter 701

Chapter 701

Hearing Lu Xiaolu’s laughter, Wiliam’s face became cold on the spot.

A majestic anger spurted from him!

Lu Xiaolu feels out of breath!

Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam in horror, his eyes widened.

She had said casually, not really intending to laugh at Wiliam or something.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam would be so angry!

Even if Wiliam was so badly abused just now, he didn’t necessarily make him so angry!

What is going on with such a man!

Is the woman on his back more important than his life and dignity?

Just as the situation was about to erupt, Feliicity on Wiliam’s back suddenly made a move that made everyone present stunned!

Suddenly she stretched out her hand and patted the face of Lu Xiaolu who was close at hand.

Slap on the spot!

This scene stunned everyone present!

Feliicity actually slapped Lu Xiaolu!

This humble woman dared to take the initiative to the little father of Beilin Lu’s family!

And it’s still the face!

This slap not only hit Lu Xiaolu’s face, but also hit the face of Beilin Lu’s family!

Lu Xiaolu’s face flushed on the spot, and his anger instantly burned.

But at this time, Feliicity pulled Wiliam’s ears and patted Wiliam on the back again.

It seems to be saying, don’t get angry anymore, I have already slapped her.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity’s pleading eyes, the anger that had been burning just now gradually subsided, and the anger on his body gradually faded.

Wiliam had indeed moved real fire just now.

Feliicity is his unique inverse scale.

Who dares to laugh at Feliicity, who dares to be rude to Feliicity, who is Wiliam’s unforgettable enemy.

What’s more, Feliicity can’t speak now, it’s all because of Wiliam.

That’s why when Wiliam saw that Wiliam was laughed at as dumb, he was instantly angry.

He couldn’t help sighing when he saw Feliicity’s movements just now and the look in his eyes.

He didn’t know why Feliicity did this.

If Wiliam gets angry, then the strong man must be angry and blood will splash ten steps!

Feliicity didn’t want Wiliam to do this.

That’s why she took the risk and slapped Lu Xiaolu.

Want to take this to calm Wiliam’s anger.

Wiliam fully understood Feliicity’s hard work.

He recalled that the Beilin Lu Family had to bear it again and again, so he endured this breath abruptly.

And Lu Xiaolu wanted to go crazy.

But seeing Wiliam’s anger gradually subsiding, he seemed to understand something in his heart.

She looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity also cast helpless and pleading eyes at Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu’s heartstrings seemed to have been fluctuated, and the previous anger instantly vanished.

“Well, Lu Furong, take them to get acquainted with the environment. I will arrange for them after I ask my grandma tomorrow.” Lu Xiaolu said embarrassingly.

Then she turned and left, and said as she walked: “I’ll go back to my room to clean up, and I’ll look for you later.”

The way she left, in Lu Furong’s eyes, meant that she had fled.

Lu Furong couldn’t help looking at Wiliam meaningfully.

This kid is too mysterious.

Obviously from the previous two levels, he didn’t have any real skills, but cheated through some shameful means.

But because he was a little clever, and even somehow knew the little princess of the Beilin Lu family, he just stayed in the Beilin Lu family.

This kind of person, even if he stays, should be a man with his tail clipped, thanking everything that happened today, and even the little princess should be grateful.

But he didn’t.

Even this couple do things so absurdly.

I really don’t know if the two of them stayed, the future will be a blessing or a curse.

Lu Furong didn’t know how to persuade them for a while, so as Lu Xiaolu said, she took them to get familiar with the environment of Beilin Lu’s family.

Because Wiliam wanted to find some clues, he silently followed Lu Furong.

The Lu family in Beilin is very large, and Wiliam conservatively estimated that it would take an hour less to walk around the Lu family in Beilin.

The big one is the same as a university.

Beilin Lujia is divided into four regions: east, west, south and north.

To the east, some of the most distinguished people in the Beilin Lu family lived, such as the old prince, elders, little princesses, and the immediate family of the Beilin Lu family.

To the west, some collateral relatives of the Beilin Lu family lived.

To the south, the servant of Beilin Lu’s family lived.

To the north are some places dedicated to medical research.

Lu Furong first took Wiliam and the others to visit the place where the servants lived in the south.

This place is also divided into two parts, one for ordinary servants, and the other side, it looks a bit gloomy, the sun seems to be not shining here all the year round, and it feels faint.

And when Wiliam asked what was living in this place, Lu Furong showed a trace of embarrassment on his face, and said in a daze, “Don’t ask, anyway, you probably won’t live here. I will arrange for you tonight. On the servant’s side, get a single room to live in first, and tomorrow, after the little princess has specifically arranged your work, I will formally arrange a room for you.”

Seeing her words dodge a little, Wiliam’s eyes flickered, and he couldn’t help being curious about the deep place in front of him.

Then they came to the west again.

Lu Furong didn’t introduce much. This is where some collateral relatives live, and there are also 30 or 40 people.

When they arrived to the east, Lu Furong’s expression suddenly became serious, and said to Wiliam: “All the people living in this area are the real owners of our Beilin Lu family, so there is no order. You are not allowed to come. You can’t trespass in this place, you know?”

Wiliam nodded and said nothing.

His gaze was on the tallest building.

The one who can live in that place should be the old lady of Beilin Lu’s family, Lu Lingyun, nicknamed “March of the Dead”.

It’s just that in that place, the security seems to be relatively tight. Wiliam could see three levels when he saw it with his naked eyes, not to mention that there must be a master guard in the dark.

Finally, the three people came to the far north.

Sweeping the structure of the previous residence here, there are dense forests everywhere, but it seems a bit tortuous.

There are some houses scattered in this dense forest in such a disorderly manner.

Lu Furong said casually, “This is the place where our Beilin Lu family used to conduct medical research. You shouldn’t have any chance to get in touch with it. But you just need to understand it. Let’s go.”

As Lu Furong said, she was about to leave, but she found that Wiliam’s footsteps were not moving at all.

“What are you doing?” Lu Furong frowned and asked a little unhappily.

But at this time, Lu Yexin pointed his hand, pointed to the innermost house in the dense forest, and asked, “Where is that place?”

And Lu Furong looked at where Wiliam was pointing, her expression changed on the spot, “You! Can you see there?”


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