Dragon Husband Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Heart, Liver, Spleen and Lung Immortal

Chapter 702 Heart, Liver, Spleen and Lung Immortal

The house Wiliam was referring to looked ordinary, and looked even more unpretentious compared to the surrounding houses.

The only difference is that there is a couplet at the door of this house.

When reading the couplet, it feels like goose bumps.

The Shanghai Federation said: “Fame and fortune are inferior.”

Xialian said: “The heart, liver, spleen, and lungs will never die.”

The horizontal critic said: “The living is happy.”

The content of this couplet makes people confused.

The Shanghai Federation is saying that the fame and fortune in the world is like a floating cloud, and it clearly reveals a sense of loneliness and arrogance that is superior to the world and not in the same way as others.

Xialian instantly destroyed all the artistic conception.

The heart, liver, spleen, and lungs are immortal.

How cruel and how changeable. state.

The owner of this house is not interested in fame and wealth in the world, but is only interested in people’s heart, liver, spleen and lungs, which makes people feel creepy.

However, when reading the upper and lower Lian, it is quite a strange mystic Zen, open-minded and cruel, in the upper and lower Lian, it seems to have a perfect blend.

I am afraid that the owner of this house is also a weird person.

At this moment, Wiliam knew who the owner of this house was.

Horizontal batch: the living is happy.

Doesn’t this correspond to the old prince of Beilin Lu Family-the march of the dead?

Wiliam felt very mysterious about this.

On the side, Lu Furong’s expression changed drastically.

She never thought that Wiliam would notice or even see this house.

So there are no taboos against Wiliam about this house.

This house is where the old lady studied medicine.

Although the old lady has unparalleled medical skills, he has some weird hobbies.

It is to study the internal organs such as human heart, liver, spleen and lung.

This kind of hobby is very scary in the eyes of the world.

So when the house was built, the old lady specially invited an expert to build it in this place.

If it is an ordinary person, with an average mind, the vision will be confused by the surrounding scenery and directly ignore the location of the house.

There are some gossip and mystery in Yijing.

Lu Furong also brought a lot of people here to introduce the environment. No one has ever noticed the existence of this maverick house.

Only today is this Wiliam again!

Everything else is lacking, but the house is full of interest!

Really weird!

Is this kid’s mind so tough that he can avoid being confused by the unpredictable scenery in front of him?

As Lu Furong was thinking, she saw Wiliam’s footsteps move, as if he was going to the house.

Lotus Lu’s face faded!

She grabbed Wiliam and sternly shouted: “Stop! Don’t go over!”

When Wiliam was pulled like this, his footsteps stopped. He looked at Lu Furong indifferently, wanting to get some explanation.

Lu Furong was about to jump out of her throat.

This place, let alone Wiliam, she is afraid to go forward!

Just looking for death!

“Listen to me! I don’t care how you noticed this house, but you don’t have to see it, I’m going to talk ugly! This house is absolutely forbidden for our Beilin Lu family. If you break into the master’s room, you still have a chance to survive, but if you step into this house, you will have nine lives, and even the little princess will not be able to keep you!” Lu Furong said A bunch out.

After that, she still had lingering fears. Just now, she was so dangerous that she held the brave boy, otherwise she would be killed by him.

Wiliam saw that Lu Furong looked so close to an enemy, a strange color appeared in his eyes.

He knew it in his heart.

His speculation just now should not be wrong.

This is the place where the old lady studied medicine and refining medicine.

This old lady has a special hobby for people’s heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

It seems that Yanhuang Heart is very likely to be in this house.

Whenever there is a chance, you must go over and see it.

“Ho ho, I seem to know, why did you come to my Beilin Lu’s house?” A soft laugh came from Wiliam’s side.

Wiliam turned his head and saw a woman walked slowly in the dense forest.

It was Lu Xiaolu who had gone and returned.

Lu Xiaolu’s face had a hint of witty banter.

She just caught Wiliam’s eyes when she looked at this house.

Lu Xiaolu was puzzled.

This Wiliam has excellent medical skills, and looks like a mixed character outside.

How could such a person condescend to be a servant of the Lu family in Beilin?

Although the Beilin Lu family is a wealthy family, even if Wiliam wants to pursue medical and martial arts, there is definitely a better choice in the world.

So Lu Xiaolu kept thinking about why Wiliam came to Beilin Lu’s house.

Until Feliicity couldn’t speak, Lu Xiaolu had a faint understanding.

Now seeing Wiliam’s weird eyes, Lu Xiaolu understood thoroughly.

Seeing Lu Xiaolu coming over, Lu Furong suddenly became nervous and said hello quickly.

“Furong, go down first, I’ll take them around.” Lu Xiaolu said lightly.

Lu Furong was relieved to see that Lu Xiaolu was blaming herself.

She gave Wiliam a fierce look, as if she was saying that you should do it for me and don’t cause any trouble.

Then he slowly left the dense forest.

Only three of them were left at the scene.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu with a smug look, and said, “What do you want to say?”

“I’ve always wanted to ask you why you are here. Now it seems that it is for you, a beautiful lady, right?” Lu Xiaolu said straightforwardly.

Wiliam stared at Lu Xiaolu, without acknowledging it, but also not denying it.

“So, your wife can’t say anything. You came to our Beilin Lu’s house this time, it seems that you came to beg for medicine?” Lu Xiaolu said again.

Wiliam still didn’t speak, he didn’t think that Lu Xiaolu was a bit shrewd.

“Ho ho, ask for medicine if you ask for medicine, why do you come here in a stubborn way of being a servant? So I guess, the medicine you asked for is extremely expensive, knowing that our Beilin Lu family can’t give it to you, you decided to get in. Stealing medicine.” Lu Xiaolu became more and more energetic in guessing.

The Beilin Lu family is unique in medical skills, but it is more familiar to the world as rare medicinal materials.

Because of the old prince, there will always be some strange and invaluable treasures in the Lu Family of Beilin, and the world is eager for them. Therefore, it is reasonable for Wiliam to come to seek medicine for Feliicity’s mute disease.

When Wiliam heard Lu Xiaolu say this, a fierce look suddenly flashed in his eyes.

No one can stop him.

This Lu Xiaolu can’t either.

But Lu Xiaolu took a step back, showing a weird smile.

“You should also know that my grandma sees me as the jewel in her palm. So, what medicine do you want? I can help you.”


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