Dragon Husband Chapter 705

Chapter 705

“You say it again?” Wiliam’s voice fell completely cold.

This Lu Xiaolu is using his life against himself.

Originally, Wiliam didn’t care about Lu Xiaolu’s weird mental illness.

Even a little sympathetic.

Unexpectedly, this Lu Xiaolu saves the gentleman’s belly with a villain.

What if I saw her shameful side?

Why make a fuss?

After all, her personality is flawed and she can’t feel confident about herself at all.

Hearing Wiliam’s icy voice over the phone, he seemed to know that Wiliam’s anger was burning.

Lu Xiaolu said jokingly: “You are all downstairs, you can’t get up, you can figure it out by yourself, ho ho, I don’t think you are a person who has fallen short.”

After that, it was Lu Xiaolu who took the initiative to hang up this time.

The faces of the two security guards changed suddenly.

The security guard in his fifties just glanced at Wiliam carefully and asked, “Are you really a servant of Beilin Lu’s family?”

Although Wiliam was disdainful, he nodded for the sake of the overall situation.

Then the security guard suddenly became polite, “Ho ho, since you belong to the Lu family in Beilin, you can go in naturally, go, go, but I still advise you, this kind of wind and moon field, you It’s better for this young man to come less.”

Wiliam nodded, and walked inside.

However, the voice of another security guard behind him came into Wiliam’s ears clearly.

“Cut, isn’t it just a low-ranking person from Beilin Lu’s family? He also put gold on his face, saying what is a friendship? He doesn’t take a piss to take pictures of himself, is he worthy?”

Wiliam’s body stagnated, but he still walked forward.

This is just a microcosm of the warmth of humanity.

According to the address sent by Lu Xiaolu before, Wiliam came to the box of 1608 in the Blue Moon Imperial City.

Pushing open the box, a pungent smell of tobacco and alcohol came out.

Under the illumination of the light, thick smoke was even visible, and it threw out directly along the door opened by the landing leaf.

The box is still very large, but there are only four people sitting in it.

Lu Xiaolu is among them.

She was flushed with drinking, but her eyes flashed when she saw Wiliam, and she staggered to her feet.

The other three people also stood up slowly and walked towards Wiliam.

Except for Lu Xiaolu, one man and two women were among the three.

In addition to Lin Songfeng, there is also a short-haired woman named Gu Lingling, who is also regarded as a wealthy princess in Beilin City.

The only man in the court has a greasy face with a greasy smile on his face.

He thought that he had a lazy and unruly temperament, but in the eyes of outsiders, it was nothing more than greasy.

This man is Lu Xiaolu’s most loyal suitor-He Yuewen.

He Yuewen can actually be regarded as a well-known elder brother in Beilincheng.

But this brother-in-law is still a bit different from other brother-in-laws.

The other brothers eat and drink at home.

However, He Yuewen had the strongest backing from the He family on one side, and supported himself on the other. He was considered a young and promising talent in Beilin City.

In recent years, He Yuewen has been pursuing Lu Xiaolu, which is no longer a secret in Beilin City.

It’s just that Lu Xiaolu has been hesitant, he has no chance to talk to He Yuewen, and he has not explicitly rejected He Yuewen.

He Yuewen heard that Lu Xiaolu was back this time, so naturally he would meet Lu Xiaolu as soon as possible.

No, for today’s game, He Yuewen asked Lin Songfeng to save it.

Several of them were already standing in front of Wiliam, staring at Wiliam one by one.

The short-haired girl named Gu Lingling chuckled and smiled at Lu Xiaolu behind her: “This is the servant you just recruited from the Lu family in Beilin? Lulu, you look good at the parents So deliberately borrowed wine to call him over, it’s so late, do you want to subtly rule this little meat?”

As soon as he said this, the man named He Yuewen couldn’t hold back his face on the spot. His eyes looked at Wiliam with a seeming hostility.

On the contrary, it was the innocent beauty named Lin Songfeng who kept his eyes indifferent, without showing any mocking expressions.

Not because she looked down on Wiliam, but because she looked down on Wiliam the most in the audience.

Because of disdain, I don’t even bother to express my emotions.

Lu Xiaolu gave Gu Lingling a slap in the face, and then came to Wiliam’s face and asked: “You are still on time, what do I ask you to buy?”

As Lu Xiaolu spoke, he naturally looked at the bag in Wiliam’s hand.

Wiliam threw the bag on the table and said lightly to Lu Xiaolu: “The things are delivered, can I go now?”

But Lu Xiaolu shook his head jokingly.

It’s finished if things are delivered?

Please, is this just the beginning?

How can you leave it easily!

“Oh, handsome boy, although you are just a low-level person, sister, I am different from a few of them. I won’t look down on you. Come in and have fun.” The woman named Gu Lingling directly Pulling Wiliam into the box, Wiliam couldn’t help but refuse.

However, the woman named Lin Songfeng showed a faint disgust on her face and said, “It is a few of our friends gathering here today. It is a bit of a shame to let an unrelated servant stay here.”

However, Lu Xiaolu directly interrogated and put Lin Songfeng aside.

Several people took their seats again, and Lu Xiaolu slowly opened the bag that Wiliam had just dropped.

From the bag, take out a bag of pink things.

Seeing this thing, Lu Xiaolu’s face suddenly wore a smile like nothing.

She unpacked the bag and threw it to Lin Songfeng, saying, “Fengfeng, my servant bought it for you just now, so please feel wronged.”

But Lin Songfeng just glanced at the bag of things and said indifferently: “I, Lin Songfeng, never wronged myself for things worth more than ten or twenty yuan.”

The implication was that the bag of women’s products Wiliam bought was too cheap to be worthy of Lin Songfeng’s identity.

But Lin Songfeng really didn’t bother to care about people like Wiliam.

After all, it’s just a subordinate, and it’s true that you have sex with him.

As expected, Lin Songfeng didn’t care, but Lu Xiaolu became furious after hearing this.

She grabbed the bag and threw it towards Wiliam’s face!

For a while, the strips of white things inside directly flung Wiliam’s face.

Lu Xiaolu’s unpleasant words followed.

“Are you special, you can’t do such a simple thing! Deliberately made me look ugly in front of my girlfriend, right? I ordered you to eat this thing for me!”


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