Dragon Husband Chapter 706

Chapter 706

The atmosphere of the scene suddenly became tense.

Wiliam had never met such an unreasonable woman.

To humiliate and humiliate people.

There is no logic at all.

But when Gu Lingling and others heard that Lu Xiaolu wanted a man to eat this food in public, their expressions changed slightly.

Isn’t this stepping on the dignity of a man to death?

Although a servant does not have any dignity at all.

After Lu Xiaolu finished speaking, he looked at Wiliam jokingly.

She saw that Wiliam’s brows were deeply locked.

The body seemed to tremble slightly.

She was very satisfied.

She was not afraid of Wiliam doing it.

But Beilin Lu’s family is just a dog, dare you to jump the wall and bite the master?

What’s more, this is the Emperor Lanyue City.

The first rule here is not to do nothing.

The offender is directly listed as a blacklist object in the Blue Moon Imperial City.

If this kid dared to do it directly, he would not be able to get out of the Blue Moon Emperor City tonight.

What makes Lu Xiaolu more confident is that she holds Wiliam’s weakness.

That woman named Feliicity didn’t know what was so good, so that this kid could bear the burden of humiliation to this level.

He was just paying a small price, so that Feliicity could humiliate him without having to work.

Lu Xiaolu still has such a small price.

In the future, there will be more opportunities to humiliate him.

“What do you look at! Are you deaf? Can you not hear me? I let you eat these things!” Lu Xiaolu shouted again.

There was a fierce flash in the depths of Wiliam’s eyes.

If he does it now, these people at the scene simply have no chance of survival.

However, if you do it, according to Lu Xiaolu’s words, you will really lose everything.

Seeing that Wiliam still didn’t answer, Lu Xiaolu suddenly sneered, “Why, it’s too dry? Can’t swallow it? Okay, I’ll be merciful and give you a glass of wine.”

With that, Lu Xiaolu threw a small towel directly into a glass of foreign wine.

Then he arrived in front of Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at this cup of things, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

The clay figurine still has three points of anger.

His hand took the cup.

Then, under Lu Xiaolu’s proud eyes, he shook it with one hand.

That foreign wine glass shattered instantly.

The foreign wine in it splashed all over, and Lu Xiaolu’s face was showered severely!

When Lu Xiaolu saw that this kid really dared to disobey his orders, his anger suddenly appeared, “You kid! Dare to disobey my orders! Believe it or not, tomorrow, let your wife…”

However, when she hadn’t finished her words, she was interrupted by Wiliam coldly, “Then believe it or not, you have no tomorrow!”

The threats in the words were filled with fierceness.

Lu Xiaolu’s eyes widened when Wiliam was so threatened.

She pointed to Wiliam, too angry to speak.

I only hate, all of them sneaked out tonight, without bodyguards.

Otherwise, I absolutely want this kid to look good!

He Yuewen on the side saw that the situation was in a stalemate here, and there was a trace of weirdness in his eyes. He lay directly between Wiliam and Lu Xiaolu’s body, and said with a smile, “Alright, Lulu, What kind of status are you, why bother with a subordinate so that you are not afraid of embarrassment? We came out tonight to gather together to express our affection. We were disturbed by this kid, but the gain was not worth the loss. We ignored him and continued to drink ours.”

Lu Xiaolu was actually a little frightened by being stared at by Wiliam at this time.

Seeing He Yuewen gave a step, she coldly snorted, “Huh, a dog that doesn’t open your eyes! I’ll let you go tonight!”

From the beginning to the end, the woman named Lin Songfeng just watched it coldly, apparently treating this as a booze drama, without taking it seriously.

Gu Lingling glanced deeply at Lu Xiaolu who was still angrily at this time.

She already saw something different.

Usually Lu Xiaolu is a gentle and pleasant woman. Although occasionally savage, her flaws are not concealed.

Where is it like tonight, tit-for-tat with people everywhere, as if it would be unhappy not to toss the other party to death.

How did this subordinate named Wiliam offend Lu Xiaolu?


When Wiliam saw that Lu Xiaolu admitted, he turned around coldly to leave.

At this time, He Yuewen grabbed Wiliam’s shoulders and said with a smile: “Little brother, don’t be so angry. If you meet, you are destined. Come and come, you are also from the Beilin Lu family. Just have a drink with us. , I will introduce to you, it is considered to know more people, it will be good for you in the future.”

The three women at the scene all showed surprise.

They never thought that He Yuewen would take the initiative to speak to Wiliam so politely.

There is no shelf at all.

It’s weird.

And He Yuewen did this, naturally, he had his reasons.

He heard Gu Lingling say that at first, and he really thought that this kid was a male pet raised by Lu Xiaolu.

After all, as the world is going downhill, some wealthy daughters will find handsome-looking men and take them as male servants.

Therefore, He Yuewen maintained a hostility towards Wiliam.

But seeing what happened just now, his hostility disappeared instantly.

Lu Xiaolu obviously had a deep hatred with this kid and wanted to kill him.

What makes He Yuewen more curious is the temperament of this kid.

He is not an ordinary brother.

Many years of business career has made his eyes very venomous.

This kid is said to be an inferior person, but there is not the slightest shadow on his body.

Even just now, he directly challenged Lu Xiaolu.

Where is this subordinate temperament?

Therefore, He Yuewen was curious about Wiliam’s identity, and he gave birth to this thought to find out.

He couldn’t help but pulled Wiliam to the front of the three women, pointing to Gu Lingling and saying, “This is Sister Gu, the daughter of Beilin Gu’s family. The family is rich.”

Gu Lingling greeted Wiliam with a smile, but her eyes were full of joking.

At first glance, he is a master who plays with men.

Then, He Yuewen pointed to Lin Songfe


ng and said, “This beauty is Sister Lin, the daughter of the Lin family of Beilin, and three generations of rich men in the family, rich in the world, marrying her is pretty amazing.

Lin Songfeng nodded lightly, obviously still not paying attention to Wiliam.

In her opinion, it is a lifetime honor to be able to get her nod.

Finally, He Yuewen pointed at himself and introduced himself: “My name, He Yuewen, is the third son of Beilin He’s family. However, I prefer my other identity.”

Speaking of this, He Yuewen showed a smug smile and said to the people present: “From tomorrow, I will be the vice president of the Lanyue Emperor City Group.”

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