Dragon Husband Chapter 707

Chapter 707

As soon as this word came out, even the three women showed a surprised look!

Obviously they also heard this message from He Yuewen for the first time tonight.

Gu Lingling’s eyes widened, and he pulled He Yuewen and asked, “I can’t believe it! How can you do it! When did you climb into the Blue Moon Emperor City? Why didn’t you tell us? Vice President? Amazing. “

The Blue Moon Emperor City is the hottest group in Beilin City these days.

Killing and cutting the fruit decidedly, vigorously.

Everyone in Beilin City was extremely curious about the newly promoted president of Blue Moon Emperor City.

It’s a pity that there are still few people who know the new president of Blue Moon Imperial City.

He didn’t think of this He Yuewen, and he kept quiet, and he climbed this high branch.

He Yuewen said with a hint of pride: “Lingling, you misunderstood me. Actually, I was officially notified before coming and asked me to report tomorrow, so I will invite you to come here tonight. As a landlord, let’s do my best as a landlord.”

Several women looked at He Yuewen’s eyes, and they changed.

In fact, the family behind them is not inferior to the Blue Moon Emperor City in strength.

However, the only difference is that Emperor Lanyue City is between black and white.

Be more eclectic.

Moreover, as long as these noble children, they are the blessings of their ancestors, and most of them inherit the family business.

How could it be like He Yuewen who did it alone and could do so well.

He is now the deputy general manager of the Blue Moon Emperor City Group. In other words, in the future in Beilin City, only mentioning this name will be enough to compare with the name of the third son of Beilin He Family, and even more deterrent. .

After all, he spelled it out himself.

After Wiliam heard these words, he was also slightly surprised.

The Imperial City of Blue Moon is now taking over by Qilin Power.

If He Yuewen became the deputy general manager, wouldn’t he become a subordinate of Qilinshi?

It’s really a weird fate.

“Hey, Lao He, then you can tell me, how did you climb the high branches of the Blue Moon Imperial City? Recently, many people have been inquiring about the new president of the Blue Moon Imperial City, but unfortunately they can’t find out, you Have you seen it before?” Gu Lingling asked curiously.

Although Wiliam had a preliminary guess in his mind, it was still not completely certain.

He also listened carefully.

It’s a pity that He Yuewen smiled awkwardly and said, “Hey, how can I be honored, the president of Blue Moon Emperor City is the big one, and there are two vice presidents underneath, then an executive general manager, and finally it’s my turn. I haven’t seen the mysterious president, but I should see it when I report to the office tomorrow, and I will talk to you at that time.”

A look of regret appeared on the faces of the three women.

Gu Lingling immediately raised her wine glass, “Come on! Have a drink for Lao He Jiaguan Jinjue! It’s full!”

Several people immediately raised their wine glasses, but Wiliam remained silent and looked out of place.

Lu Xiaolu frowned, suddenly grabbed a wine glass and threw it directly at Wiliam.

She drank too much and didn’t hit Wiliam on the body.

The cup was thrown fiercely on Wiliam’s foot.

With a “bang”, the wine glass shattered.

The remaining wine splashed Wiliam’s kick.

The scene fell silent for a moment.

Lu Xiaolu’s face was full of sullen expression, “I gave you a face, right? Oh, a rubbish, put on a slapstick in front of this lady!”

He Yuewen showed a trace of joking in his eyes, and hurriedly continued to make the rounds, “Alright, Lulu, you have been drinking too much. What are you thinking about? Don’t be disappointed.”

Lu Xiaolu glared at Wiliam bitterly, and said, “I’m going out to get some wind, right? It’s really disappointing to meet a fool.”

As she said, she staggered towards the outside.

Lin Songfeng hurriedly followed her when she saw her walking unsteadily.

After the two went out, He Yuewen once again set his eyes on Wiliam.

He was very curious about what method this kid had used to make Lu Xiaolu so angry that he wanted to put him to death.

Maybe, what is the handle of Lu Xiaolu?

He Yuewen, who has always been very keen on this, is now thinking about how to use Wiliam’s secrets.

Maybe, this secret will become his killer in pursuit of Lu Xiaolu.

And Gu Lingling walked over with a secluded look, deliberately picked Wiliam’s chin, and said quietly: “Little handsome guy, can you, what’s the matter, are you free tonight? Have a meeting with your sister?”

Wiliam still didn’t answer, and suddenly heard a heavy crash from the door!


Something seemed to hit the door fiercely!

The impact caused He Yuewen’s wine to wake up for three points.

He and Gu Lingling looked at each other and rushed towards the door.

Opening the door, a round object fell directly under He Yuewen’s feet.

He Yuewen glanced intently and saw that he was a chubby little man in his twenties.

And standing not far away were Lu Xiaolu and Lin Songfeng.

Around them, there were five or six flush-faced people who were obviously drunk.

He Yuewen was waiting to ask what was going on when he saw Lu Xiaolu rushing up again.

She stomped heavily on the face of the little fat man.

With this step, the little fat man suddenly howled like a pig.

She wore high heels.

There was a bloody scar on the little fat man’s face.

Lu Xiaolu was still not relieved, and while stepping on it, he cursed fiercely: “Why, a bastard can’t get through with me, but there are still bastards who want to take advantage of me! Are you blind! The old lady is also something you can do! !”

He Yuewen frowned slightly when he heard this.

He knew what happened.

It must be Lu Xiaolu who met the big drunk fat man as soon as he went out.

The little fat guy wanted to take advantage of Lu Xiaolu.

And how could Lu Xiaolu, who was in anger, give up?

Taking up the skill of practicing a few tricks of the three-legged cat, he beat the little fat man severely.

He Yuewen frowned, but not for Lu Xiaolu.

It was that he suddenly felt anxious.

This is the site of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

Thousands of rules, all rules, the first rule is not to cause trouble in the Blue Moon Emperor City.

If it was normal, how could Lu Xiaolu forget this rule?

But tonight is different. She drank too much and was so dizzy by Wiliam that she would make this action.

Things ended badly.

At this time, the few people around helped the little fat man up, and shouted angrily at Lu Xiaolu: “You are crazy! You don’t make sense! It is clear that you hit our brother Duan, but instead Come to frame our brother Duan! Just like you, our brother Duan will take advantage of you! You want to be beautiful!”


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