Dragon Husband Chapter 708

Chapter 708

These words instantly aroused Lu Xiaolu’s anger.

Lu Xiaolu rushed over and slapped one of them severely.

The others were also very angry, and they didn’t care about any rules, so Tuantuan surrounded Lu Xiaolu.

Gu Lingling finally showed a nervous look at this time, and hurriedly stabbed He Yuewen, who was in a daze, “Old Ho! Don’t hurry up! Lulu is in trouble.”

He Yuewen was awakened, still a little tangled in his heart.

And Gu Lingling seemed to know He Yuewen’s entanglement, and she cursed angrily: “What’s the matter with you! You are the vice president of the Blue Moon Emperor City. What are you afraid of? Isn’t this your site? Don’t let me look down on you. Besides, I usually keep saying that I want to pursue Lulu. Now Lulu is in danger in front of you. You dare not take it. If this is the case, don’t ask me to help you chase Lulu. Oh, I can’t afford to lose that person.”

These words instantly hit He Yuewen’s heart.

He Yuewen slapped his head, yes!

Why didn’t he forget that he was already the deputy general manager of the Blue Moon Emperor City, and he was counted as tens of thousands.

What are you afraid of?

It’s still too low-key because the roles can’t be changed for a while.

Thinking of this, He Yuewen rushed up.

He came from Beilin He’s family, and he has been practicing for several years.

And these few people in front of them were obviously dizzy after drinking. They were ordinary people, so how could they be He Yuewen’s opponent.

He Yuewen beat five and divided two for three times, and beat these people to the ground.

Those few people were on the ground with expressions of grief and anger on their faces.

One of them directly cursed, “Are you all sick? Are you totally unreasonable? Don’t say who is right or wrong, you dare to beat people in the Blue Moon Emperor City! You are not afraid of the Blue Moon Emperor. Will the people of the city come to clean you up?”

At this time, He Yuewen stood in front of Lu Xiaolu, steadily protecting her.

Then he sneered, “Come from the Blue Moon Emperor City? Okay, go and try. Don’t be afraid to tell you, I, He Yuewen, also a member of the Blue Moon Emperor City, what is it for me to fight a few people here? Not to mention you choppy.”

Those people on the ground were even more angry when they heard this, “You! You actually said that our brother Duan is a miscellaneous! Good! You are in this box! There is a kind of you waiting here! We promise that you should regret it! “

As they said, a few of them awkwardly supported the fat man who had been in a coma, and left staggeringly.

And He Yuewen brought a few people back to the box.

In the box, they saw Wiliam sitting still on the sofa at a glance.

When Lu Xiaolu saw him, he almost vomited blood!

The master is in trouble outside. As a servant, this guy is as counseling as a dog. He hides in the box and dare not say anything!

What a shame!

The biggest shame of the Beilin Lu Family!

She was about to scold Wiliam again, but was stopped by He Yuewen.

He Yuewen first asked Gu Lingling to take Lu Xiaolu to the bathroom to wash her face.

Then he looked at Lin Songfeng, who had been silent, “Song Feng, what happened outside just now?”

Although He Yuewen hit someone, it seemed a bit hidden from the words of those boys just now.
Lin Songfeng still looked indifferent, and said, “There is nothing, that is, when Lulu and I went out, we ran into the little fat man. Lulu and the little fat man drank too much, and there was no one right in this collision. Who’s wrong. It is estimated that Lulu is getting angry, just take this little fat man out of anger, you know the rest.”

He Yuewen’s face became stiff.

It’s really hidden.

With that said, the little fat man was really beaten by Lu Xiaolu for nothing.

In other words, the little fat man was used by Lu Xiaolu as a substitute for Wiliam, and his anger was thrown on him.

Lin Songfeng seemed to see through He Yuewen’s anxiety, and said lightly: “Can’t it be solved? Do you need me to call someone?”

In Lin Songfeng’s view, this is nothing at all.

Even in the Emperor Lanyue City, as long as Lin Songfeng wanted to spank someone, her butt would be wiped clean without leaving a trace.

He Yuewen shook his head and said, “What a big deal, I am also a deputy general manager. This is not going to be done. I am not a vice president? If someone beats him, he will beat him, and then hand it to me. That’s it.”

As he said, He Yuewen picked up the phone and said, “I’ll make a few calls and explain before and after that I am here and there are no problems.”

Lin Songfeng nodded lightly and stopped talking.

But when He Yuewen was on the phone, he suddenly discovered something weird.

There is no signal on my own phone?

She looked at the phone in surprise, and then asked Lin Songfeng, “Songfeng, does your phone have a signal? Why is my phone not receiving a signal?”

After hearing this, Lin Songfeng also picked up his mobile phone and found that there was no signal.

She also said in surprise: “My phone has no signal, is the signal so bad here?”

But He Yuewen frowned directly and said, “No, Lulu just called that kid here before, it’s all fine.”

As he spoke, he pointed at Wiliam. Obviously, the important matter was important, and he didn’t take care of Wiliam.

“I’ll go out and take a look.” He Yuewen said, and walked towards the door.

There was a faint anxiety in his heart suddenly.

It doesn’t seem to be that simple.

And when he wanted to open the door, he suddenly realized that the door couldn’t be opened either!

As soon as he tried hard, the door slammed softly, but the door still didn’t open.

His head buzzed!

The door was locked from the outside!

He immediately looked at the clear glass on the door.

At this look, his scalp is numb!

I don’t know when it will start!

At the door of their box, there are countless black-clad bodyguard thugs standing densely!

It seems that all the boxes have been emptied, and the entire corridor is full of men in black.

Let alone, there are fifty or sixty people!

These people, holding sticks and targets, point directly to their box!

And seeing the signs in front of these people, He Yuewen was even more like an ice cellar.

They obviously all watched the scene in the Blue Moon Emperor City!

All gathered here now!

Obviously, it’s going to be a big move.

Just as He Yuewen was frightened and wanted to retreat, Lin Songfeng’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

Lin Songfeng can be regarded as a relatively indifferent and calm person, and now her voice is directly deformed because of surprise.

“Old Ho! Look at our screen!”

He Yuewen turned around and looked at the big screen in the box.

Before, this screen played some MTV images.

Now, the picture is blank!

There are only twelve characters on the entire screen!

Black bottom!

The scarlet letter!

She is overbearing and ruthless!

“Don’t ask the status disparity!”

“If there is a grievance, kill it first!”


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