Dragon Husband Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Surnamed Lu, Named Ye!

When these words came out, the three women on the scene froze.

They all looked at Wiliam.

This trick is really cruel.

Just treat an innocent person as a scapegoat.

And it doesn’t matter if you pull out once.

As long as they don’t die, they will be sent out.

He Yuewen, really sinister.

In the presence, Gu Lingling had the least courage.

She is usually just a prank at best, so how dare to move such a deadly mind.

She even now, even Wiliam didn’t dare to look at it, but worriedly said to He Yuewen: “Old Ho, this is a bit cruel, isn’t it? You called him a brother just now.”

But there was a trace of contempt and disdain in He Yuewen’s eyes, “Call me a brother? With his identity, he is also worthy to call me a brother? Just playing with him.”

Indeed, He Yuewen just wanted to explore Wiliam’s tone and see what secrets Lu Xiaolu had.

However, the situation is different now.

Now everyone is like walking on thin ice in the abyss, He Yuewen has long since had the thought of continuing to explore with Wiliam.

The only thing he thinks about now is how to last longer and how to ask for help outside.

As for Wiliam, a little ant will die if he dies. Who cares?

After hearing these words, Lu Xiaolu thought for a while, his eyes also showed a trace of determination.

She originally wanted to keep this kid well, and it will be long in the future, slowly tossing him.

But now there is no way.

Can’t let the four of them go out first.

To die, this kid can only die ahead.

Blame, blame, he had a bad life, and he was involved in such a thing.

“I think that’s it. It’s reasonable to say that Lao He said that a dead fellow is not dead. What’s more, it is his honor to die for the master.” Lu Xiaolu said decisively.

Lin Songfeng just glanced at Wiliam lightly, then nodded.

She didn’t even care about Wiliam’s life and death.

And Gu Lingling obviously still has concerns, she said weakly: “But, this is what we agreed, what if that guy doesn’t agree? I’m afraid he will jump the wall in a hurry.”

At this time, He Yuewen shook his fist, and his words were full of threats, “Hoho, he dare not agree? I want to ask if my fist agrees.”

He Yuewen’s attack just now was obviously a bit fistful.

And the boy in front of him, looking weak, could he be He Yuewen’s opponent?

After he said, he brought three women to Wiliam.

Wiliam just looked at them indifferently, and even wanted to laugh.

A group of jumping clowns.

When things are hot, I don’t want to solve the problem, but I want to launch a substitute.

The rich are really unfortunate.

“Boy, you have heard what we said just now? Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it, and don’t tell me you don’t want to go out.” He Yuewen said to Wiliam contemptuously.

Wiliam looked at He Yuewen’s arrogance, suddenly smiled, and asked inexplicably, “You just said that you are the deputy general manager of the Blue Moon Emperor City?”
He Yuewen’s face became stiff, and then furious!

This kid!

Really dare!

How dare to mention this matter at this juncture!

He Yuewen, as the upcoming deputy general manager of the Lanyue Emperor City, was not even able to settle such a small matter tonight, which made several women wonder what a joke.

This is his most depressed point tonight, this kid dared to poke him in pain!

Just looking for death!

Just when He Yuewen wanted to raise his fist, his eyes stunned.

Wiliam stretched out his hand, patted He Yuewen’s shoulder lightly, and said calmly, “You deputy general manager, really want to send me out?”

He Yuewen shook off Wiliam’s hand and said sullenly, “You are the most inferior in the scene, you are not dead, do you want us to die? You can’t even survive a hundred lives. Fingers.”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Okay, you, the deputy general manager, should behave like you are. I hope you don’t regret it.”

When He Yuewen heard it, he laughed, “Regret? I will regret sending you out? What international joke? What do you think of yourself? Heavenly King I? If I send you out, I will lose my life?”

Wiliam didn’t respond to He Yuewen positively anymore, but just nodded, “Okay, since you want me to go out, then I will go out.”

He Yuewen’s expression eased a bit, he spit out sputum, and cursed in a low voice: “Huh, if you don’t see Huang He’s heart is not dead, how good is it to confess earlier? Why should you suffer a crime and don’t know the guy who is being praised.”

At this moment, the door of the box slammed and opened a crack.

An angry voice came from outside the door, “Please come out and suffer!”

He Yuewen and others all raised their hearts to their throats and looked at the door nervously.

He Yuewen reacted the fastest, shoving Wiliam directly, and cursed fiercely: “Hurry up and get out by yourself! Do you want to hurt us?”

Wiliam was pushed a bit and didn’t do much investigation. He looked at the four people at the scene jokingly and walked towards the door.

He walked lightly, and Lu Xiaolu and others were dumbfounded.

Is this special, is it generous to die?

Does this kid have a little fear of death?

Or is the newborn calf not afraid of tigers, and don’t know how a dragon lake is outside?

Originally, He Yuewen was proud of this kid’s promotion, but he was sceptical of life by Wiliam’s light pace.

Suddenly he was agitated and cursed in a low voice: “Damn! Don’t be outside the door and prepare to burn all the stones and jade, throw us dirty water!”

Lu Xiaolu also reacted, his face flushed, and he cursed dejectedly: “Yes, you are right! This kid must think he is going to die, it would be better for everyone to die together, so he went out with the belief that he would die. He will definitely scold those people outside and make them angry at us!”

He Yuewen became even more worried, and caught up with him in one step, “I’ll take him out and have a look.”

With that, He Yuewen and Wiliam walked out of the box door with their back and forth feet.

The door was instantly locked again.

When He Yuewen followed Wiliam, his scalp was numb when he saw the people in black on the scene.

There are too many people.

He hurriedly said to the people around him: “Brothers, this kid is the one we sent out this time. He is the culprit tonight. He is the one who beat him. In fact, he has nothing to do with us. Let him go.”

He Yuewen thought, anyway, the little fat guy and the little attendants were not on the scene. Who knows who did it just now, it is better to act first and push the charge on this kid.

It’s dying anyway.

But when everyone was still unresponsive, Wiliam spoke, his voice indifferent, with an indisputable majesty.

“Send your boss out and say I want to see him.”

“Me, my last name is Lu, my name is Ye!”


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