Dragon Husband Chapter 711

Chapter 711 One-eyed Duan Feilong

He Yuewen staggered directly, his legs were soft!

He looked at Wiliam dumbfounded, his anger came up all at once!

This kid!

court death!

He couldn’t help but shove Wiliam hard, and angrily cursed: “What are you so much! Dare to see Duan Zong! You are crazy, you! You want to die, don’t pull us!”

He Yuewen was indeed anxious, and also afraid of breaking.

This kid is nothing more than a little servant of Beilin Lu’s family.

Here, even the four of He Yuewen couldn’t speak, so they could only find a way to solve the misunderstanding in a low voice.

This kid is good, courage!

Don’t say anything else when you come out, you need to see Mr. Duan for roll call!

What kind of status is Duan always!

How can this kid see you as soon as you say it!

Isn’t this just another sprinkle of salt on the anger of the Blue Moon Emperor City!

This kid!

I guessed it right!

He just came out to make things big.

Want to fight a fish to die, everyone to die together!

Fortunately, I followed it out by myself, otherwise the results would be unimaginable!

Thinking of this, He Yuewen immediately said to the sluggish black-clothed people around him: “Don’t listen to this kid talking nonsense. He just wants to provoke you and us. Don’t be blinded by him. Don’t follow this matter. The general report, teach him how you should teach him!”

The people in black also looked at each other one by one, with fierceness in their eyes.

Indeed, what Wiliam said just now was extremely rude.

However, in the face of He Yuewen being the deputy general manager of the Blue Moon Emperor City Group after all, one of the leaders said indifferently: “He, we naturally know what to do. This kid seems to be a gall bladder. God, don’t teach him a lesson, I really know how many eyes our Duan always has!”

These people in black are just following orders.

They also don’t want to be too stiff with He Yuewen, after all, they will be a family in the future, and if you can’t see and see you, you still have to give this face.

But at this moment, Wiliam let out a sneer.

“President Duan? Who is Mr. Duan?”

Such rudeness once again made the audience dumbfounded!

“What kind of thing is he? With him, what qualifications does he have to see me?” Wiliam said again, slowly revealing the pride of a superior!

Vice President Duan, but a vice president of Lanyue Emperor City.

In front of Wiliam, what’s the matter?

Even if the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City came over, he could only kneel down in front of Wiliam, respectfully obedient!

Vice President Duan, not qualified!

Everyone at the scene burned with anger.

The leader was supposed to give He Yuewen a little bit of face, but after listening to Wiliam’s words, he was also furious!

Now that this kid slandered Vice President Duan so much, he just ignored the entire Blue Moon Imperial City.

How can He Yuewen keep it in a few words!

The leader said to He Yuewen: “You go in first, he, we will teach him the lessons he deserves!”

He gnashes his teeth when he speaks, obviously it is a serious murder!

When He Yuewen looked at Wiliam, his heart was beeping!

This kid is really a poop!

I want everyone to die together!

But He Yuewen now has no other way. He can only walk back while pleading again and again: “Brothers, this kid is a lunatic. What he said has nothing to do with us. Please testify on this point. A few people are really innocent.”

Then he weakly returned to the box.

At this time, the man in black who took the lead suddenly said harshly: “Come here, take him away.”

While he was speaking, he pointed his finger at the open but dark box next door.

Obviously he was going to do something with Wiliam there.

But waiting for those people to capture Wiliam, Wiliam took the initiative to walk over to that dark box.

A gloomy bird flashed in the eyes of the leader, and he led him with a shout, and then blocked Wiliam into the box.

“Come here, give me a call!” The leader made no nonsense and ordered directly.

The people around had long been unable to restrain it, each holding a stick, they slammed at Wiliam!

In the darkness, there was a burst of wailing!

The leader still didn’t react, he suddenly felt that his forehead had a thin, sharp coldness!

His heart froze, and he immediately shouted: “Stop it all! Stop it!”

He thought that the person calling the scene would stop immediately.

But how would he know that the people around didn’t even need him to stop before he stopped!

They fell to the ground one by one, screaming in pain.

A dim light was turned on.

Only then did the leader see the situation clearly.

After seeing it clearly, he got goose bumps.

Around him, a bunch of people lay all around.

These people can only roll around on the ground crying for father and mother, but there is no one who can stand up.

People who were a little further away from these people crowded in the door.

These people didn’t have time to squeeze in to do something to Wiliam just now.

Now seeing my little friends lying on the ground desperate for life, all of them are directly sluggish.

They looked at Wiliam in front of them, and suddenly there was a deep fear.

There is a fluke!

Fortunately, no one squeezed in just now!

Otherwise, it’s me who is lying on the ground now!

What is this sacred kid!

Even if he couldn’t see how he made the move, his brothers all lay down!

Only half a minute before and after!

Could it be that this kid is a martial artist!

In Beilin City, martial arts practitioners are quite common.

After all, there are a few wealthy families who are all practising martial arts.

It seems that if you encounter hard stubbornness today, the people above must come out to teach this kid.

No wonder he was so arrogant before, he turned out to be a bit capable.

And the leader even dare not even move.

Because Wiliam is right in front of him.

Even more because, he suddenly saw a thin ice cold on his forehead, which was a silver needle shining with cold light!

And what made him feel frightened even more!

This silver needle is not in Wiliam’s hand!

It seemed to extend from Wiliam’s fingertips.

Wiliam stretched out a finger like this, and the needle naturally appeared on his finger!

The silver needle was lightly tapped on the leader’s forehead, and a small drop of blood appeared on his forehead.

The leader was cold all over, and only felt like walking through the ghost gate.

If this needle is longer, his forehead will be directly cold!

“Ho ho ho, good skill, sure enough to be a hero! I am really qualified, let me Duan Feilong come out.” In the darkness, there was a strong laughter suddenly.

A sofa chair that had been in the dark suddenly turned around slowly.

A one-eyed dragon with black gauze on his right eye slowly appeared in Wiliam’s sight.

The vice president of Blue Moon Imperial City, the one-eyed Duan Feilong!


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