Dragon Husband Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Kneeling in front of your own dragon and tiger gate

In Beilin City, some people may be ignorant of Duan Feilong.

But when it comes to cyclops, no one knows, no one ignores!

His hands are bloody, killing people!

Rumor has it that his right eye was due to a big battle when he was young!

When the battle started, no one stood around.

He was incapable of killing, so he looked up to the sky and screamed, and with one hand he pulled out one of his eyeballs, which stopped the killing intent in his heart.

Of course, this is just the secrets that have been circulated in Beilin City. Whether it is true or not, no one knows.

But Duan Feilong’s fierceness is obvious to all.

Before the Lanyue Emperor City changed its dynasty, Duan Feilong was the king of this city!

The appalling 12 characters “Don’t ask about the disparity in status, kill first if you have a grudge” just now are the iron-blooded rules set by Duan Feilong back then!

It is also the foundation of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

These twelve words are just in the hands of the new president, and they have been carried forward even more.

Duan Feilong was originally a dragon through clouds, but it is a pity that he can only succumb to others and become a vice president.

However, he is still a man.

Losing is losing, he lost to the new president, convinced.

Moreover, the new president was not too bad for him, and gave him a large sum of money to purchase the Blue Moon Emperor City, and let him continue to mix in the Blue Moon Emperor City.

Duan Feilong was actually in power in the Blue Moon Emperor City.

He would never interfere with such a small matter today.

Unfortunately, it was his young son who was beaten.

He had to go out himself.

He had been sitting behind that sofa chair just now, wanting to laugh at this drama.

Unexpectedly, here, I saw a wonderful young man.

Duan Feilong couldn’t help clapping his hands in applause.

“Young man, what’s your name? Are you interested in mixing with me?” Duan Feilong asked with a smile.

Duan Feilong had seen it just now. This kid made a fierce move, regardless of life or death. He was quite strong in the past.

He loves talents for a while, and he has a heart to win.

That leader, just as Wiliam Yinzhen hangs his forehead, and then heard Duan Feilong personally draw up the kid. For a while, cold sweat broke out. He bumped and said, “Boss, this kid he…”

“Hmph, the defeated general, he is brave enough to be brave. If you lose, you are defeated. After so many years with my Duan, won’t you lose or lose?” Duan Feilong interrupted the man in a cold voice.

The man’s scalp was numb, and he didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

No one knows Duan Feilong’s temper.

Good times are called brothers and brothers, but when bad times the six relatives do not recognize them.

Don’t anger him.

But Wiliam just sneered.

Instead, he looked at Duan Feilong with interest.

Wiliam was quite accurate in seeing people.

He could see a wolfishness from Duan Feilong.

Wiliam had seen this wolfishness in Q City ( Qena City ) Tigger before.

However, Tigger ‘s realm is too low after all, and he can only be an underground king in Q City ( Qena City ).

This Duan Feilong is different.

Not only is wolfish, but also powerful.

Hehe, the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City still has some skill, and he can earn such a hungry wolf in such a short time

Wiliam admired that person even more.

“Boy, what are you laughing at? Isn’t I right? Or, do you think it’s ridiculous for me to draw you?” Duan Feilong’s smile gradually closed.

Everyone around was silent, everyone knew that Duan Feilong was going to get angry.

Wiliam continued to smile, “Half-and-half, I feel ridiculous that you came to win me in person.”

“Oh? Tell me, what’s the ridiculous thing?” Duan Feilong’s left eye was slightly narrowed, and a bloody murderous intent gradually emerged from his body.

Duan Feilong has seen a lot of people of Tianzong wizards.

Duan Feilong is countless people who don’t know how to promote.

A talented and arrogant person like Wiliam, but one of them.

But for people like this, they ended up in a different place.

Duan Feilong had no pity in his heart, and even more regret.

After all, people have their own ambitions, so why not prove the truth by death.

“It is ridiculous, is Duan Feilong? I seem to have said just now, are you worthy to see me? Are you more worthy to draw me?” Wiliam said lightly.

He didn’t seem to be afraid of Duan Feilong’s murderous intent.

He saw through that, although Duan Feilong was good at it, he was only a strong player in the early days of internal strength.

Same level as Wiliam.

But Wiliam has absolute self-confidence and can kill him within a hundred moves!

After all, Wiliam had a weird bloodline, and now there was an undefeatable Long live Honglian hiding.

Duan Feilong is definitely not his opponent.

As for the people on the scene, Qi Qi’s eyes widened after hearing Wiliam’s words.

Looking for death!

Mr. Duan personally came forward, and even dignified the honor to win over this kid.

He didn’t appreciate it at all!

And he even dared to speak arrogantly, saying that the boss is not worthy!

This kid really doesn’t know that Duan Feilong’s three characters are like thunder in Beilin City!

Duan Feilong’s face gradually became cold, and his tone became extremely cold, “Oh? Then you would tell me, who deserves to see you? Little baby.”

He had already called Wiliam a little baby, obviously he was not going to win over this kid.

However, Wiliam removed his hand from the leader’s forehead, stood with his hand, and said indifferently: “Send you the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City out.”

Duan Feilong laughed loudly.



“You are well-informed, knowing that I have changed to the new president of Blue Moon Emperor City. However, I would like to ask you in your words, are you worthy?” Duan Feilong laughed.

Two days ago, he had a battle with the new president!

That battle was definitely a nightmare for Duan Feilong!

The skill of the new president is definitely more than one step higher than Duan Feilong!

For the current Duan Feilong, there is still a sense of trembling, fear and sincerity when meeting the new president.

Where did this kid have the courage to speak such rebellious things like Face Saint.

“I said, I call it Wiliam.” Wiliam said coldly.

“Wiliam?” Duan Feilong repeated the name and smiled again, “Wiliam? What is it? Who knows Wiliam in the world?”

Wiliam and Duan Feilong faced each other, their eyes suddenly burst into arrogance!

“Why does Wiliam need knowledge of the world? He kneels in front of the Dragon and Tiger Gate!”

In a word, arrogant in the world!

One person, indomitable!

Ao Ru Duan Feilong, after hearing this, he stood up directly from the sofa and shouted, “You! Who on earth!”

If it were not for the five-clawed golden dragon, how could it be worthy of such a bold statement!

He has an absolutely unattainable identity, and he can’t say such shocking words at all!

He doesn’t need people in the world to know, but anyone with insight will naturally kneel in front of his door!

Wiliam sneered, “Emperor Lanyue City, with a unicorn hanging on the door! Unicorns in the world, I am the only one to follow!”

“Let Choi Shangyun come over.”


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