Dragon Husband Chapter 713

Chapter 713

Duan Feilong’s face turned pale after hearing Wiliam’s words!

He looked at Wiliam’s eyes wide, as if he wanted to see through him completely!


What did this kid say just now!

Why can he directly call out the name of the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City!

Wrong, the new generation king of Lanyue Emperor City is named Cui Shangyun.

You know, the identity of the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City is extremely secretive. It is inside, and there are very few people who know the name Cui Shangyun!

He is an outsider, and even the servant of the Beilin Lu family, how did he know the name of the new president!

Duan Feilong also noticed that when Wiliam called Cui Shangyun’s name, there was no respect or fear at all.

Just call him by name, and the rhetoric!

If it was just now, Duan Feilong would still think this kid was bold and rude.

Now, Duan Feilong just felt cold and stiff.

It seems that this kid should be called by his first name.

Duan Feilong even noticed the first half of Wiliam’s sentence.

Emperor Lanyue City, with unicorns hanging on the door.

Kylin in the world, I am the only one who follows.


When Cui Shangyun took over the Imperial City of Blue Moon, the first thing was to make people rush to make it overnight. On the gate of the Imperial City of Blue Moon, a weird unicorn was carved.

At that time, the curious Duan Feilong asked Cui Shangyun why he had to carve a unicorn that didn’t fit well.

When Cui Shangyun heard Duan Feilong’s unreasonable words, his face became cold on the spot.

But Cui Shangyun didn’t have too much explanation at that time, just saying that this was his rule, and it could be regarded as a ritual.

Duan Feilong didn’t have the deep meaning of these words in his heart.

Until Wiliam’s words just now, Duan Feilong had a feeling of initiation!


Could it be that the unicorn on this door is a kind of totem?

Kylin in the world?

Could there be too many such unicorns in the world?

Duan Feilong felt a strong sense of suffocation when he thought of this.

In his entire life, he worked hard to establish the Emperor City of Blue Moon.

This is his lifetime effort and pride.

But from Wiliam’s mouth, his pride disappeared instantly!

The Emperor Lanyue City was in the eyes of this kid, but the number of sand on the Ganges was just a mere corner.

Is he the king of unicorns in the world?

If you want to say that, he can be regarded as Cui Shangyun’s master!

Duan Feilong’s mouth opened, and he didn’t even dare to ask this question.

He stared at Wiliam closely, with a hundred unbelief in his heart.

Do not believe that a child with a hairy head, master the general trend of the world!

If you don’t believe that Cui Shangyun is such a master and strange person, in the eyes of this kid, he is just one of the servants.

“Why are you still stunned? Do you want me to call?” Wiliam saw Duan Feilong’s whole body stupid, and said again.

And through Duan Feilong’s look, Wiliam completely confirmed that the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City was Cui Shangyun.

Cui Shangyun is a unicorn envoy. Wiliam had seen this middle-aged Xie before when he was in Lingyue Villa.

At that time, Wiliam felt that this middle-aged Xie was very good at doing things and was also loyal, and he wanted to cultivate more in the future.

Unexpectedly, Cui Shangyun was in the military position, with a handsome chest.

Actually did it to this point.

When Wiliam saw the unicorn carving in the Blue Moon Emperor City, he was thinking about which unicorn talent this would be.

It wasn’t until he knew that the kylin relief in the Emperor Lanyue City was carved two days ago.

He then guessed from the insider.

When he came to Beilin City, he couldn’t match the appearance of this unicorn relief.

Someone must have known that Wiliam was coming to Qilin City, so he took the first step, secretly taking care of everything for Wiliam, and helping him establish a force in Beilin City to settle down.

Originally, only a few people in Lingyue Villa knew about Wiliam coming to Beilin City.

Cui Shangyun is one of them.

Although Wiliam guessed that it was Cui Shangyun, he was still not 100% sure.

Until Wiliam was in the box just now, he smelled a strange smell.

Strange and familiar.

Said familiar, it is the taste, it is the taste of the green snake.

Strangely speaking, it was the smell of this green snake stream that was purer than what Wiliam had seen before.

Before, the green snake streamer was mixed in liquid for people to drink.

The current green snakes appear directly in the air and exist in the form of gas.

Obviously it is more clever than before.

From here, Wiliam concluded that the master behind the Emperor Lanyue City was Cui Shangyun.

Because Cui Shangyun said when he was in Lingyue Villa, he was going to investigate the relationship between the old man Heihua Yinzhen and the Green Snake Spring League.

Wiliam also knew what Cui Shangyun did before he appeared at Lingyue Villa at the last moment and killed the second leader of the Green Snake Spring League.

Cui Shangyun led people to wipe out the nest of the Green Snake Spring League.

Therefore, Wiliam is not surprised that Cui Shangyun has a more weird green snake flow.

These evidences were enough for Wiliam to guess the owner of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

Duan Feilong was awakened by Wiliam’s words, took a deep look at Wiliam, and then bit his scalp and took out his mobile phone.

He had made a decision in his heart.

If this kid is playing mystery here, he has a hundred ways to make him unhappy.

When he disturbed Cui Shangyun, he was at best scolded.

But if this kid really has the position of dragon and tiger, if he neglects him, there is absolutely no place to bury him.

Duan Feilong thought about which is more important.

He called Cui Shangyun tremblingly, and the surrounding men were even more stunned.

The expressions they looked at Wiliam completely changed.

Can suppress their boss, this kid is afraid that he will go against the sky.

It took a long time for the call to be connected, and it was obvious that Cui Shangyun was also busy there.

“Old man, what’s the matter, call me when you are free?” Cui Shangyun’s voice rang on the other end of the phone.

Duan Feilong wiped a cold sweat, and said consensually: “Mr. Cui, there is something I want to report to you.”

“Ho ho, at this time, shouldn’t you teach a few miscellaneous boys in Emperor Lan Yue’s City? I heard that your little son was beaten in his own territory.” Cui Shangyun said with a smile.

He doesn’t care about such small things at all.

After hearing this, Duan Feilong glanced at Wiliam secretly. On the other hand, he was also amazed that Cui was well informed.

He said weakly: “I blocked a few people in the box, but one of them asked me to call you. I couldn’t make up my mind for a while, so…”

Cui Shangyun sneered, “If someone asks you to call, you just call? Dignified one-eyed Duan Feilong, when is it so easy to talk?”

In the voice, there is a kind of majesty and dissatisfaction.

Duan Feilong was shocked, and said quickly: “That person, whose surname is Lu, whose name is Ye!”

On the other end of the phone, there was obviously a dullness for several seconds.

Then, there was an extremely angry roar!

“You mean! You blocked my Qilin Young Master Lu in the box!”


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