Dragon Husband Chapter 714

Chapter 714

Kylin Master Lu!

These five words, like a thunderstorm, made Duan Feilong’s head hum.

At this moment, he was finally completely sure.

The far-reaching meaning of the unicorn on that door!

Although he looked at the ground, he seemed to be looking at an abyss.

The abyss is full of the shadow of the unicorn relief.

And gradually, the unicorn relief slowly spread.

In the end, thousands of dragon and tiger claws were extended.

A unicorn phantom that covered the sky and the sun slowly opened before his eyes.

And in the center of this unicorn illusion is the plain and proud Wiliam in front of him!

“Duan Feilong! Say! What did you do to Young Master! Do you want to die!” Cui Shangyun roared viciously.

Duan Feilong was awakened again, with mixed feelings in his heart at this moment.

He has never seen Cui Shangyun so angry.

It was the two people who were fighting before, and they were also lightly smiling and fighting.

Now, for the so-called young master, Cui Shangyun is really angry.

Duan Feilong hurriedly said with a trembling: “Cui, don’t worry, how can I dare to attack him, he is standing in front of me safe and sound now.”

When he said this, there was a deep lingering fear.

He didn’t even attack Wiliam.

Just now, a dozen or twenty people besieged Wiliam.

Fortunately, Wiliam was so skilled that he brought all these people down.

If Wiliam’s skills were almost too good, he would not have enough to pay for his nine lives.

At this time, he began to rejoice.

When Cui Shangyun heard this, he immediately said, “Wait for me, I will come down immediately.”

Cui Shangyun lives on the top floor of the Blue Moon Emperor City, and takes only two minutes to get down by the elevator.

After Cui Shangyun hung up the phone at this moment, his head was sweaty.

He really thought about it first, and laid a little foundation for Wiliam to come to Beilin City.

This is entirely his personal thoughts. He has a fair mind, and that is to do his loyalty to Qilinshi.

But there is also selfishness.

He wanted to show off in front of Wiliam and get praise.

He worked so hard to lay down the Blue Moon Emperor City and finally stabilized the foundation.

This was just about to relax, and I was going to meet Wiliam another day.

Suddenly he heard that Wiliam was blocked in the Lanyue Emperor City box, and his whole body was not well.

If all his efforts were burned because of this sudden accident, he would be unable to argue.

I just hope that Young Master Lu is well now and don’t do other cares.

Thinking of this, Cui Shangyun hurriedly put on his clothes and got off the elevator directly.

After Duan Feilong hung up the phone, he looked at Wiliam again.

All of a sudden, his eyes changed.

No contempt or contempt can be born anymore.

The identity of this young man is far above Cui Shangyun.

What’s the matter with himself in front of him?

Duan Feilong was laughing at Wiliam before, saying that this kid didn’t know good or bad.

He even sneered at Wiliam’s words, “I was ridiculous for you to come to win me in person.”

Thinking about it now, why not this!

People are the master of unicorns!

I actually want to win him over?

I have eaten the gall of the bear heart and leopard.

He laughed at himself, he was already very kind.

For a while, Duan Feilong couldn’t find words to greet Wiliam, and the scene instantly stalemate here.

Wiliam didn’t care. He pointed to a chair and asked, “Can I sit here?”

Duan Feilong was full of agitation, and his body sprang out with lightning, and directly dragged the comfortable sofa chair he had just now in front of Wiliam, and respectfully said: “Young Master Lu, you, please take a seat.”

Wiliam glanced at Duan Feilong, nodded, and sat down on the sofa chair.

Duan Feilong saw that Wiliam stopped talking, so he didn’t dare to talk to him without authorization.

There are still countless puzzles in his heart.

For example, this young master Lu is clearly powerful and powerful.

But judging from the report he had just started, he was actually just a small servant of Beilin Lu’s family?

Do you pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?

Or play private visits on WeChat?

Duan Feilong was puzzled by the strange hobby of such a big man.

Duan Feilong saw that the surrounding subordinates were still in a daze, and said boldly, “Well, you should close the door first and keep it outside.”

Those subordinates woke up like a dream, one after another back to the box door.

Duan Feilong suddenly thought about it and added, “If anyone dares to spread what happened here today, come see you!”

At this time, he finally showed a little heroic look, his face extremely hideous.

He is betting.

The bet that Young Master Lu stayed anonymously at Beilin Lu’s family, just didn’t want too many people to know his identity.

At the same time, he was lucky.

He looked very embarrassed just now, and he would lose his reputation if he said it.

Sure enough, Wiliam nodded without comment.

After a minute, the box door was pushed open again.

A hurried figure flashed in.

Because he used martial arts directly, he was extremely fast. After entering, he couldn’t stop the car. He squatted until Duan Feilong was in front of him. Duan Feilong stretched out his hand and relieved his strength.

This person looked nervous, but Cui Shangyun hurried over.

Cui Shangyun saw Wiliam sitting on the sofa at a glance. He knelt on one knee, arched his hands, and said in a deep voice, “Young Master Lu, it’s too late to come down. You are wronged. It’s a crime!”

Wiliam looked at Cui Shangyun, and said calmly: “Get up, I have nothing to do.”

Cui Shangyun stood up tremblingly and secretly wiped his sweat.

Fortunately, the young master is magnanimous and careless.

Otherwise, he could not bear the charge at all.

Thinking of this, Cui Shangyun suddenly looked at Duan Feilong and sternly shouted: “Duan Feilong, don’t you just kneel down and apologize to my young master!”

Duan Feilong knelt directly in front of Wiliam with his whole body agitated, his legs softened.

His face was extremely embarrassing.

He is a reckless man, he usually goes straight, where he would say anything flattering.

He only kept saying, “Young Master Lu, sorry, I can’t help you.”

Cui Shangyun stared at Duan Feilong angrily at this moment, this straight man, wouldn’t he say something to beg for mercy?


But Wiliam smiled, and said, “It’s okay, I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Cui Shangyun was overjoyed and pushed Duan Feilong on the ground, “Hurry up, thank you Young Master Lu for not killing.”

When Duan Feilong heard that Wiliam didn’t care about his fault, he was overwhelmed with gratitude, and kowtow heavily.

It’s just that there is a little regret in his heart after all.

After all, he offended this young master Lu.

The road ahead is difficult…

“Well, you go out first, I will report to Young Master Lu to work.” Cui Shangyun clicked Duan Feilong again.

Duan Feilong was about to stand up, but at this time Wiliam slowly said, “You don’t have to go out, kneel and listen to the training.”

At the scene, there was a full silence for five seconds.

Then, Cui Shangyun was suddenly ecstatic, and slapped Duan Feilong hard with a slap, “Hurry up, thank you for your help!”


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