Dragon Husband Chapter 715

Chapter 715

Duan Feilong couldn’t understand it at all. What did Wiliam mean?

What is kneeling and listening to training?

Didn’t you forgive yourself?

Why do you still kneel?

Why do you still need to train?

Isn’t this not talking?

Until he was slapped severely by Cui Shangyun, his head was still buzzing, and his face was dumbfounded: “Mr. Cui, what do you mean by this?”

Cui Shangyun was about to be pissed off by this straight-headed man.

Is the meaning of support in these words unreadable?

What a good chance he can do in front of this girl.

Cui Shangyun whispered to Duan Feilong: “I was originally going to report to the young master about the work of our Qilinshi. You are not a member of our Qilinshi, so it is not convenient to listen here. Now the young master wants you to stay, just because you have a heart And be included in the unicorn power, don’t you hurry to thank you!”

When Duan Feilong heard this, his head banged!

He had faintly felt what a huge mysterious power behind that unicorn relief.

This is something he can expect but cannot ask for.

Even just now, he was still lamenting that the road will be difficult in the future.

But now, with a word from Young Master Lu, the situation has completely changed.

Young Master Lu actually wants to earn himself under his command, so he doesn’t mind him listening to the training.


Thinking of this, Duan Feilong trembled all over.


Absolute opportunity!

If you can get on board the big ship of Young Master Lu, then why don’t you worry about your ambitions!

Don’t be afraid of being too heroic!

A word from Young Master Lu is equivalent to paved the way for the future!

He banged his head three times on the ground, his voice distorted because of his excitement, “Thank you, Master Lu! Thank you, Master Lu! You can see me Duan, Duan will definitely repay me with death in the future!”

Scholars die for confidants!

This Young Master Lu was already broad-minded regardless of the premonitions.

Unexpectedly, I have to support myself!

This is not what Bole is!

Wiliam nodded, but instead asked jokingly, “The world is unpredictable. You wanted to win me over, but now I accept you.”

Duan Feilong’s face froze, and the picture of himself trying to draw him back came to mind again.


I don’t know Taishan.

“Okay, Cui Shangyun, just talk about it.” Wiliam just said casually, and got into the topic.

But at this time, Duan Feilong suddenly opened his mouth and stopped talking.

Wiliam looked in his eyes and asked, “What else do you want to say?”

Duan Feilong showed a look of embarrassment, with his head buried in the ground, “Well, Young Master Lu, I didn’t recognize you because Duan had eyes and no beads. I was in the box just now, I accidentally used…”

“Is the green snake flowing?” Wiliam smiled faintly.

Duan Feilong’s face was extremely surprised, “You, how do you know?”

But Cui Shangyun completely changed his face, almost slapped Duan Feilong’s face with a slap, “You give us young master a green snake! Lao Tzu will give you a green snake, you used my young master’s head especially! “

Duan Feilong took the initiative to slap himself, and said with a bitter face: “I didn’t know before, what can I do now? President Cui, do you have an antidote?”

Cui Shangyun also showed an awkward look, his heart was extremely nervous, and the antidote was wool!

What is the antidote for Green Snake?

But at this time, Wiliam smiled and said, “Forget it, I have another plan for this matter.”

“The young master, your body…” Duan Feilong asked in fear.

At this time, Cui Shangyun was blessed to his soul and was pleasantly surprised: “I rely on, why did I forget this! The young master has a unique medical skill, how can he put the little green snake in his eyes? Since the young master has already guessed it. There are green snakes in the box, which means that he also has a way to deal with it.”

Duan Feilong was in the mist instead.

He is only obsessed with martial arts, but he doesn’t know anything about medicine.

Duan Feilong faintly breathed a sigh of relief when Cui Shangyun said this.

As long as it hurts the young master.

I think I’m so messy, every move is used on the young master.

Really want to change the master, how many times is enough to die?

“What about your friends in the box?” Duan Feilong asked weakly.

Wiliam looked at Duan Feilong amused instead, “It seems that you know the identities of those people?”

Duan Feilong nodded, “Well, the daughters of the Beilin Lu family, Gu family and He family.”

“Then you know, do you dare to do it?” Wiliam asked knowingly.

Duan Feilong’s face showed a fierce stern, “Don’t ask about the disparity of status, if you have a grudge, kill it first!”

Using these twelve words to respond to his actions is perfect.

“As for them, I will settle the accounts slowly in the future. You don’t have to worry about this.” What Wiliam thought in his heart was that it would be okay for them to have a green snake in their bodies.

Moreover, Lu Xiaolu was caught in the green snake stream, which would inevitably arouse the old prince, and be able to divert the old prince’s attention elsewhere, which was also helpful to Wiliam’s plan.

Duan Feilong was hitting straight, but it happened to help Wiliam a little favor.

“Then, they are still in the box, do you want to let them go?” Duan Feilong asked again.

Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said, “Small punishment and great commandment are enough to frighten them, and detain them for a while.”

Duan Feilong nodded then, walked to the door and ordered his hands to do it.

Then he came back and knelt on the ground to obey orders.

And Cui Shangyun was so mixed up, it was a little bit clouded, and he couldn’t figure it out.

But he immediately said, “Young Master, it seems that you already know the purpose of my coming to Beilin City. You don’t blame your subordinates for acting without authorization, do you?”

Wiliam shook his head and asked, “You think about it well, it’s not bad. But listening to you say that, the people above you don’t know that you are in Beilin City this time?”

Cui Shangyun nodded and said, “Well, because the young master has explained before, naturally, his subordinates will not rashly reveal the young master’s whereabouts.”

“Very good.” Wiliam said.

Cui Shangyun thought for a while, and then said, “Actually, I came to Beilin City this time and there are some subtle clues. I don’t know if I should talk about it?”

Wiliam glared at him before he continued: “According to the news, the Lu family in Beilin seems to have a secret relationship with the old man Black Flower and Silver Needle that we have been tracking, so I came here this time too. Check this out.”

Wiliam frowned slightly.

The uneasy feeling in his heart surfaced again.

Did you think that Beilin Lu’s family is also related to the old man Heihua Yinzhen?

This was what Wiliam had imagined.

However, Wiliam immediately thought of one thing. Perhaps Duan Feilong gave Lu Xiaolu a green snake stream, which was really right.

Maybe you can use the green snake flow to find out the secret behind Beilin Lu’s family.

Wiliam was about to speak when there was a commotion at the door!

Then, the box door was pushed open with a bang.

An extremely scared voice came from the door.

“President Duan! You can’t kill me! I am innocent, and I am also a member of our Blue Moon Emperor City! All things are done by that kid. He is the culprit. I hope you will learn from it!”


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