Dragon Husband Chapter 717

Chapter 717

The thugs in the Blue Moon Imperial City had originally received an order from Duan Feilong to frighten the four people inside.

Unexpectedly, He Yuewen would have done this kind of thing, which completely caught them by surprise.

When they reacted, He Yuewen had already rushed to the door of the box and pushed open the door and flashed in.

At this moment, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

In fact, He Yuewen took out his mobile phone while running just now.

When he pushed the door, he immediately sent out the newsletter.

Then, he shouted into the slightly dim box with a sad face: “President Duan! You can’t kill me! I am innocent, and I am also a member of our Blue Moon Emperor City! Everything is the same. The kid did it, he is the culprit, I hope you will learn from it!”

He has 10% confidence that Duan Feilong is in this box.

And when he finished shouting, he found silence in the box.

He followed the dim light to see the two people in front of him.

He was stunned on the spot.

Of the two people in front of him, one was a middle-aged person who had never met.

The other one turned out to be Wiliam!

And this kid, sitting directly on the sofa chair, looked unscathed.

This made He Yuewen puzzled.

This kid is actually dead?

And what are you still doing here!

He couldn’t help but yelled to Wiliam: “You kid! My life is really hard, it’s nothing! Say, why are you here! Who is this person in front of you!”

Wiliam looked at He Yuewen who appeared suddenly and asked, “I want to ask you, why are you here?”

He Yuewen came up as soon as he heard the anger!

Really, it was played around by this kid!

I thought this kid was dead just now, so I was worried that he was half dead!

Unexpectedly, he was hiding here, still looking like he was indisputable.

“I’m looking for Mr. Duan! Where’s Mr. Duan?” He Yuewen said loudly.

At the scene, no one answered him.

A trace of joking flashed across the face of the middle-aged man He Yuewen did not know.

He Yuewen thought he had been tricked by Wiliam, and was full of anger. Seeing that Wiliam didn’t answer, he rushed up, and was about to pull Wiliam’s collar.

However, the middle-aged Xie who he didn’t know suddenly stretched out his foot and kicked him directly to the ground.

He Yuewen wailed on the ground and scolded: “How dare you hit me! Are you looking for death? Do you know who I am!”

After he finished speaking, he got up from the ground, planning to rush up again to go shopping with the middle-aged man.

But at this time, he swept away the light from the corner of his eyes, and suddenly saw that there seemed to be a person in the edge of the light.

This man, kneeling on the ground, said nothing.

He couldn’t help taking another look.

With this look, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, instantly dumbfounded!

This man who is kneeling on the ground without saying a word, but with a stern face, is not the President Duan he is looking for!

Duan Feilong!

No wonder that when He Yuewen came in just now, he saw Duan Feilong kneeling on the ground.

He came in, the light was just backlit, and Duan Feilong was on the edge again, so he couldn’t see it at all.

It was not until he rushed forward that he could see his true face.

How could Duan Feilong kneel on the ground!

He was the former emperor of the Blue Moon Emperor City, and he is now the second in command!

How could he kneel on his turf!

What happened here!

He forcibly endured the horror in his heart, bumpingly confirming: “President Duan?”

Duan Feilong was full of gloomy eyes, and did not speak, but slowly nodded.

Recognize your identity.

In Duan Feilong’s view, He Yuewen is nothing more than a clown.

It’s so dying that he rushed in directly.

It’s alright now, Immortal Daluo can’t save this little mess.

So he didn’t bother to speak at all.

After He Yuewen confirmed Duan Feilong’s identity, he was shocked and couldn’t help but asked loudly: “President Duan? You! How can you kneel on the ground! How can you be so condescended! Please get up soon!”

Duan Feilong sneered, “I knelt because I was willing.”

These words made He Yuewen even more bewildered.

At this moment, the middle-aged man He Yuewen didn’t know lazily asked, “You are the child of the He family?”

He Yuewen is now full of shocking scenes of Duan Feilong kneeling down. Hearing that someone despised himself so much, he couldn’t help but replied: “I am a child from the He family? Which green onion are you?”

These words made Wiliam and Cui Shangyun laugh together.

“Which green onion am I? In Xiabucai, Tian is the president of the Blue Moon Emperor City Group.” Cui Shangyun said lightly.

He Yue doesn’t look down on this middle-aged man at all.

Unexpectedly, his words shocked the world and caused He Yuewen to suddenly soften his feet and just sit on the ground!

“General, general manager…” He looked at the middle-aged man in horror, and a terrible feeling of powerlessness suddenly appeared in his heart.

This middle-aged man turned out to be the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City who was rumored to be determined to kill!

That is, the boss that I will meet with when I take office tomorrow?

What a special thing!

The flood washed the Dragon King Temple!

His eyes were hit by a cannon, and the President was in front of him, and he didn’t even recognize it.

Still speaking so rudely to him!

Thinking of this, He Yuewen got up from the ground with a grunt, knelt down in front of Cui Shangyun, trembling all over.

He was obviously scared to the extreme, and he couldn’t even speak his words, “My President, yes, I’m sorry, I just…”

The president in front of him was the ruthless man who swept the stubborn enemy and subdued Duan Feilong overnight.

Even if he had a hundred lives in front of him, it was not enough to kill him.

He was also puzzled.

Why does Shenlong see the head and miss the president in this box?

Could it be that Lu Xiaolu’s beating of Duan Feilong’s youngest son today shocked the president’s imperial conquest?


If this is the case, things will really get worse.

For a while, He Yuewen was at a loss.

“Ho ho, kneel on me, are you willing?” Cui Shangyun said coldly.

He Yuewen trembled and nodded, “I wish! One hundred wishes! I now finally understand why Duan Zong would kneel on the ground. It turned out that you came here in person, but I didn’t know Taishan. President, you! There are a lot of them, can you leave me a way out? I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you in the future, and I will do my best!”

But these words suddenly made Cui Shangyun laugh.

He Yuewen was at a loss. What makes his own words funny, is the president’s smile so tricky?

At this time, Cui Shangyun’s face suddenly became cold, “What you said is really wrong. Do you think Duan Feilong is kneeling, it’s me? You take a closer look, who is he kneeling!”


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