Dragon Husband Chapter 718

Chapter 718

He Yuewen was taken aback.

Duan Feilong is not the president?

how can that be!

In the presence, there are only four people.

The identity of the president is obviously higher than Duan Feilong.

If Duan Feilong doesn’t kneel to the president, who would it be?

Could it be that the little servant failed to kneel?

how can that be!

Thinking about it, he secretly raised his head and glanced at the situation at the scene.

At this look, his eyes suddenly drenched, and his head buzzed!

If there is a miracle in the world, it must be the insect transforming the dragon!

Where is Duan Feilong’s kneeling direction facing the president!

To a person clearly and accurately.

A person sitting on a sofa with a calm look.

This person is clearly a servant who is humble into the dust!

But grandiosely bears the tiger’s kneel!

And what made He Yuewen feel more frightened!

Originally the president who was absolutely supreme in the field, he was not qualified to sit down.

The president stood with his hands down, standing on the side of the sofa chair, his body slightly bent.

Looks like a servant waiting for dispatch at any time.

Humble and respectful.

This shocking picture made He Yuewen cold all over.

No matter how stupid he is, he can see it now.

Wiliam is the supreme king in the field!

This king, make Feilong kneel!

This king makes the president wrong!

what is happening!

He looked at the Wiliam in front of him, suddenly felt very strange!

Is this kid really just a servant of Beilin Lu’s family?

If so, why is it now in the top position?

And if not, why didn’t he bear the humiliation even though he had been made things difficult just now?

Wiliam, what is his identity!

Come to think of it, Duan Feilong is already a famous hero in Beilin City.

This mysterious president is even more powerful than ever.

And Wiliam’s identity is obviously still above them!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the wind calls for rain.

What an amazing secret is hidden in this kid!

“You, who are you?” He Yuewen felt that he would collapse if he suppressed ignorance in this way, and couldn’t help but ask.

However, Cui Shangyun sneered, “Who is he, do you deserve to know?”

He Yuewen felt very aggrieved after hearing this!

He is also the young master of Beilin He’s family anyway.

In front of them, he didn’t even have the qualification to know Wiliam’s identity.

How honorable the other party is.

You have to know that He Yuewen was in front of Wiliam half an hour ago, but he asked for what he wanted, and he didn’t even look at this kid straight.

Unexpectedly, the situation has reversed so much now.

Just in response to the old saying, thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don’t bully the young and poor!

Responding to the buzzword on the Internet, today you are ignorant of answering me, and tomorrow you can’t afford it.

“Are you doing anything?” Cui Shangyun asked coldly.

He Yuewen shook his head quickly, no matter how puzzled he was, he could only hide it in his heart.

“If there is anything wrong, just get out of here,” Cui Shangyun said.

He Yuewen was overjoyed. Hearing this, he wanted to let him go?

How dare you!

However, he thought about it, and suddenly asked courageously: “Well, then can I come to the Blue Moon Emperor City tomorrow…

Cui Shangyun said casually: “Come if you want, or if you don’t, it’s up to you.”

In Cui Shangyun’s eyes, this He Yuewen is simply an ant, and it can’t make any big storms, and it’s insignificant.

Cui Shangyun believed that Wiliam would not take it to heart.

“Thank you! Thank you, Mr. President! Thank you Mr. Duan!” He Yuewen hurriedly nodded, his expression excited.

Then, he suddenly saw Wiliam, even if he was unwilling to understand, he could only bow his head in humiliation and said, “Thank you, Master Lu.”

From the beginning to the end, Wiliam hadn’t seen He Yuewen straight.

“Feilong, send us one of our future deputy general managers.” Cui Shangyun said to Duan Feilong.

Duan Feilong slowly got up, “Yes.”

Then, Duan Feilong directly took He Yuewen’s collar and pulled it out.

When he left the door, He Yuewen suddenly saw the box before and slapped his head.

I was so shocked just now that I forgot the three women.

He hesitated, and asked tremblingly: “President Duan, the three of them are you going to…”

“Master Lu has spoken, they will be fine, you go, don’t worry about so much.” Duan Feilong said indifferently.

Duan Feilong was relieved.

As long as they do nothing.

When it arrived at the elevator entrance, the elevator door was about to close.

Suddenly Duan Feilong stretched out a hand and got stuck between the elevator doors.

He Yuewen’s heart shivered and looked at Duan Feilong with a little fear.

Duan Feilong’s eyes flashed coldly, but he said with a smile: “Since I will be colleagues in the future, I will just mention you. Don’t think that Beilin He’s family is a great family. In those two adults It seems that it’s just a pheasant and a miscellaneous dog. So, for the sake of your head, and for the He’s century-old incense, you should know what happened here today and what should not be said.”

He Yuewen’s face turned pale, and he nodded quickly, “I can’t see anything about today’s affairs! I can’t hear anything! I swear to God.”

He Yuewen nodded in satisfaction, and the elevator door slowly closed.

He Yuewen in the elevator found that his back was soaked.

The threat in Duan Feilong’s words just now was really terrifying.

His own family, anyway, is also a family noble, and he didn’t think that in the eyes of Wiliam, it was nothing!

That kid, how bad is his identity!

What did he do as a servant at Beilin Lu’s house?

There must be some mystery inside!

However, He Yuewen touched his neck and gave a wry smile.

He already knew who could provoke and who could not provoke.

The shocking scene that he saw in that box today, he planned to completely rot in his stomach.

He didn’t believe that Wiliam would do anything to destroy the door, but he believed Duan Feilong and the mysterious president could do it!

I just hope that Lu Xiaolu and the others are doing it for themselves.

There is a golden dragon lying beside them but no one knows them. They are the most dangerous.

I hope that Lu Xiaolu will not do anything excessive to that Master Lu in the future.

Wiliam was in the box, and after explaining something to the two of them, he got up and prepared to go back.

Cui Shangyun said quickly: “Young Master, I’ll take you back. I’ll get off and drive first.”

Seeing that it was indeed not early, Wiliam ordered a little.

Cui Shangyun ran out and drove right away, while Duan Feilong, half-bending, followed Wiliam step by step.

Until he walked out of the door of the Blue Moon Emperor City, Wiliam breathed the fresh air outside and shook his head.

At this time, a joking voice came from beside him, “Oh, this poor boy has come out, I thought he was lost in it hahaha, after all, it seems that he has never been to such a tall place.”


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