Dragon Husband Chapter 719

Chapter 719

Wiliam turned to look, but the two security guards stood by.

It was the younger security guard who spoke.

There was a trace of ridicule on his face.

But the older security guard immediately pulled the young security guard and said a little dissatisfied: “Xiao Liu, how can you talk like that?”

The little Liu, obviously dissatisfied with the old security guard, curled his lips, and turned his head aside.

The older security guard saw Wiliam stop in his footsteps and smiled. He asked gently, “Didn’t you go in to meet your friend? Why didn’t you come out with your friend?”

Wiliam glanced at him, and said lightly: “Yes, it’s coming out.”

While talking, a person walked out again from the gate of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

This person was surprisingly Duan Feilong who followed Wiliam.

Seeing Duan Feilong, the eyes of the two security guards were straight.

Especially the elderly security guard, he has also worked as a security guard in the Blue Moon Emperor City for more than ten years. How can he not know Duan Feilong’s reputation?

But what he was puzzled was that this poor boy in front of him dared to say that the famous one-eyed Duan Feilong was his friend?

This is too scary.

He hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Wiliam, trying to pull Wiliam aside, “Hurry up and stand aside, don’t block Duan Zong’s road!”

Duan Feilong’s ruthlessness is deeply ingrained in the hearts of everyone in the Blue Moon Emperor City.

But Wiliam just smiled, patted the older security guard on the shoulder, and walked forward.

Duan Feilong followed, but his body was slightly bent, facing Wiliam.

This scene directly scared the two security guards.

The fool could see that Duan Feilong, like a servant, was waiting for Wiliam.

Wiliam left, he also left.

When Wiliam stopped, he bent over to listen to the training.


This kid…

At this time, a car galloped out of the underground garage and stopped directly in front of Wiliam.

Then, the car window rolled down, revealing a resolute face.

The old security guard made a head boom!

But Duan Feilong quickly stepped forward and opened the door.

Wiliam got in the car without looking back.

The resolute driver just drove the car like this and left!

The face of the elderly security guard was shocked.

He seemed to have seen a scene from the past, and he couldn’t believe it for a long time.

Until he found out that someone stood in front of him.

It’s Duan Feilong!

The young security hurriedly stabbed the older security guard, and the two men bent their waists together and said respectfully: “President Duan!”

Although Duan Feilong hadn’t talked a while ago, he saw everything in his eyes.

He looked at the elderly security guard lightly and said, “From now on, you are the security captain of the Blue Moon Emperor City.”

This sudden sentence made the elderly security guard dumbfounded again.

Captain security?


This is a job he hasn’t been able to fight for more than ten years!

No, let alone more than ten years, don’t expect it for a lifetime.

After all, there are many capable people in Emperor Lan Yue’s city.

The old security guard is very self-aware, he knows that he is just an ordinary person.

But now, the high-ranking President Duan has spoken in person.

In a word, you will be prosperous and wealthy throughout your life!

The older security guard flushed with excitement and knelt down on one knee.

The young security guard still stood there blankly, not believing what he had just heard.

In his eyes, this old security guard is a soft guy at all, worthless, and being a security guard is even more incompetent.

Suddenly he received Duan Feilong’s appreciation and transformed himself into the security captain of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

At this time, Duan Feilong spoke again, but said to the sluggish young security guard: “Pack your things, get out of the Blue Moon Emperor City, don’t let me see you.”

After speaking, Duan Feilong walked inside.

The young security guard’s face completely froze.

In one word, people are prosperous and wealthy.

In one word, the deceased will be overwhelming!


What happened!

Until Duan Feilong disappeared, the young security guard could not believe what had just happened.

It’s too dramatic, too terrifying.

He forbeared his anger and asked the elderly security guard: “Pharaoh, what kind of gunpowder Duan has eaten! Why fire me!”

But Lao Wang, who had fully reacted, suddenly showed a deep lingering fear.

His body is still trembling slightly.

He thought of the only possibility.

It was the young man just now.

It is him who dominates everything just now.

He was quite polite to the young man, so Duan could not overdo it.

And the young Xiao Liu, because he looked down on the young man and spoke ruthlessly, so he was gone.

After Xiao Liu’s questioning, Lao Wang said deeply: “Did you notice that young man just now?”

Xiao Liu was taken aback, and a basin of cold water was poured directly down, feeling cold, “You, you mean!”

“President Duan, you are like a servant in front of him!” Lao He still felt extremely shocked when he recalled.

Although Xiao Liu was equally shocked, his mouth was still stubborn, “It’s impossible! Who is Duan! How can you be a slave? I think you are stupid? Besides, this is basically our guess, Mr. Duan. Bending over is not necessarily respectful to that kid.”

However, Lao Wang shook his head and looked at Xiao Liu sympathetically, “You still don’t understand yet? Okay, let me tell you one more thing. Did you see the driver just now?”

Xiao Liu nodded confusedly, “I saw it, but it’s just a driver. What can it explain?”

“Driver? Ho Ho, Xiao Liu ah Xiao Liu, if you tell me these words, I won’t say anything, you go inside the door and try! Make sure your head falls on the spot! You know that driver, Who is it? It is the new president of Lanyue Imperial City! His status is higher than Mr. Duan! The president of Lanyue Imperial City is a driver for that young man. Now, do you still think this is our guess? “The older Wang said, the more excited he became, and his voice couldn’t help rising up.

Xiao Liuzheng met the president, but Pharaoh was lucky enough to meet him, so he knew the inside story.

The scene of the president serving Wiliam as a driver just now has already been unforgettable in the heart of the flood-stricken Pharaoh.

Xiao Liu’s mouth opened big instantly!

Duan Zong bent over to serve.

The president personally drove.

This still doesn’t explain the terrifying identity of the kid just now?

A strong regret filled Xiao Liu’s heart.

He now finally understands why Pharaoh has soared into the sky and he has plummeted.

It turned out that it was because of the kid who didn’t show the mountains and the water!

Really terrible, that person, at a young age, actually surpassed the president and Duan!

“Judging people by their appearance killed me!” Xiao Liu suddenly smiled bitterly, and sat down on the ground.


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