Dragon Husband Chapter 720

Chapter 720

But Lao Wang bowed deeply in a certain direction that was already empty.

Although I don’t know who the benefactor is and where he is heading.

However, the fate of one side is far away.

The three women in the box didn’t even know what happened outside.

The three of them were still walking around in the private room nervously, unable to sit down for a moment.

Because He Yuewen has been out for too long.

It would have been longer than the time Wiliam went out just now.

What the hell is he doing?

Gu Lingling finally couldn’t help it, and asked: “You said, did Lao He abandon us and run away by himself?”

Lu Xiaolu stopped, frowned and said, “Why is that kind of person? I believe him.”

Gu Lingling made a cut and muttered: “Why don’t you usually be cold to the old man, you don’t think you are still facing him at the critical moment.”

Lu Xiaolu blushed and said nothing more.

But at this time, the door suddenly opened.

The eyes of the three women shrank, and the three of them couldn’t help but huddled together, not daring to make a loud noise.

They were suddenly very scared, very afraid that Lao He would never come back like just now.

People outside will let them go out alone again to die.

It would be terrible in this case.

Sure enough, a sonorous and powerful voice came from the door.

It’s just that what made them overjoyed was that the voice didn’t let them go out and die!

“You three, get out of here,” the voice shouted.

Although rude, but to the three of them, it sounds like a natural sound!

They didn’t have time to think about anything at all, and the three of them held hands and ran outside as soon as they slipped.

They had only one thought on their minds, and they quickly left this place of right and wrong, taking advantage of the other’s regrets and letting go.

As long as they got out of the gate of the Blue Moon Emperor City, they were still little princesses aloft.

It’s just that when they approached the door, they finally remembered something.

Lu Xiaolu stopped hesitantly and looked at the group of people in black behind him.

These people in black have been following them.

As if sending them out.

When Lu Xiaolu saw that they had no idea, he courageously asked, “Well, what about He Yuewen? Do you know where it is?”

The group of people in black snorted coldly, “You shouldn’t ask, don’t ask, get out of here.”

Lu Xiaolu’s face became stiff, and he hurriedly ran outside.

The three of them ran out of the gate of the Blue Moon Emperor City and ran for a short distance. After they were sure that they were completely safe, the three of them sat on the ground without an image, gasping for breath.

Finally escaped.

It’s just that they all have questions in their hearts, why would the people of the Blue Moon Emperor City suddenly let them go?

Before, the people in the Blue Moon Emperor City had vowed to kill a few of them.

This turning point is too big.

At this time, Lu Xiaolu slapped his head and suddenly said excitedly: “I know! He must have moved in to rescue the soldiers, so the people in the Blue Moon Emperor City were jealous before letting us go.”

Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling were taken aback, it seemed to make sense.

After all, Lao He had previously held the belief that he would die and said he would go out to rescue soldiers.

Now that the three of them are safe, the only explanation is that Lao He moved in to rescue soldiers, so that the other party did not dare to start easily.

Gu Lingling suddenly showed an ambiguous look, and joked: “Lulu, I really envy me if you think that Lao He is so good to you.”

Lu Xiaolu’s face turned redder, and there was a slight ripple in her heart.

She really didn’t feel anything about Lao He before.

It’s just that today, Lao He gave up his life, and now he saved the three of them. This made the image of Lao He in Lu Xiaolu’s heart suddenly grow taller.

“I think someone’s heart is rippling. If you always pursue it in the future, you should stop pretending.” Lin Songfeng also rarely joked.

Lu Xiaolu lowered his head in embarrassment, “Hey, don’t talk nonsense, I will naturally find an opportunity to thank some old people.”

Gu Lingling just remembered now, who has been talking for so long, who is he?

“Hey, since Lao He moved to rescue the soldiers, he must have been taken back by his family and punished.” Lu Xiaolu said again.

The two nodded together, which made sense.

Before, they just sneaked out to hide from the house.

After coaxing things out, I didn’t dare to tell my family at the beginning, because I was afraid of punishment from the family.

Now Lao He is calling for help with his family. On the one hand, the family will definitely save him, but on the other hand, Lao He can be regarded as confronting the people of the Blue Moon Emperor City, and he will naturally be punished by the family.

Gu Lingling took out her mobile phone to see if she could call Lao He.

Sure enough, the phone turned off.

Gu Lingling spread her hands, “It seems that she was really taken back by the family to face the wall and thought about it. Lulu, it seems that this kindness is enough to make you agree.”

Lu Xiaolu’s heartstrings flicked, and a touch of crimson on his face was touched.

Seeing that the time was late, the three said goodbye and went home secretly.

On the way home, Lu Xiaolu couldn’t help but think of Wiliam again.

That damn guy, wouldn’t he really get killed?

Hey, I still want to keep him and torture him severely. I didn’t expect to die so simply.

It was really disappointing.

After returning home, Lu Xiaolu had no sleep all night, and suddenly found that He Yuewen’s figure was all over his head.

For a while, she was crazy.

The next day, she just got up to wash, and prepared to go out and run around Lujiachen in Beilin.

This time she survived the catastrophe, she had a deeper attachment to the Beilin Lu family.

Only this home can give her a sense of security.

Take a look, how beautiful this scene is.

The little weeping willow is graceful and graceful.

The small lake is rippling with blue waves.

That little bastard, sword eyebrow star eyes.


little bastard?

Lu Xiaolu suddenly felt aroused, and his footsteps stopped immediately.

Just now, she had been casually admiring the beauty of the artificial lake on the roadside.

But by the lake, I saw a person who shouldn’t be here!

That man, as if walking in a leisurely courtyard, was walking leisurely around the lake.

This person is Wiliam!

Lu Xiaolu who reacted, his whole body was not well.

This kid, shouldn’t he be killed last night?

How could it still appear here!


Did you see a ghost?

Could it be that this kid died wrongfully, so he turned into a ghost and came to ask for his life early in the morning!

Lu Xiaolu was getting goose bumps all over, and he was actually afraid of it.

But at this moment, the ghost seemed to have seen her.

Four eyes face each other.

The ghost unexpectedly showed a faint smile and waved to Lu Xiaolu not far away, “Oh, very energetic, good morning.”

With this sudden hello, Lu Xiaolu only felt her heart beat fiercely, and her feet couldn’t help taking two steps back.


With a “plop”, he fell into the lake.


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