Dragon Husband Chapter 721

Chapter 721

“Ah!” The scream instantly cut through the sky.

The Beilin Lu family in the early morning, as if awakened by this sound, opened his wistful eyes.

Wiliam was looking at Lu Xiaolu who was in a panic, standing by the lake, smiling and saying, “I’m swimming early in the morning, it’s really nice.”

Lu Xiaolu flopped a few times in the artificial lake and then stabilized.

She can also swim, and quickly swims to the shore.

It just so happened that Wiliam was right in front of her.

Lu Xiaolu was soaked all over, and he looked like a roar.

She looked at Wiliam in front of her, and the anger in her heart suddenly appeared!

What the hell!

This guy is not a ghost at all!

No ghost is hateful of him!

She was extremely convinced that Wiliam in front of her was dead last night.

And I retired all over and appeared here!


How did he leave the Blue Moon Emperor City last night!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaolu furiously said: “You kid! You dared to sneak away last night! You also left your master! What crime should you take!”

She thought that when Wiliam was interviewing at Beilin Lu’s family, she had a strange cheating.

That is when someone hit him, as if he would get hurt.

Could it be that he escaped by this ability last night?

The more Lu Xiaolu thought about it, the more possible it became, and the more he thought about it, the more angry it became!

The three little princesses, who were above them, were locked up like dogs.

This kid is good, low status, but at large.

Completely ignore the life and death of the master.


Suddenly, Lu Xiaolu’s heart gradually came into being, staring at Wiliam with sinister eyes.

“Ho ho, I advise you to go back and change your clothes first.” Wiliam said lightly to Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu lowered his head along with Wiliam’s gaze, and he was even worse.

Her clothes were completely wet.

She was wearing a thin white T-shirt, which was tightly attached to her body at the moment.

The outline of her upper body is uneven, which makes people think about it.

Even the clothes inside can be seen clearly.

Lu Xiaolu glared at Wiliam fiercely, and suddenly said, “In half an hour, come to the discussion hall!”

After speaking, she turned around and ran away flying.

In her heart, the hatred towards this kid was completely beyond words.

So, since this kid wants to die, then fulfill him!

Lu Xiaolu had a decision in his heart.

Since she is the servant of Beilin Lu’s family, she naturally has the right to make arrangements.

Arrange to that place, ho ho ho…

Half an hour later, Wiliam appeared in the discussion hall.

What he didn’t think was that Wang Yiran was also standing in the hall, standing with his hands down.

Wiliam knew that the two of them officially joined the Beilin Lu family today, so they would arrange corresponding work for them.

I just don’t know, what kind of job will it be?

After a while, Lu Xiaolu appeared again.

She was clearly dressed up, wearing a blue shirt, and she looked youthful.

However, her eyes are not youthful at all, they are full of calculations.

Originally, it was enough for Lu Furong to arrange the servant’s work.

But today, Lu Xiaolu is going to come in person and arrange it himself.

She didn’t talk nonsense, pointing to Wang Yiran and said, “Wang Yiran, you will follow your uncle and be a domestic servant. You usually chop wood for cooking, do laundry and chores.”

This was expected by Wang Yiran, he nodded and thanked Lu Xiaolu for his kindness.

Afterwards, Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam and first laughed.

“As for you, ho ho, don’t you show off your medical skills in front of me? Okay, then you can become a drug slave, as you wish.” Lu Xiaolu said with a smile.

But Wiliam still didn’t react. Lu Furong, who was standing behind Lu Xiaolu, turned pale.

Lu Furong couldn’t help but said, “Miss, no!”

Lu Xiaolu was originally triumphant, thinking that he would be broken by the cold water, and said dissatisfied: “Lu Furong, what do you mean?”

After Lu Furong shouted, she realized that she had been rash.

But now that everything is said, she can only bite the bullet and go down, “Miss, this kid is a fresh life, how can he be a drug slave? Isn’t this going to kill him? “

Wiliam and Wang Yiran didn’t know Yao Slave, but Lu Furong knew very well.

In the Lu Family of Beilin, there are two kinds of subordinates.

One is ordinary domestic servants, like Lu Furong and Wang Yiran, who are usually responsible for serving their masters.

There is another kind of even more humble, that is, medicine slaves.

Medicine slaves, as the name suggests, are people who test medicine.

To put it bluntly, it is a little white mouse doing experiment.

Almost all the medicine slaves of Beilin Lu’s family were those who had committed terrible disasters before being punished to become medicine slaves.

Now that Wiliam had just entered the door, he was allowed to be a drug slave, which was obviously totally unreasonable.

Working as a medicine slave in the Lu family of Beilin, he did not live for three months.

As a result, this test drug is naturally extremely dangerous.

But a more important reason lies in the old lady.

The old prince is also good and evil, and has a very strange hobby.

This is a catastrophe for Yao Slave!

When Lu Furong heard that Lu Xiaolu wanted Wiliam to be a medicinal slave, she suddenly couldn’t bear it. This was pushing people into the fire pit.

Even if this kid is wrong, he will not die.

Seeing Lu Xiaolu’s expression in anger, Lu Furong didn’t dare to say more for a while, but whispered to Wiliam: “Aren’t you coming to kneel down for the lady, please forgive her!”

Upon seeing this, Wiliam stepped forward and said with a smile, “Thank you then.”

Lu Furong’s head blew, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

Damn it!

I asked you to come over and say sorry!

Not for you to come over and say thank you!

Did your mind go into the lake?

However, the matter is completely a foregone conclusion.

Lu Xiaolu smiled gloomily when he heard Wiliam thank you.

It seems that this kid has no idea what medicine slaves are.

What kind of leisure work did you think it was?

Okay, then you can be your drug slave. I hope you can survive for three months and break my record of survival for the drug slave of the Lu Family in Beilin.

Originally, Lu Xiaolu thought that if this kid dared not agree, he would move out of his beautiful lady and threaten him again, not believing that he would not yield.

Now it saves this heart.

So Lu Xiaolu didn’t bother to care about Wiliam’s wife.

At this moment, outside the door, suddenly from far and near, there was a quack of unpleasant laughter.

The voice is faster, the person is faster!

Almost when Wiliam couldn’t react to his arrival, a black figure had already appeared in the discussion hall.

This figure was directly attached to Wiliam’s body.

One hand, five thin fingers, with long black nails.

This hand was pressed against Wiliam’s heart, and he laughed.

“Funny, I heard, I heard a wonderful heart, bang! bang! bang! It’s so beautiful!”


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