Dragon Husband Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Lu Lingyun

The scene was almost quiet, and everyone looked at the old woman who appeared suddenly and swallowed.

This old woman is really terrible.

Just like the old witch in the fairy tale book they read when they were young.

The nose is long, the face is full of folds, and the hair is gray and messy.

What is even more frightening is that her hands have faint red and black stains on them.

Exudes an extremely unpleasant smell of blood.

It is believed that the red and black stains on her hands are blood.

After the blood dries, it just sticks to her hand.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened, watching the old woman appear in front of Wiliam in horror.

She used those disgusting hands to press on Wiliam’s heart.

Everyone seemed to hear Wiliam’s heart beating.

When Wiliam saw this old woman, he was surprised at first.

After that, he resisted the nausea and slowly calmed down.

Judging from the appearance of the old woman, Wiliam couldn’t match it.

It’s just that this old woman is too deviant, like a crazy woman.

But can’t feel the murderous spirit on her.

On the contrary, there was a sense of joy, as if this old woman really loved Wiliam’s heart.

At this time, Lu Furong was the first to react, and quickly walked over, holding a white pill in his hand and stuffing it into the old woman’s mouth.

After the stuffing, she retreated respectfully.

Lu Xiaolu also woke up, gently pulled the old woman away, and let her sit on the chair.

After the old woman took the medicine, she seemed to calm down slowly, and her crazy temperament gradually disappeared.

After a while, the old woman opened her eyes again, and her face became so serious that she looked like two people before.

When Lu Xiaolu saw this, he respectfully bent over and said, “Grandma, why are you here?”

It turned out that this crazy old woman was suddenly the head of the Beilin Lu family, Lu Lingyun who claimed to be marching on the dead!

The old prince looked around and said: “I am old and useless. I am getting more and more confused. I came here without knowing it.”

Lu Xiaolu felt very distressed when he saw the old lady like this.

The old lady grew up with Lu Xiaolu, and he loved Lu Xiaolu even more.

Starting from Lu Xiaolu’s record, the old lady has this kind of intermittent madness.

In the early years, there were even cases of madness and murder.

Later, the old lady developed a pill, which gradually suppressed this madness.

It’s a pity that, judging from the past few years, the madness of the old lady seems to be getting more and more serious.

The time of onset is getting more and more frequent.

Lu Xiaolu knew that the human body would develop resistance after taking any medicine for a long time.

The time that the white pill can be suppressed is getting shorter and shorter.

I really don’t know what grandma will do next…

“Who are these two people?” The old lady suddenly looked at Wiliam and Wang Yiran.

Lu Furong hurriedly said, “The old madam, these two are the servants we just recruited yesterday. The one is called Wang Yiran, and the other is called Wiliam, who is doing…”
Speaking of this, Lu Furong hesitated.

But Lu Xiaolu immediately took it, “Yao Slave, this kid I let him be a drug slave for your grandma.”

Hearing the word medicine slave, the old lady flashed a gleam of light in his eyes, but he smiled, “Lulu, didn’t you like grandma’s medicine slave the least before? Why did you come back this time as if you have changed.”

Lu Xiaolu curled his lips and said aggrieved: “Don’t you want to honor your grandma more, don’t worry, this guy is in good health, and he will definitely be able to serve as a medicine slave.”

The old lady has lived for most of his life. How could he not know that Lu Xiaolu’s behavior was deliberately making things difficult for Wiliam.

However, one is the jewel in her palm and the other is the lowly drug slave. The old prince naturally left by his precious granddaughter.

As for the drug slave, ho ho, there is indeed a shortage of manpower recently.

Heart, liver, spleen and lungs are always so stretched.

“Hoho, okay, let’s send him to the old man’s place in a while, the thing that I studied recently is a bit eye-catching and needs some manpower.” The old lady stood up and walked outside.

It’s just that when she passed by Wiliam, she cast her eyes on Wiliam’s heart again.

It seems that the heart in Wiliam’s body has an incomparable attraction for the sober old prince or the crazy old prince.

“Ho ho, also surnamed Lu, yes, yes.” The old lady stepped out of the gate, suddenly chuckled, and said something inexplicable.

This made Wiliam’s heart startled.

Could it be that the old lady, saw something?

“You go back and prepare, I’ll take you there in a while.” In the end, Lu Furong had no choice but to say to Wiliam.

“Where is there?” Wiliam asked casually.

Lu Furong was dull and said, “It’s the place you saw, don’t talk so much nonsense.”

Lu Xiaolu sneered, feeling extremely satisfied with what happened just now.

This kid, it seems that he still doesn’t know that he is about to die, he looks like a curious baby.

Ho ho, go there later and you will know how terrible it is.

That place, but Lu Xiaolu didn’t dare to go more.

Purgatory on earth is not an exaggeration.

She smiled and left the conference hall first.

She also went to find Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng.

When they separated last night, it was agreed to go to Beilin He’s house tonight.

Look at what’s going on with their great benefactor He Yuewen.

By the way, see if you can plead with Lao He and stop being confined.

And Wiliam followed Lu Furong out of the discussion hall.

Along the way, Wiliam did not speak, but instead he was holding Lu Furong almost internally injured.

This kid, don’t you know what will happen next?

Who will show you a light cloud?

Lu Furong was kind-hearted. Although she didn’t dare to say that the place was terrifying, she still said tactfully: “When you go to that place, I will take good care of your wife.”

Wiliam smiled, “Okay, thank you so much.”

Lu Furong didn’t fight with anger. She looked very clever, why sometimes she couldn’t even hear the offending notes.

I’m taking care of your wife, which means you will die soon!

Forget it!

In the end, Lu Furong didn’t bother to care about this kid, and sent him back.

Half an hour later, Wiliam came out again, and Lu Furong had already been waiting outside.

She was responsible for sending Wiliam there, on the one hand, she was also afraid that this kid would sneak halfway.

The two of them were speechless again, and Lu Furong took him to the grove.

In the small forest, that quaint house was still very eye-catching in Wiliam’s eyes.

Lu Furong took a deep breath and walked over with Wiliam.

But at the moment he opened the door, he suddenly shut his breath!


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