Dragon Husband Chapter 723

Chapter 723

Wiliam didn’t know why Lu Furong was like eating shit all of a sudden, her face was strained.

He was about to ask when he suddenly understood.

As soon as the door of that room was opened, an incomparable smell of stench rushed out from inside.

Wiliam had been in the medicine for many years, and his face turned pale.

It’s too smelly.

There seems to be a lot of rotting inside, and the smell of blood is too strong.

How much flesh and blood has gone through inside?

Lu Furong triumphantly watched Wiliam’s deflated appearance, which finally made this kid pale in shock.

She couldn’t help pushing Wiliam, and said in a strange voice, “Go!”

She was still holding her breath.

Wiliam was pushed forward, and Lu Furong closed the door casually.

I thought it was just a small room, but after entering, Wiliam realized that there was a cave in it.

It turns out that the house is just a decoration.

After entering inside, there is a faint passage leading directly to the underground.

When he got underground, Wiliam saw that this place was as big as a basketball court.

However, the taste is better and unpleasant.

Wiliam was below, and saw people in twos and threes, walking numbly like walking corpses.

Each of them had dull eyes and a sallow face.

There was even a person who sprayed blood directly on Wiliam’s face, like a weird welcome ceremony.

Lu Furong seemed to be unable to hold back anymore, pushed Wiliam to a corner, and shouted at the dark corner, “Li Banshan, someone brought you here, take him to see the old lady Jun, I’m leaving now.”

With that, Lu Furong spread her legs and ran directly towards the ground.

Wiliam stayed in place, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the light in front of him, only to find that there was a sloppy person lying in this corner.

This person was looking at Wiliam with muddy eyes.

Li Banshan.

Wiliam also looked at this Li Banshan.

This man is probably in his sixties, his gray beard and hair are completely entangled together, and he looks like a tramp.

The clothes on his body also seem to have been washed for hundreds of years, and it feels hard.

“Hiccup.” Li Banshan suddenly sat up and burped.

Suddenly, a strong smell of wine came out.

Wiliam frowned, but he didn’t say anything.

After Li Banshan hiccups, he stood up, Wiliam’s eyes wink.

Good guy, this old man is not rickety like a normal old man.

He is actually two meters tall.

It looks like a giant, but it’s really rare.

Li Banshan looked at Wiliam condescendingly, sighed deeply, and muttered to himself: “Count down to yourself and see how many days you can live.”

Wiliam saw that Li Banshan was a bit maverick, and asked casually, “Is that old man Li? Then I want to ask you, how many days have you lived?”

Li Banshan thought that Wiliam would be frightened when he came here, but he thought that this kid was actually quite calm, completely different from those who came in before.

He smiled, and the wine tasted stronger, “Good boy, it’s interesting, I have lived here for eighty-five days.”

Eighty-five days?
Wiliam thought, people outside said before that the highest record of surviving here is three months.

Then this Li Banshan…

Sure enough, Li Banshan laughed to himself, “Are there days left? To be honest, I really want to hit the three-month record. I am old, but ambitious but not old.”

Wiliam could see a kind of obsession in his eyes.

The obsession to live.

“Okay, let’s not say much, take you to see the old witch.” Li Banshan’s strong body shook, like a walking hill.

Wiliam became more and more interested in this guy.

Obviously he was also a drug slave, but he dared to speak rudely to the old lady.

Fate is in the hands of the old lady.

As the two of them walked, Li Banshan introduced: “Let me tell you about the situation here first. As you have seen, this place is just this big, with three caves. The one on the left is for us to help refining medicine. The place where the medicine is, the one on the right, you don’t have an order to go there, inside is the place where the old lady hides the treasure, but in my opinion, where is the treasure, it is something that is disgusting.”

“There is also the last cave we are going to, which is also the place where the old lady usually stays.”

Li Banshan was still chattering, but Wiliam’s eyes were fixed on the cave on the right.

There was a simple wooden door in that cave, loose, as if it could be blasted off with a punch.

The place where the old lady hid the baby, heart, liver, spleen and lung…

Wiliam was wondering whether the goal of his trip, the heart of Yan and Huang was hiding there.

“Let me tell you about the responsibilities of our medicine slaves. A small part of it is to help refining medicine, and more, to take the old lady’s all kinds of strange medicines as a tripod.” Li Banshan said again. .

Wiliam also heard some of it, which is not surprising.

Li Banshan looked at this kid curiously. From beginning to end, he never had a timid expression passing by, but he was quite bold.

He couldn’t help but explain again: “Do you think it is an ordinary test drug? You are too naive, how about the old lady, the medicine developed is a medicine specially made by refining our hearts, liver, spleen and lungs into strange things. As long as they are When we take those medicines, the heart, liver, spleen and lungs will undergo abnormal changes. One-third of the people who are slaves of medicine die here.”

This was the first time Wiliam heard about it, and he couldn’t help frowning.

Very strange and novel refining ideas.

This old lady seemed to have an incomparable obsession with the human heart, liver, spleen and lungs, and actually wanted to refine these internal organs into medicine.

Wiliam has heard of this evil method of refining medicine in the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”.

The human body itself contains infinite mysteries, and the internal organs have not been thoroughly studied so far.

It seems that this old lady is going to use medicine to cultivate and refine the internal organs into a more miraculous medicine.

For example, the heart of Yanhuang is a heart, but it has a magical effect on healing people.

The smell of blood in this place is so strong, it is probably the rotten smell from the internal organs.

When Wiliam thought about it this way, he also felt that this place was as cheap as a dog, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a human slaughterhouse.

Seeing Wiliam frown, Li Banshan finally laughed.

It seems that this kid is not afraid of anything.

He turned pale when he frightened him casually.

Li Banshan said more proudly: “Let me tell you about the old witch again. This person has a problem with his head. He will convulse and turn into a neurosis from time to time. When it becomes a neurosis, we’d better stay away from her.”

“Why?” Wiliam asked very much.

Li Banshan looked at Wiliam with satisfaction, “Because lunatics will kill people, and the other third of Yao Slaves died because of her madness.”

“Oh, what about the last third?” Wiliam asked casually.

Li Banshan suddenly looked exaggerated, like a hell madman.

“Of course the last third of the people were scared to death!”


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