Dragon Husband Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Li Banshan

“Legend, in the early years, people from the Lu family in Beilin often died inexplicably. When they died, there were no internal organs. Later, everyone discovered that the old witch was sick and murdered everywhere. But the past few years have been better. “When Li Banshan said this, his eyes were a little sad.

“Many people around me didn’t die by being killed, nor were they dying by testing drugs, but in such an atmosphere of extreme horror. They were in panic all day long, and eventually they had a nervous breakdown. They were either scared to death or committed suicide.” Li As Banshan spoke, another old man appeared in his mind.

That is his real brother.

A month ago, his brother couldn’t stand this horrible atmosphere and committed suicide.

Leave a suicide note to let Li Banshan live well, and it is best to have a chance to escape.

Li Banshan slowly recovered after more than ten days of despair.

Instead, he was aroused to be stubborn, but he wanted to survive.

Who said that it cannot be more than three months?

This is not eighty-five days, there are only five days left!

As long as this spell is broken, the pessimistic and desperate atmosphere here will gradually improve.

At that time, I can take everyone and live together.

“Okay, it’s almost here, go in by yourself, remember my words, don’t talk back to the old witch, because if you talk back, she may kill you even if she doesn’t get sick. She is confident in her medical skills and will not allow others to refute it. “Li Banshan stopped, pointing to a cave in front of him and said.

Wiliam nodded, and after thanking Li Banshan, he walked up alone.

Behind him, Li Banshan’s desolate voice came, “Brothers, get up and work, and one day will pass soon.”

Wiliam turned to look, Li Banshan swung his fists in midair with vows.

However, there is not one responding.

The people here have long lost the thought of life.

Wiliam just looked at Li Banshan’s tall body, and slowly bent down because of disappointment.

There is actually a touch of sadness.

Wiliam stood behind him, only to see Li Banshan’s back, pierced with a huge iron chain.

From the right shoulder to the left shoulder.

The iron chain seems to have been pierced for many years, and it has been integrated with his body.

A mysterious person.

Wiliam sighed and entered the cave.

Entering the cave, I saw a dim yellow oil lamp burning and a rickety figure sitting on a tattered bed.

This cave is full of various instruments.

There was even a bubbling pool on the right hand side of Wiliam.

The water in the pool was constantly churning, but the water was crimson.

A strong smell of blood emanated from the pool water.

Blood pool.

Wiliam was in a daze when he saw this pond.

He seemed to see the blood pond in Lantern Village.

It is also so full of blood.

Wiliam couldn’t help but look closer.

At this glance, goose bumps all over his body.

The water in the blood pond was constantly churning, and there were many things floating in it.

Full of a pool, heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

How much killing is this!

Wiliam frowned deeply.

At this time, a violent voice rang, “Ho ho, are you interested in the blood pool of the old man? You kid is weird and not afraid.”
Wiliam turned around and looked at him, just to face Lu Lingyun with his eyes open.

Although Lu Lingyun spoke gloomily, there was a touch of peace in his eyes.

It seems that these killings are what she should do.

Wiliam did not speak and walked towards Lu Lingyun.

Lu Lingyun looked at Wiliam up and down, his eyes full of admiration.

Wiliam knew that Lu Lingyun was not admiring him, but admiring his heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

“Ho ho, also surnamed Lu, interesting, interesting.” Lu Lingyun said the inexplicable sentence again, and then stopped talking.

The atmosphere was suddenly quiet and a bit strange. In the cave, there was only a pool of blood, gurgling slightly.

“The kid Li Banshan should have told you about the situation here.” Lu Lingyun asked.

Wiliam nodded, “Yes.”

Lu Lingyun felt more satisfied when he saw that this kid was neither humble nor overbearing.

How many people come here to test the concubine with trembling like mourning.

This kid is different among people.

If ordinary people came, how could Lu Lingyun talk so much nonsense.

Inferior drug slaves directly arrange work and forget it if they die.

Lu Lingyun said these things to Wiliam for an unprecedented time.

“Hope, you can live well for three months, old age, too difficult, because the drug slaves are not up to date, and the research of the old age has not made much progress.” Lu Lingyun muttered to himself. All the words are dissatisfaction with Yao Slave.

Wiliam did not agree with this view.

If she doesn’t reflect on whether the medicine she refining is wrong, but she blames the drug slave for causing her to make progress soon. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?

“Okay, the old man is doing an important experiment now. Tsk, the heart of Yanhuang is just two things, but you can’t give it up halfway. You go out first and enjoy today. Tomorrow I will arrange the task for you personally.” Ling Yun seemed to be muttering to himself, and it seemed to be talking to Wiliam.

Wiliam’s heart trembled fiercely.

Heart of Yanhuang!


Sister Tian Tian was right, Beilin Lu’s family, indeed knew the existence of Yanhuang Heart.

It’s just that, listening to this, it seems that the heart of Yanhuang has not been refining successfully.

Two things are still missing?

Wiliam thought to himself, but his expression remained unchanged, and he could not show the slightest sloppy in front of the old lady.

He nodded, then turned and walked outside.

Behind him, the old lady murmured, “Well, Banyue Lily, there should be something in this family, but it’s a bit difficult to get it. I really want to grab it in person, and how much more can I get? Heart, liver, spleen and lungs, I’m too hard.”

Wiliam’s footsteps stopped slightly.

Half Moon Lily…

He immediately returned to normal, but he remembered such things.

He family, what a coincidence.

Wiliam stood in front of Li Banshan again, and Li Banshan didn’t talk much this time.

He lay lazily, with no pain at all from the puncture of the chain in his back.

Wiliam wanted to ask what was going on with this guy, but looking at Li Banshan’s look, he probably wouldn’t answer.

Forget it, there is still time, I will always know in the future.

This mysterious old man.

Wiliam stayed in this underground bored for a long time, until he felt completely used to the smelly air here.

Li Banshan woke up from his sleep, stretched out a big lazy waist, but said: “Ho ho, I finally got off work, and it’s been another day, brothers, get off work.”

With that said, he didn’t care about Wiliam, got up and walked towards the passage leading to the ground.

Those walking corpses were downcast, and slowly followed Li Banshan’s back.

Wiliam naturally followed.

I only heard Li Banshan sighed again and muttered to himself, “I said, one day is fast, why don’t you believe me, hey…”

A group of people came to the ground, and the door opened.

When the group arrived at the door, they dispersed.

And Wiliam was about to leave, but suddenly heard a cold voice from the side, “Hey! Go to He’s house with me right away, I want you to plead guilty to Lao He Yingjing!”


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