Dragon Husband Chapter 725

Chapter 725

Wiliam turned his head to look, and it was Lu Xiaolu who was talking.

Lu Xiaolu is now wearing a pure white dress with a light makeup, and the whole person is a little fresh.

In particular, she seemed to be bored because of waiting, with a piece of grass in her mouth and a big tree leaning on her back, which made her more charming.

But Wiliam knew that this man had a nice face and a serpent heart.

Seeing that Lu Yewan had an answer, Lu Xiaolu walked towards Wiliam.

She just squeezed her neck and cursed with disgust: “Did you fall into the cesspit? It’s stinking!”

Wiliam hadn’t noticed it himself. After spending a whole day in the cave below, his body was naturally stained with the smell of decayed corpses.

“Sure enough, he’s a low-class person, forget it, come with me!” Lu Xiaolu gave Wiliam a white look and walked forward.

She thought about it when she was with Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng during the day.

I’m going to the He’s family to beg for He Yuewen tonight. It’s best to take this kid with him.

At any rate, there is a punching bag, so that the He family’s anger can be scattered.

At that time, just say that it was this kid who caused the trouble, and everyone was caused by him. He Yuewen sacrificed himself to save everyone out of justice.

So this kid is determined to take the place of the dead ghost and the back pot man.

Seeing her walking forward, Wiliam hesitated for a while and followed.

He was thinking about finding a suitable opportunity to go to his house.

Half moon lily.

Wiliam knew about this medicine.

Half-moon lily is recorded in the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”, but it is only mentioned slightly.

It says that half-moon lily grows on high mountain cliffs and blooms every ten years.

Moreover, the flowering time should coincide with the month and a half, and the flowering period is very short, only a few minutes.

Only when the half-moon lily blooms, can it be picked to have the medicinal effect.

As for the effect of the medicine, there are not many records in the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”. There is only one sentence that can cure myocardial infarction. The others are unknown.

Since the old lady accidentally revealed that half-moon lily is an important medicinal material for refining the heart of Yanhuang, Wiliam would naturally find a way to help the old lady become the heart of Yanhuang.

Then find a way to get it to Feliicity to treat her frost throat.

When Lu Xiaolu left, he had actually been paying attention to the actions of Wiliam behind him.

Seeing Wiliam obediently keeping up, she couldn’t help but sneer, and forgive him not to go.

Now he is the medicine slave of Beilin Lu’s family.

Life and death are in her hands.

While on the road, Wiliam took out his mobile phone and called Feliicity.

Although Feliicity can’t speak, he can still listen.

Wiliam didn’t want Feliicity to worry.

He said on the phone: “Feliicity, I’ll go out. If you come back late at night, you should rest first.”

On the other side of the phone, there was a yelling voice, as if responding to Wiliam saying that I knew it.

Wiliam couldn’t help but feel a pain when he heard the babble.

He wanted to restore Feliicity’s ability to speak as soon as possible.

Whenever the Feliicity made a sound, it seemed to remind Wiliam that all of this was caused by Wiliam.

This kind of guilt made Wiliam increasingly stressed.

Lu Xiaolu sneered at Wiliam’s words.

Passionate men are the most useless.

Such a beautiful wife, you have to see what you have to guard her forever.

When the two arrived at the door of Beilin He’s house, Wiliam saw that Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng had been waiting at the door.

When they saw Wiliam, there was a trace of contempt in their eyes.

During the day, they were also wondering why Wiliam could sneak out of the Emperor Lanyue City and go home.

There is only one reason.

That’s the people in Lanyue Imperial City last night just trying to scare them.

After all, their identities are also placed there, the Emperor Lanyue City really dare to fire on the enemy with the four families?

This is impossible.

So the people in Lanyue Imperial City just called out one person, frightened that person and let that person leave.

Wiliam was the first one, and He Yuewen was the second.

It was the same when the three of them went out together.

Compared with He Yuewen’s former Yi Bo Yuntian, this humble servant is not even a man.

He actually left his master and escaped, without any spine.

After getting close, Lin Songfeng’s brows wrinkled slightly, and Gu Lingling even cursed directly: “Fuck, what’s the smell? Why is your kid so smelly!”

Hearing their disgust, Lu Xiaolu felt even more happy.

She wished that the more embarrassed the boy, the better, and she wished that others would scold him as harder as possible.

Lu Xiaolu held their hands and said faintly: “Don’t worry about him, a person who has come here to plead the crime, what does he expect from him, let’s go, let’s go in.”

They think why Yuewen is still in confinement, and the mobile phone must have been rejected.

So I didn’t call He Yuewen beforehand, and he came directly.

After the three of them let the servants at the door notify them, they all entered the door of He’s house.

The He family was also one of the wealthy families in Beilin City. The gate of the house was large, but the inside seemed empty.

There are no people to help them lead the way, because they are already familiar with the road.

When the three of them came to the lobby of the He family, Lu Xiaolu pulled one of them and asked, “Hey, is your old man at home now?”

The servant obviously knew these three eldest daughters.

He shook his head and said, “Today, the master of the He family is not there, so we are hosting a distinguished guest outside. That’s not right, you Lin family and the master of Gu family should be with them too.”

Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng were taken aback, obviously they didn’t know this.

There was a trace of regret on Lu Xiaolu’s face, which was so unfortunate.

She followed the trend and asked again: “What about He Yuewen, you take us to find him.”

Lu Xiaolu didn’t know where Lao He was locked up.

But the servant showed a surprised look, “Hey, you can find my young master and just call him directly? He is in the room.”

Lu Xiaolu and others were taken aback for a moment, “Call him? Was his phone not accepted?”

“Nothing?” The servant became even more confused.

Lu Xiaolu really took out his cell phone and called He Yuewen.

The phone went through soon, and He Yuewen was in the room.

Lu Xiaolu was overjoyed, and hurriedly said: “The three of us have come to see you. There is no one in your house. Come out soon.”

He Yuewen was also excited when he heard that Lu Xiaolu actually came to see him.

Lu Xiaolu was so indifferent to him before. He didn’t expect that after the incident last night, Lu Xiaolu would take the initiative to see him.

So he said to come out immediately and hung up the phone.

The three women were sitting in the hall chatting, leaving Wiliam in the cold.

Wiliam was too lazy to care about it, and said nothing.

Two minutes later, He Yuewen hurriedly walked out of the back hall, and saw that the three women were all there, and he was instantly pleased, “What brings you three eldest daughters to the wind, it’s shining. Brilliant!”


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