Dragon Husband Chapter 726

Chapter 726

He Yuewen was overjoyed, there was Lu Xiaolu in his eyes, how could he notice Wiliam in the corner.

He was even more excited when he saw Lu Xiaolu coming over this time, dressing up carefully.

Lu Xiaolu looked at He Yuewen curiously and asked, “Old Ho, are you imprisoned?”

“Closed? What kind of closed?” He Yuewen was taken aback.

Lu Xiaolu was at a loss, “Didn’t you go out to move the rescuer last night? Then you went home. We all thought you were taken back by your family and punished. You turned off the phone when you called.”

When He Yuewen was said by Lu Xiaolu, his head was in a daze, recalling what happened last night.

After he came back last night, he stayed up all night.

The figure of the Lu family servant was all over his head.

He also thoroughly understood that such a superior figure is not worthy of being compared with his kind of little ant.

I don’t know when the phone turned off.

He Yuewen didn’t dare to tell the true situation last night, so he touched his head in a hesitant way, and said: “There is no such thing, I was too tired last night, so I came back first. I’m sorry, it seems that you have misunderstood.”

After several women listened, they were obviously relieved.

Gu Lingling jokingly said: “So you are not in confinement, hehe, my Lulu was guilty all night last night, but it took us out not early in the morning and said that he would come to your house to intercede for you. Save you.”

Lu Xiaolu’s face blushed slightly, and he said, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

He Yuewen’s heart moved agitated when he saw Lu Xiaolu’s shy look.

It seems that after the events of last night, Lu Xiaolu thought he was her savior.

If you can get along like this, maybe the two can really achieve a wonderful marriage.

If you think so, I really have to thank Master Lu…

Just as He Yuewen was thinking about it, Lu Xiaolu said in order to shift this embarrassing topic: “Old He, we came here today and brought a sinner here, huh, he dared to ignore us last night and absconded in fear of sin. Today I will take him. Come here, let you handle it, it’s considered to give you a sigh of relief, you must have been irritated by him last night.”

He Yuewen was taken aback for a moment, and an ominous premonition suddenly surged in his heart.

Sure enough, Lu Xiaolu suddenly pointed to a corner and snorted coldly: “Don’t come here soon! Do you want me to ask you to come over? Come on, please!”

Looking in the direction Lu Xiaolu pointed, He Yuewen finally saw a person standing there.

He only felt a chill in his back, a feeling of spinning around the world!

Say Cao Cao!

Cao Cao is here!


This Lu Xiaolu is so immortal, why invite this demon god over here!

My family, how can I tolerate the presence of this demon!

He Yuewen’s whole person is not good.

When Wiliam heard Lu Xiaolu’s words, he walked over casually.

Gu Lingling pinched her nose again, and cursed in disgust: “Damn! What are you doing so close to us! It’s so stinking! Why don’t you just step back, something shameful!”

Wiliam didn’t care about Gu Lingling’s insults at all. He just looked at He Yuewen who was panicked, and said lightly, “We meet again.”

This greeting gave He Yuewen a feeling of doom.

Hearing this sentence, it was the first time a few people met in the box last night.

But to He Yuewen, this refers to the meeting of the two in that dim box.

In that box, he saw a terrifying king.

“You, you…” He Yuewen was struggling to talk to Wiliam.

Lu Xiaolu sighed and said, “Lao He, I know you are very upset with him. Look, I’m so angry that I can’t say anything. It’s nothing, I’ll give you this breath for you.”

With that said, she walked towards Wiliam, it seemed that she was going to teach Wiliam.

But He Yuewen jumped three feet high like he was stepped on the tail of a cat!

I am blind, Lu Xiaolu is even blinder than myself!

When this kid is an ordinary servant?

This would cause Lu Xiaolu to act on Wiliam, and the consequences would be unimaginable!

He hurried over, grabbed Lu Xiaolu, and said nervously: “Don’t do it, don’t do it! What’s the matter!”

While talking, he also glanced at Wiliam secretly to confirm whether Wiliam would be angry because of Lu Xiaolu’s disrespect.

Seeing that Wiliam’s expression remained unchanged, he sighed with relief, feeling that he had walked through the ghost gate.

Lu Xiaolu looked at He Yuewen in surprise, “Old Ho, what’s the matter with you? His face is so ugly? Is it uncomfortable?”

He Yuewen casually found a reason, and said: “It’s nothing, I’m not a problem, it’s just a bit hot.”

“Then what do you think this kid is going to do? I brought all the people, so I can’t just put them back in casually. Where do I put my face?” Lu Xiaolu said righteously.

He Yue likes Lu Xiaolu in writing, but this Lu Xiaolu is deadly.

He instantly felt tired and unloved.

“Everyone is a person with status, so why bother with him? Forget it, let’s just forget it.” He Yuewen said while looking at Wiliam.

Because of this, it is very rude.

Seeing He Yuewen’s look weird, Lu Xiaolu felt depressed because he didn’t want to punish Wiliam.

This kid is so lucky.

Why would you even let him go?

“Hmph, kneel down!” Lu Xiaolu said coldly to Wiliam.

Lu Xiaolu said this suddenly, and his voice was high, as if he wanted to suppress Wiliam severely.

But as soon as the voice fell, I saw a person plop and knelt down.

It is He Yuewen impressively.

He Yue literally stared at Wiliam closely, a string of his head tense.

Suddenly he heard someone yell and knelt down. His legs almost softened, and he knelt down without thinking about it.

But this kneeling made the three women stunned.


what’s the situation!

How serious is this old man?

Are you confused?

“Lao He, what are you doing! I made this kid kneel on you! Didn’t you hear what you said! He was merciful and let you go, don’t you knelt down!” Lu Xiaolu said sharply.

Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng also quickly helped He Yuewen on the ground.

While helping, they also found that He Yuewen’s body was limp, as if he had no strength at all.

It seems to be very sick indeed.

He Yuewen also knew that he would be wrong when he was so scared by Lu Xiaolu just now.

He suddenly felt extremely embarrassed, and said in a cold sweat, “Ahem, I just have a little bit of strength. I’m not careful, not careful, ho ho.”

However, Wiliam was not in the mood to entangle these messy things with them again.

As he walked to the inner hall, he casually said: “He Yuewen, you come in, I have something to ask you.”


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