Dragon Husband Chapter 727

Chapter 727

Wiliam wanted to ask, naturally, half-moon lily.

But Lu Xiaolu saw that Wiliam was so bold and reckless, so he didn’t need to kneel.

Speaking is so rude!

Really think this is your home!

He also let Lao He in, this tone made him extremely unhappy.

It seems to be ordering the same!

“Damn! Stop for me! Are you looking for death?” Lu Xiaolu shouted directly at Wiliam.

But Lu Yeli didn’t bother to care about her, and walked inside.

Lu Xiaolu was about to rush over, but was pulled down by He Yuewen.

He Yuewen’s head is full of sweat.

He had a sorrowful premonition, and let Lu Xiaolu stir it up, and sooner or later he would be killed by misfortune!

He hurriedly said: “So what, you three sit here for a while, I’ll go in and see what he is going to say?”

“Old He, a lowly man, what can you say to him! Look at his attitude! Who is the master and who is the subordinate? Turn him back!” Lu Xiaolu was still angry.

He Yuewen didn’t dare to tell Wiliam’s identity, so he could only say indiscriminately: “Ho ho, I also see this kid upset, and don’t want to teach him his lack of grace in front of you, so I just went in and taught him a lesson.”

Lu Xiaolu looked confused, “Really?”

“Really, you are just waiting here. Soon, you will all be eating. I will invite you to dinner later.” He Yuewen said, rubbing his fists and rushed into the inner hall impatiently.

In the eyes of the three women, he couldn’t wait to go in and beat the kid.

But the real situation is, how dare He Yuewen let Master Lu wait for him inside?

The three women stayed in the hall. Lin Songfeng glanced at the inner hall lightly and smiled, “Old He cares about the image in your heart.”

Lu Xiaolu pouted his lips and chatted with them indiscriminately.

He Yuewen, who entered the inner hall, stood at random when he saw Wiliam.

He Yuewen walked directly over, this time without hesitation, he immediately knelt down with a plop, and said earnestly: “Master Lu! Just now the three of them had no eyes and were rude to you. Don’t blame them.”

Wiliam also let He Yuewen kneel and said straightforwardly: “I don’t care about these trivial matters. I ask you, your family, do you have half moon lilies?”

He Yuewen showed deep fear when he heard it.

The He family owns half-moon lily, but it’s a big secret.

Master Lu knew it easily?

He didn’t dare to deceive anything, nodded and said, “Well, our He family does have a half-moon lily.”

Wiliam said again: “I need this half-moon lily, please make a request.”

The conditions Wiliam said naturally did not refer to money or wealth.

To these wealthy families, wealth or something is already the next-class pursuit.

He Yuewen was taken aback for a moment, feeling a faint feeling in his heart.

A godsend!

The opportunity came to him.

No, it happened to the whole He family.

Master Lu actually needs half-moon lily, and looking like this, it is determined to get it.

Lord Lu is not strong, but intends to pay everyone to buy it, obviously intending to meet some of the requirements of the He family.

He was in ecstasy for a while, and suddenly became embarrassed again, “Master Lu, you are tolerant of me, so I won’t be polite to you, let me tell you the truth.”

“This half-moon lily, if it is mine, or if I can call the shots, I will give it to you without frowning. But now, this half-moon lily belongs to my grandpa, and my grandpa cherishes it extremely, and even said it belongs to our family. Treasure of the town family, I am worried that he will not cut love…”

Wiliam thought for a while and said, “In this way, you can make a phone call with your grandfather and take a look. My side will also find your grandfather to ask questions in other ways.”

He Yuewen was shocked. He knew that the other way Wiliam had said was naturally through the Emperor Lanyue City.

He didn’t dare to hesitate any more, so he quickly took out the phone and called his grandfather.

“Get up, if it is inconvenient to speak, you can go aside.” Wiliam said lightly, sitting on the chair.

He Yuewen suddenly looked at Wiliam with complicated eyes.

This guy, at a young age, the city is so deep.

Those eyes seemed to be able to see through the world.

I can’t hide any thoughts from him.

He Yuewen was not hypocritical, and went to the side to call.

Wiliam waited for a minute, when his mobile phone rang first.

It was from Choi Sangyun.

Wiliam wanted to find Cui Shangyun, so it was just right now.

He answered the phone, “Old Cui, what’s the matter?”

Cui Shangyun was obviously socializing, and there were clanging and clanging voices on the phone.

Cui Shangyun’s voice seemed extremely respectful, “Young Master, I want to ask you for advice on one thing.”


“I’m out socializing now. The heads of the three families in Beilin City want to introduce me to meet you. I don’t know if you think it is appropriate?” Cui Shangyun said.

Wiliam frowned slightly, “Old Cui, I think, you have already considered this phone call, right?”

Cui Shangyun on the other end of the phone, although he was in the wine shop, but after hearing this, he stood upright respectfully without realizing it.

He walked to a place where there was no one, and whispered to Wiliam: “Young Master, these three families are also a little powerful in Beilin City. You are now developing in Beilin City. I think it is better to have more allies, no matter in the future. It is good for the Beilin Lu family, or for the old man looking for Black Flower and Silver Needle.”

“Go on.” Wiliam thought of these for the first time.

“Young Master, I did not reveal your true identity, and I also beaten it up. The Patriarchs of the three families swear to God on the spot that they will rot in their hearts what I saw you today and never mention them, so you Don’t worry about the issue of identity exposure.” Cui Shangyun said again.

Wiliam nodded.

This Cui Shangyun still handles everything and performs well.

“Furthermore, they are begging to see you this time, mainly because they have good relations with our Blue Moon Emperor City, and they even have a low profile.” Cui Shangyun said again.

When Wiliam heard this, he smiled.

It seems that the effects of Cui Shangyun’s thunder method are slowly showing.

There was Duan Feilong in the past, and the other families were all in peace with the Emperor Lanyue City.

Now add Cui Shangyun and his subordinates, this is a majestic strength.

It was enough to destroy any aristocratic family in Beilin City except the Lu family.

Now in Beilin City, except for the Lu Family, it is estimated that the other aristocratic families will be afraid of Emperor Lanyue City.

The three families take the initiative to make friends, ho ho, interesting…

Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, “The He family, the Lin family and the Gu family?”


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