Dragon Husband Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Butterfly Effect

Cui Shangyun on the other end of the phone was directly dumbfounded.

He almost kneeled to Wiliam over the phone on the spot.

You know, Cui Shangyun was also extremely secretive in this meeting, and there was no way it was spread.

Although Wiliam is the young master, he has no eyes or ears in Beilin City and would never know this.

Now he is like a divine eye reaching the sky, unexpectedly wondering a prophet, really amazing!

“Young Master, how did you know?” Cui Shangyun asked stupidly.

It’s also a coincidence, like a butterfly effect.

Last night, the Emperor Lanyue City acted on He Yuewen, Lin Songfeng, Gu Lingling, and Lu Xiaolu. Although the four of them dared not tell their family about this.

But the Patriarchs of the four families actually knew.

As the most powerful of the four families, the Lu family can naturally treat it as nothing happened.

But the other three families did not dare to do so.

When Lu Xiaolu met with Gu Lingling and the others in the morning, in fact, the heads of the other three families also got together to discuss things last night.

Before, there was no intersection between the three aristocratic families and the Emperor Lanyue City.

But after last night, there is.

One result they discussed was that the reason why the Blue Moon Emperor City embarrassed the daughters of the three families was sending a signal.

The Blue Moon Emperor City will rise strongly in Beilin City.

It is inevitable that all aristocratic families will face such a strong Emperor Blue Moon City.

Whether it is an enemy or a friend by then depends on everyone’s attitude.

After the discussion, they could only think about making good relations with the Emperor Lanyue City first, and then watching the changes.

After all, the Blue Moon Emperor City was strong overnight, and no one knew the true strength and true purpose of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

It is better to be conservative.

So there was a meeting between them and Cui Shangyun tonight.

When Wiliam heard Cui Shangyun’s question, the corner of his mouth twitched, “Ho ho, it really is.”

Wiliam Lu responded positively to Cui Shangyun’s words, but the words “Sure enough” were like a bolt from the blue sky, making Cui Shangyun’s eyes widen.

All this was already in the young master’s expectation?

This is too scary, right?

No, will it be so?

Young Master, personally led this meeting tonight?

Cui Shangyun got goose bumps all over his body thinking of this speculation.

The more he thinks, the more likely it is!

Why did the young master let those people go unscathed last night?

He even let He Yuewen continue to serve in the Blue Moon Emperor City?

So, isn’t it just to sell these three families a favor?

Therefore, the young master took advantage of the sudden incident last night and pushed the boat along the river to push the Blue Moon Emperor City directly in front of these three families.

The three aristocratic families bear the brunt, and naturally they have to show their position immediately.

This meeting is inevitable.

Thinking of this, Cui Shangyun was a little suffocated.

Young Master’s strategy is really terrifying!

Obviously last night was just an emergency, but he was able to make good arrangements in the first time.

Then, take a lead and move your whole body!

Let the three take the initiative to come.

Moreover, Cui Shangyun believed that this was only the first pawn the young master dropped.

Next, in addition to these three, there will be a fourth and a fifth!

What is even more terrifying is that with the friendship of these three aristocratic families at the beginning, the other aristocratic families will definitely be more cautious and dare not make enemies of Emperor Lanyue City at all.

Therefore, the future Beilin City will be where the allies of the Blue Moon Emperor City are everywhere!

The young master just downplayed an order to release people, but it produced such a terrifying butterfly effect!

Too great, worthy of being the lord of unicorns!

For a while, Cui Shangyun’s respect for Wiliam reached an unattainable peak.

“Where are you? I happened to be there, and there is something too.” Wiliam asked casually.

“I’ll send you the address right away!” Since Cui Shangyun knew that all of this was led by the young master, and knew that the young master would definitely make an appearance tonight, he said immediately.

“Well, you accompany them first, I will be there in half an hour,” Wiliam said.

After he hung up the phone, he just happened to see He Yuewen walking over with the phone a little trembling.

He Yuewen called his grandfather just now, but when he mentioned Banyue Lily, he was scolded bloody by his grandfather.

His grandfather said very strongly: “In this Beilin City, who would dare to hit me with the idea of ​​Ban Yue Lily of the He Family! No matter who it is! Don’t even think about it!”

He Yuewen was hesitating how to tell Wiliam, but Wiliam had already guessed it, “Your grandfather won’t?”

He Yuewen also hurriedly followed Wiliam’s words and said his grandfather’s strength just now, and then he waited tremblingly for Wiliam’s response.

Wiliam smiled faintly, “Okay, I see, you have worked hard.”

He Yuewen stunned, have you worked hard?

Is this the end?

Lord Lu doesn’t plan to continue to investigate?

Or think of other ways to get half-moon lily again?

So talkative?

Wiliam slowly got up and said, “Okay, let’s just go ahead with this. I’ll go back first.”

As he said, Wiliam walked outside.

And just two minutes ago, something happened outside.

The three women were chatting in a mess.

At this time, Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng both received calls from home.

“Songfeng, how about you?” Lin Zhengdao, the head of the Lin family and the father of Lin Songfeng, asked eagerly.

Lin Songfeng heard his father’s serious tone and immediately said, “I’m in where’s home now.”

“He family? What are you going to do in He family?” Lin Zhengdao asked suspiciously.

Just as Lin Songfeng was about to answer, he heard Lin Zhengdao say again, “No matter what you have over there, you have to come to Junlin Hotel.”

Junlin Hotel?

Lin Songfeng was taken aback, and immediately realized that his father probably wanted to let himself go out to socialize.

Her face suddenly became a little unhappy, and she said to Lin Zhengdao: “Dad, you know that I don’t like socializing. You can’t handle your business affairs yourself? Why do I have to go there? Then I will go over. A face, doesn’t it make you messy?”

If it was normal, Lin Zhengdao would have obeyed his daughter’s wishes. After all, the Lin family was such a daughter.

However, Lin Zhengdao said sharply at this time: “You will come here right away! Don’t talk nonsense! Today’s meeting is very important! It even determines the prosperity and decline of our Lin family! Calling you over is not for you to drink, anyway. There are arrangements! If you do not come, you will never return to Lin’s house.”

Lin Songfeng’s face became stiff, she had never heard her father speak to herself with such harsh words.

She was still very acquainted, thinking that tonight’s entertainment was really very, very important, so she was not hypocritical, and immediately said to Lin Zhengdao: “Well, then I will go over now.”


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