Dragon Husband Chapter 729

Chapter 729

Lin Zhengdao hung up the phone when he heard his daughter agreed.

In the Junlin Hotel, Lin Zhengdao looked at several people around him, showing a sly smile.

In this box, there are four people.

The old man of Beilin He’s family, He Jian.

The head of the Beilin Gu family is also Gu Lingling’s father, Gu Dahai.

Lin Zhengdao himself.

And the recently famous but mysterious new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City, Cui Shangyun.

At this moment, Cui Shangyun was on the phone while Gu Dahai was also calling his daughter.

Only after He Jian answered the phone, he was drinking alone with an angry face.

This place is very interesting.

Lin Zhengdao and the others thought that they would be able to see the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City, this matter would be settled.

But from Mr. Cui’s words just now, they heard a shocking secret!

Although Cui Shangyun is the president of the Blue Moon Imperial City, there are still people behind him!

This caused Lin Zhengdao and the three of them to feel a huge disturbance in their hearts.

Originally, if it was just Cui Shangyun, the three of them would have good friends with Lanyue Emperor City.

But there are people behind Cui Shangyun.

And from the perspective of Cui Shangyun’s respectful look when he mentioned this person.

This person is definitely more mysterious and noble than Cui Shangyun!

Cui Shangyun has already made the three of them feel a little powerless, and now there are people behind them.

What a terrifying force this must be.

So the three quickly adjusted their ideas.

I can only lower my stance further and ask for perfection.

But they also left a mind.

They are afraid that Cui Shangyun is playing mystery, creating a master behind him out of thin air and having a mysterious power.

So that the three of them are even more afraid.

That’s why they wanted to ask Cui Shangyun to invite the master behind him to meet up tonight.

So Cui Shangyun went and called for instructions.

In fact, they had already guessed at odds about Cui Shangyun’s trembling but respectful look.

This 80% is true, otherwise Cui Shangyun would be able to win the actor award like this.

I just don’t know where this mysterious master is sacred.

Lin Zhengdao also slapped aside just now, and there was no other information, so Cui Shangyun only said one point.

Young talent, living unicorn!

These eight words made Lin Zhengdao feel a little strange.

It was unexpected that the person behind Cui Shangyun was a young man.

After Lin Zhengdao knew this, he made a decisive decision and decided to let his daughter appear together tonight.

Since he is a young man, he must have good food and color, and cannot escape the beauty of wine.

Lin Zhengdao’s daughter, Lin Songfeng, is almost 30 years old this year, but she is still married.

On the one hand, it is Lin Songfeng who is high and arrogant, and does not put any man in his eyes.

On the other hand, the great cause of the Lin family has made many young people daunted and feel that they are not worthy of Lin Songfeng.

Lin Zhengdao immediately realized that tonight would be a good time.

Lin Songfeng came over, and when he came, he could add a lot of color to a group of men on the scene.

More importantly, if the master behind Cui Shangyun meets his own daughter, it would be a rare opportunity for Lin Songfeng and the Lin family!

That’s why Lin Zhengdao demanded that Lin Songfeng be present so severely.

He was thinking triumphantly when he saw Gu Dahai who was on the side also hung up the phone and walked over with a mysterious smile on his face.

“Brother, it seems that you think the same as me.” Gu Dahai whispered.

Lin Zhengdao immediately knew what Gu Dahai was talking about.

He showed a bitter smile, and Gu Dahai was also very personal.

He must have brought his daughter Gu Lingling over.

Gu Lingling is still not getting married. How could Gu Dahai miss his son-in-law in a hurry?

However, Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng have been good best friends for many years.

Isn’t it a bit embarrassing to come here together?

Two women rob a man, isn’t this making their girlfriends feel uneasy.

However, Lin Zhengdao said immediately: “Ho ho, then we won’t get into it too much, young people’s affairs, young people are the masters themselves, maybe they have another chance.”

Gu Dahai seemed more scheming, and he also smiled and said, “Hey, if my daughter has locked up the master behind the Blue Moon Emperor City at that time, don’t be jealous, Brother Lin.”

Because they all know the character of these two daughters.

Lin Songfeng is frosty, the iceberg beauty in the eyes of men.

Gu Lingling is not as beautiful as Lin Songfeng, but what is better than Lin Songfeng is that she is too good at hooking men.

Originally, Gu Dahai thought that his daughter was a bit vulgar.

But at this moment, he felt that it was full of advantages.

The two smiled at each other, with hypocrisy in their eyes.

Lin Zhengdao smiled, but secretly pressed his cell phone to give Lin Songfeng a spoiler about the game tonight.

Let Lin Songfeng be alert as soon as he passes, and firmly grasp the young master behind the Lanyue Emperor City.

In He’s house, when Lin Songfeng finished hanging up the phone, Wiliam happened to walk out of the inner hall.

Lin Songfeng looked deeply miserable and said to Lu Xiaolu depressed: “Lulu, it seems that I can’t go to dinner with you tonight. My dad has a socialite and gave a death order, so I must go and accompany you!”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Lu Xiaolu’s face. Just about to speak, she heard Gu Lingling wheeze and say: “Fengfeng, you also want to go out to socialize? It’s a coincidence that my dad also called and asked me to go to the hotel. Entertainment is also very serious.”

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback for a moment, what’s the matter?

Did you discuss it well?

Lin Songfeng suddenly reacted quickly, his eyes widened, “Wait! The servant of the He family seemed to say that our father seems to have a socializing in the hotel, right? Isn’t it the same thing we are going to go to? Bureau? Lingling, which hotel are you going to?”

Gu Lingling immediately said, “The King’s Landing Hotel, how about you?”

Gu Lingling smiled with joy, “Me too! We are really going to the same round!”

Lu Xiaolu became even more depressed, “What the hell! Didn’t you make an appointment with us to go out to eat together? Well, you guys, we went out to socialize together. I really don’t understand, what is the situation, it is actually going to be dispatched at the same time The two daughters of the Gu family and the Lin family went to sell their hue.”

At this time, Lin Songfeng glanced at the newsletter and frowned slightly.

She just happened to see He Yuewen coming out only conscientiously, and she asked casually: “Lao He, is there a young master behind your Blue Moon Emperor City? Who is he? Let the three of us be so pleased by the enemy. ?”


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