Dragon Husband Chapter 730

Chapter 730

The short message Lin Songfeng read was sent by Lin Zhengdao.

It is very clear inside that there is a very mysterious young man in power behind the Blue Moon Emperor City.

Lin Songfeng and the others didn’t know this at all.

That’s why Lin Songfeng thought, He Yuewen is a member of the Emperor Lanyue City, would he know something?

He Yuewen was shocked when he heard this, and glanced at Wiliam aside with a little fear.

His heart was terrified.

Are you blind?

The young people behind the Blue Moon Imperial City are not standing in front of you.

Then I was completely ignored by you!

Wouldn’t it be a joke to ask this question in front of him?

Lu Xiaolu also asked Lin Songfeng at this time, “What young man? What do you mean? Isn’t the new president behind the Blue Moon Emperor City? It is said that the president is a middle-aged person, where is he young? Could it be a mistake? ?”

Lin Songfeng shook his head, read the newsletter to Lu Xiaolu, and said, “My dad personally sent it to me. There should be nothing wrong with it. I thought of a possibility. It’s the young man my dad said. The true owner of the Blue Moon Emperor City, the new president, is probably the character who was introduced.”

This made Lu Xiaolu pale in shock, and covered his small mouth, “No! The new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City is already so powerful and domineering that the people in Beilin City dare not easily offend him. Didn’t you think there was someone behind him? This young man, what will the power be like? No wonder the three of you want to set up a game so pleased, and you have to dispatch your two daughters.”

Gu Lingling also frowned, and said: “It seems that I went with Fengfeng to accompany the wine. Hey, we are the eldest ladies, so we will be reduced to a wine accompany.”

But Lu Xiaolu suddenly smiled at this time and joked: “Haha, don’t you understand your father’s thoughts? You are all still waiting for you. Of course, you are going to seize the opportunity in the past. Maybe, the mysterious young man behind that People are very handsome. Think about it, they are powerful and powerful, and they are talented. When the time comes, your heart will not be moved? Haha, I’m afraid you will fight on the spot to grab a man.”

These words made Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling look at each other, and they dared to think too much about Lu Xiaolu.

Lin Songfeng snorted coldly, “Which man have I ever seen, Lin Songfeng? Is it rare for a mysterious young man who has never seen him? I used to listen to my dad and let my family befriend Lanyue Emperor City. Yes, I will never think about a young man.”

But Gu Lingling suddenly smiled evilly, “Oh, Fengfeng, are you serious? That’s daring, or you can let me haha, you know I lack men.”

Although Gu Lingling was laughing and laughing, her heart was brighter than Lin Songfeng.

She knows the past tasks.

To win this young man is equivalent to taking one step ahead of the family in Beilin City.

This is a crucial step for their family members.

Gu Lingling emphasizes the overall situation and is not at all hypocritical.

Lu Xiaolu obviously thought of this too, and suddenly felt cruel, and said to Gu Lingling: “Hoho, then it’s up to you to have your own skills, maybe, that young man likes me, this iceberg beauty.”

Seeing Lin Songfeng’s first words like this, Lu Xiaolu’s eyes widened with surprise.


The sun came out from the west.

Lin Songfeng, who has always looked down on men, still doesn’t see each other, and he actually said harshly to his good girlfriends.

It seems that this mysterious young man is really enough to influence the destiny of the Beilincheng family.

Lin Songfeng said these words, although a little ashamed, but they were serious.

She suddenly sighed, and slowly said, “I’m almost 30, and I should consider my lifelong events. Since my father is an adult, I should be grateful for the pictorial. Let’s go and see the young man first. Zhonglongfeng, I can consider giving him a chance.”

And Wiliam stood by, quietly listening to them talking about themselves.

He felt helpless at first.

I don’t think that the Lin family and the Gu family are capable.

In order to leave a good impression on myself, I actually sent my daughters out to accompany him.

This is going to pay the bill.

It was only after hearing that, the more he listened, the worse he got.

Hearing Lin Songfeng’s words, Wiliam felt like he wanted to laugh.

Frog at the bottom of the well.

What kind of golden phoenix is ​​a young lady from the Lin family in Xiaoxiao Beilincheng?

Still considering?

I am Wiliam, rare?

It’s snowy in my house, throwing you hundreds of streets!

“Old Ho, why are you so stunned? Still not answering my question?” Lin Songfeng asked lightly.

He Yuewen was actually shocked just now.

These two women, especially Lin Songfeng, really think they are green onions?

To put it harder, these two women are toads who want to eat swan meat!

Still want to climb up Master Lu?

Moreover, these words were spoken as Lord Lu’s words. Are you ashamed?

He Yuewen was too embarrassed.

He glanced at Wiliam secretly, then grinned palely: “Well, I just arrived at the Blue Moon Emperor City to report, and I don’t know who this young man is.”

He Yuewen didn’t have Wiliam’s permission, so he didn’t dare to reveal Wiliam’s identity at will.

Lin Songfeng nodded regretfully, “Forget it, we won’t know if we look at it in the past.”

At this time, Lu Xiaolu noticed Wiliam with a look of contempt.

“Old He, didn’t you go in and teach this kid? Why is he still good?” Lu Xiaolu asked.

He Yuewen’s scalp is numb, this girl is not self-interested and specifically hurts others!

“Ahaha, he has internal injuries, and internal injuries can’t be seen.” He Yuewen immediately slapped haha.

“Really?” Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam standing lightly, blankly.

Lin Songfeng looked at the time and said to Lu Xiaolu: “Lulu, let’s go there first.”

Gu Lingling squeezed over with a hippy smile, and whispered: “It’s really good time and place and Lulu, you see, we are all taken away, won’t you and Lao He go for dinner tonight Tsk tusk tusk, beautiful view of the day, open a small bottle of wine to drink, open a small room to wave…”

“Bah baah baah! I don’t think you are so silly! Maybe you will have two women to serve together tonight…” Lu Xiaolu blurted out, but his face blushed after speaking.

What a shame.

What picture of this!

I can’t even think about it!

In order to change the subject, Lu Xiaolu immediately transferred the firepower to the only air bag on the scene, and said mockingly: “Hey, that stinky brat, go back later, and don’t tell anyone where I am! Otherwise, I kill you!”

Wiliam sneered, and walked out the door first, “Don’t worry, I can’t go back for the time being, I want to go to the hotel too.”


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