Dragon Husband Chapter 731

Chapter 731

Lu Xiaolu’s lungs are going to blow up Wiliam!

Did I give you a face!

“You stop for me!” Lu Xiaolu snapped.

Wiliam stopped and looked back at Lu Xiaolu, “Are there anything else for you?”

“Did I let you go! You are so courageous!” Lu Xiaolu’s face was grim.

This kid is becoming less and less aware of good and bad.

“Sorry, it’s my off-duty time, why can’t I leave?” Wiliam responded lightly.

Lu Xiaolu’s face became stiff, and there was a feeling of spinning around the world.

If Wiliam was just a servant of the Beilin Lu family, let alone all his time, his life would belong to the Beilin Lu family.

It happened that Wiliam was now a drug slave.

Yao Slave’s status is lower than that of domestic servants, and he is in danger of death at any time.

Therefore, the medicine slaves of the Lu family can take a rest if they go to work during the day and have nothing to do at night.

This is also a little bit of survival time for Lu Jialiu’s drug slaves.

So Wiliam said he was off work now and there was nothing wrong with it.

Lu Xiaolu said fiercely: “Well, even if you are off work now, what about it? Where did you just say you are going? You also want to go to the hotel?”

Gu Lingling behind her also followed. Standing beside Lu Xiaolu, she smiled and said to Wiliam: “Little milk dog, do you want to go to the hotel with your sisters? It’s a pity, on weekdays, sister and me Well, I don’t mind taking you to the hotel to play, but not today. My sister has a mission and can’t play with you.”

Gu Lingling was still polite, but Lin Songfeng behind her was not so tactful.

She looked at Wiliam squarely for the first time, and it was also the first time she spoke to Wiliam face-to-face.

“Young man, I would advise you, a pheasant is a pheasant. It is never possible to fly on a branch to become a phoenix. To be a man, we must be more steadfast. Don’t think about climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix. It is not because you have strength, but because you are unworthy.”

Lin Songfeng looked down on Wiliam at all, so it was the second time to meet with Wiliam. She had never looked at Wiliam seriously, and she had never spoken to Wiliam.

She was so in the mood just now when she was so dealt with by the family.

Coupled with the shameful words forced by Gu Lingling to say, her mood is even worse.

Now I see a low-level person, after hearing that they are going to the hotel, he even said to go.

Ho ho, the man Lin Songfeng has seen a lot.

It was the first time that Lin Songfeng saw a man like Wiliam.

Status is as low as a dog.

Greed of life and fear of death, the catastrophe is about to escape.

Today is even more showing his ambition to cling to the powerful.

Lin Songfeng was completely angered by such a scumbag.

“Subordinates are subordinates, and we will treat you as if we are ourselves. You will only make us look down on you even more.” Lin Songfeng seemed to be unhappy and added another sentence.

These harsh words made everyone around him dumbfounded.

They are too aware of Lin Songfeng’s personality, cold and frosty, and will not show happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy to a small person.

I actually said this to Wiliam today, and I knew how bad she was now when I thought about it.

When He Yuewen heard these words, it was as if he had been stepped on the tail of a dog, he jumped directly in front of Lin Songfeng, and said with a smile: “Fengfeng, we have to be forgiving and forgiving, and don’t care about him.”

Lin Songfeng’s courage was shocked.

Originally, He Yuewen thought that only Lu Xiaolu would do things.

When Lin Songfeng started the matter, there was nothing wrong with Lu Xiaolu.

This is too vicious.

Lin Songfeng originally used this kid to vent the distress in her heart, and didn’t really care about Wiliam, so as soon as He Yuewen was over, she went down the steps.

On the contrary, Wiliam suddenly showed a sneer at this moment.


Climbing the dragon with the phoenix?

Not worthy?

These words are not at all like the words of such a big beauty.

However, this is the fact.

People’s hearts are so unpredictable.

Wiliam had a good impression of Lin Songfeng, so he became even more disgusted with the woman in front of him.

Even more disgusting than Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu’s viciousness is a kind of blatant viciousness, so just say anything.

And this Lin Songfeng’s viciousness is a kind of dark viciousness.

She puts herself above a very high position and looks down upon anyone.

Who gave her such power?

Guy with a high self-esteem.

Wiliam suddenly thought of what Lin Songfeng had said before, and wanted to laugh.

With her appearance and such a superior personality, still want to make friends with herself in the hotel?

Next life.

Wiliam suddenly had a thought, and he was looking forward to it. When meeting in the hotel for a while, what kind of expression would this incredible woman see when she saw that she was the master behind the Blue Moon Emperor City?

The more she looks down on Wiliam now, the more fun the atmosphere will be when she meets in a while.

Thinking about it, he moved forward and left the scene directly.

After Wiliam left, He Yuewen breathed a sigh of relief.

He was really hanging on the cliff of life and death just now, and he was afraid that Master Lu might have trouble at any time.

too frightening.

What did these women grow up with?

After seeing Wiliam left, Lu Xiaolu took another bitterly, “Who is this! I want to go to the hotel without seeing who he is? But I forgive him for being so courageous.”

Gu Lingling also nodded, “Ho ho, there is a thief, and neither of us can afford to follow him. He just wants to meet us for more time. Hey, young man, impulsive, normal.”

Lin Songfeng looked at Wiliam’s leaving figure contemptuously, and said lightly: “Does the toad want to eat swan meat? Hoho, just him? There are 11 million him in front of me, and I don’t even look at him. It’s disgusting.”

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry, Fengfeng, let’s go quickly. As for Lulu, you should have been to the two-person world with Lao He hehe, after all, there is no such shop after passing this village. He, you have to be up for it, don’t let down the great opportunity we created for you.” Gu Lingling said happily, and walked outside holding Lin Songfeng’s hand.

Leaving Lu Xiaolu and He Yuewen alone together, the atmosphere suddenly became a bit charming.

Wiliam called a car outside and arrived directly at the Junlin Hotel.

After thinking about it, he opened a room directly at the front desk and asked the waiter to bring a set of clean clothes specially made by the hotel.

Because he was smelling like a rotten corpse, it was a bit wrong to see the heads of the three families like this.

When Wiliam started taking a bath, Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling also came to the Junlin Hotel.


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