Dragon Husband Chapter 732

Chapter 732

When Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling appeared in the box together, several people on the scene were stunned.

Lin Zhengdao and Gu Dahai looked at each other, wondering that these two daughters would come together.

Did they make an appointment too?

And Cui Shangyun also watched the appearance of these two women in a little surprise.

These two women, although they both look very good-looking, are not so beautiful that they can’t move their eyes away.

After all, Cui Shangyun had also seen the young master’s wife and some of the beautiful women around the young master.

Which one is not more beautiful than these two women.

What he wondered was why two women broke in inexplicably?

At this time, Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling looked at each other, changed their bodies, and suddenly became polite.

They are all pretty ladies, and they are already familiar with this kind of etiquette to guests.

They first nodded to their fathers, and then looked at the only strange man present.

When they saw this middle-aged man, their brows frowned.

How is he middle-aged?

Didn’t it mean that the master behind the Blue Moon Emperor City was a young man?

Is the definition of youth so sloppy now?

Lin Zhengdao seemed to see through the confusion in the hearts of these two daughters, stood up quickly, and respectfully introduced to Cui Shangyun: “Cui, let me introduce you. This is Mr. Gu’s daughter, Gu Lingling.”

Gu Lingling hurriedly stepped forward, leaning inwardly with a smile.

For her, as long as she is a man, age is not important.

What’s more, this President Cui, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, looked like a very masculine man.

Then Lin Zhengdao pointed at Lin Songfeng and said, “This is my daughter, Lin Songfeng.”

Lin Songfeng also took a step forward. Although she was not so charming as Gu Lingling, she bowed politely.

At this time, Lin Zhengdao introduced President Cui again, “You two, this one is the new president of our Blue Moon Emperor City, President Cui.”

Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling looked at each other, their eyes suddenly relieved.

It turned out to be the new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

With that said, is there a mysterious young man standing behind this CEO?

Cui Shangyun looked slightly serious, and looked at Lin Zhengdao.

Lin Zhengdao is an old fox. I don’t know what Cui Shangyun means.

He quickly explained: “Mr. Cui, don’t get me wrong, we don’t mean anything else. We will not have any intentions against your master. I just thought that now just a few of us men, drinking all seem to be dry. How boring, your master will come over later, and it seems that we will not treat guests.”

Gu Dahai also came over and added: “So we thought, we should always find something to add color. Calling a woman outside seems a bit unsound, so the two of us boldly decided to call our two daughters over. , Have a drink together. The two of them are also knowledgeable and will not cause us any trouble.”

Cui Shangyun only slightly soothed his brows.

Lin Zhengdao said to the two women again: “You two, listen well, President Cui explained before. Here today, no matter who you see or what you hear, you two must forget it when you leave this hotel. Do you know? Otherwise, none of the three of us can save your two lives.”
Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling nodded quickly.

Only then did they feel the seriousness of the matter.

There is such a strong confidentiality.

How sacred this young man is.

Because the master behind Cui Shangyun was still missing, the few people on the scene started chatting.

Lin Zhengdao naturally asked why Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling appeared together in the box.

They also told the truth about going to He’s house.

Lin Songfeng changed his cold and frosty appearance, but he seemed to be advancing and retreating, and he took the initiative to speak to Cui Shangyun, occasionally covering his mouth with a smile, appearing amorous.

She even took the initiative to find topics, so that the atmosphere of the scene gradually became harmonious.

Lin Zhengdao and several men laughed sometimes when Cui Shangyun was amused by Lin Songfeng.

It seems that the two people were found right today.

Especially Lin Songfeng, this performance is too demeanor of everyone.

Even the limelight overwhelmed the already charming Gu Lingling.

Talking about the topic, it just talked about the funny things that happened recently.

Lin Songfeng also opened his mouth and said, “Ho ho, it’s a coincidence that I would never know a person for half a year, let alone any funny things happen. But it really made me meet.”

“I met a man who was as lowly as a dog, as timid as an ant, and as ambitious as a jackal. I heard that we are coming to the hotel tonight, so I have to come with us.”

These three consecutive metaphors vividly outline the image of a lowly character who is as timid as a mouse and wants to fly into the sky. They smiled upon hearing this, “In this world, there is nothing strange about everyone. But this Being a man is simply a shame for the men’s team.”

After that, everyone nodded their heads in agreement, and even intentionally or unconsciously, they compared this joke-like man with Mr. Cui, calling Mr. Cui even more heroic, a real man on earth.

Cui Shangyun was obviously in a better mood than before, and was very satisfied with the arrangements made by the Lin family and Gu family.

After a while, Cui Shangyun checked the time, and the alert Lin Zhengdao quickly said to Lin Songfeng: “Song Feng, Lingling, you two are waiting at the door soon, and welcome our adults.”

Cui Shangyun had to go out to meet him.

But Lin Zhengdao immediately smiled and said, “Mr. Cui, you don’t understand, a man welcomes guests, how can a woman welcome guests kindly? Besides, you can see the performance of these two daughters just now. How can a job that welcomes adults not do well? Trust them.”

Cui Shangyun thought about it, anyway, just welcoming the young master at the door, which was not difficult.

So he nodded, “All right.”

The two women were also very knowledgeable, and immediately walked out of the box and stood outside to welcome the upcoming young man.

On the contrary, they appear energetic and more curious.

I can’t wait to see what this upstart in Beilin looks like?

After a while, Gu Lingling suddenly heard a footstep from not far away, she was shocked, “coming!”

The two of them cast their gazes not far away.

However, the scenes that they saw made the faces of both of them cold.

They saw that it was indeed a young man who came over.

But this young man, where is the upstart of Beilin!

He is clearly a man who is as cheap as a dog!



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