Dragon Husband Chapter 733

Chapter 733

Seeing Wiliam approaching, Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng’s faces looked ugly.

Lin Songfeng was even more angry with sullen eyes.

She almost didn’t even think about it, so she took a step towards Wiliam’s direction.

Gu Lingling hurriedly followed.

She thought that Wiliam looked good, but she liked it in her heart.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt that this man was really thick-skinned.

Actually appeared in this hotel.

Why bother with men as licking dogs?

Lin Songfeng’s face was colder than ice, and he intercepted Wiliam directly on the road.

Wiliam was intercepted by the two of them, but looked at them calmly.

Gu Lingling originally wanted to scold Wiliam. At this time, she glanced at Wiliam and gave a weird cry, “Maple Feng, this kid, how come you are wearing this hotel’s clothes?”

Lin Songfeng only noticed that Wiliam at this moment was dressed differently from the Wiliam he had seen before in He’s house.

The previous Wiliam smelled inaudible.

The current Wiliam had obviously been cleaned, and his body exuded a faint fragrance of sunshine and grass.

But what stands out is the clothes he wears.

The service at Junlin Hotel is very good.

Many guests stay in the store temporarily and there is no change of clothes, so Junlin Hotel will provide hotel clothes for free.

It is also very simple, a white shirt and a pair of slacks.

But on the shirt, the logo belonging to the Junlin Hotel will naturally be printed.

That’s why Gu Lingling saw the logo and said that Wiliam was wearing hotel clothes.

Lin Songfeng’s eyes were even more contemptuous.

She knows the rules of this hotel.

She sneered, “If you don’t have money to buy clothes, I just come to the hotel to wear free clothes, ho ho, I can really think of it, how shameless it is to do such a thing.”

Wiliam didn’t even bother to care about it, and said directly, “Please let me go.”

Give way?

The two of them were taken aback.

Let, where does let go?

Ho ho, it’s really going to get caught up.

This kid, the purpose of coming to the hotel is not to stick to us like dog skin plasters.

Where else is he going?

Do you really want to play a trick, thinking he came to the hotel for dinner?

Lin Songfeng shook his head, disgusting this kid into the dust in his heart.

The tone naturally became impolite, “I order you to disappear here immediately, otherwise, I am absolutely impolite to you. In addition, I also put the shame on the front, I hate you to the bone, if you have Fall in love with my mind and dispel it as soon as possible. I am absolutely absolutely and will not be in the same way with you. I want to chase me, ho ho, dream.”

When Wiliam heard this, he burst into laughter, and his words also sharpened, “Fell in love with you? What kind of stuff are you? There is a woman next to me who is not a thousand times more beautiful than you? Just like you. Look mean, wake up you.”

But in Lin Songfeng’s eyes, Wiliam was bluffing.

Ho ho, he’s the only one next to him, and there is a woman beside him?

Is it a problem to have women around him or not?

Moreover, in the entire Beilin City, the Gu family and the Lin family’s daughters have good names, and this kid is obviously hypocritical.

It’s even more evil.

“Thank you, please, I have something to do.” Wiliam said, going over.

But Lin Songfeng stopped, and stopped directly in front of Wiliam to prevent Wiliam from passing.

Behind them is the box.

They just stepped out on their own initiative, just to avoid the noise outside from affecting Mr. Cui inside.

Now this kid is going to go, ho ho, if this alarms adults, he can afford it?

“I said, let you leave me immediately! Do you understand?” Lin Songfeng’s words became extremely cold.

Unconsciously, she felt a murderous intent in her heart.

This is a very rare thought for her.

Although she usually looks down on men, she doesn’t care about them.

There is rarely such a deep impulse to frustrate a person.

Today she disliked this man to the extreme, but she gave birth to the urge to kill this kid.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the door of the box behind them, “Fengfeng, what are you doing?”

Lin Songfeng turned his head to see that it was her father Lin Zhengdao who came out.

Lin Zhengdao originally saw that Lin Songfeng hadn’t received a big shot, and Mr. Cui was a little restless.

So Lin Zhengdao volunteered and came out to see what was going on.

When I came out, I saw Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling standing not far away, and then there was a strange man standing in front of them.

Lin Zhengdao walked over, and suddenly his head was aroused.

Damn it!

Young man, here again?

And looking at this young man’s temperament, it feels a little bit Yuan-Yue Zhi.

Could this young man be the big man in power in Mr. Cui’s mouth?

Thinking of this, Lin Zhengdao, an old fox, walked, his waist bends lower and lower, and when he reached Wiliam, he was already bent at ninety degrees.

His business is even more flattering, “Oh, you must be the noble person Cui said, hurry up, please come in.”

But at this time, Lin Songfeng pulled Lin Zhengdao up and said with a look of contempt: “Dad, you have admitted the wrong person, where is this kid who is the young man behind the Blue Moon Emperor City? He is the one in my joke. The man I talked about really chased me to the hotel. I won’t stop him, I want to get him out.”

Lin Zhengdao’s head was dumbfounded and buzzed.

Lin Zhengdao would still think seriously about this incident.

But it happened that Lin Songfeng just told this man as a joke, so Lin Zhengdao instinctively thought this man was really brazen.

He was even more embarrassed by the slave-looking maidservant just now. For a while, with this complicated mood, he immediately vented to the young man in front of him, “Nima, what identity do you appear here? My daughter is also a lowly person like you. Pursuing it? Roll me as far as I can and don’t let me see you again!”

Wiliam looked at such a cheap character, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, and said jokingly: “You really want me to go? I’m leaving, don’t regret it.”

Lin Zhengdao was amused and laughed, “Regret? Do you really treat yourself as a character? Do you regret it? If you go slower, I can’t kill you!”

Wiliam nodded faintly, almost stopped for a while, turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

Lin Zhengdao saw that Wiliam was about to leave, sneered, and said to Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling, “You two, go out to play in the future and you won’t know this shameful garbage, you know?”

The two nodded together.

At this time, a surprised voice came from the door of the box again.

“Why are you standing there?”

“Hey, young master! Here, you are on the wrong side! I am here!”


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