Dragon Husband Chapter 734

Chapter 734

Lin Zhengdao and others looked back, and it was Cui Shangyun Cui from the Blue Moon Emperor City who spoke.

Cui Shangyun had received a briefing from Wiliam and said that he would be in the box soon.

But the two women went out to greet them for a while, but they were not greeted.

Lin Zhengdao also went out for a while, as if he had fallen to the sea.

His heart suddenly became nervous, and he opened the door and walked out.

As soon as he came out, he saw the young master turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

He suddenly said that because the young master had found the wrong box, he walked up.

However, he was not aware of it at all, but a plain sentence was in the ears of these three people in front of him, like thunder!

Little Lord!

This guy who was abandoned by them like a shoe, without shame and greedy for life and fear of death, turned out to be what young master Cui Shangyun said?

In other words, Wiliam is the protagonist they will be hospitable tonight, the actual person in charge behind the Blue Moon Emperor City!

This thought completely changed the expressions of the three of them in an instant!

The first thought that came to Lin Songfeng’s mind was that this is absolutely impossible!

Mr. Cui must have admitted the wrong person!

Because Lin Songfeng knew that Wiliam was just a small servant from North’s Lu family.

Usually called by Lu Xiaolu like a dog!

How could he change his body and become the ruler of the Blue Moon Emperor City.

If so, how could he be so willing to be called upon by Lu Xiaolu?

Lin Songfeng immediately said to Cui Shangyun: “Excuse me, Mr. Cui, you may have admitted the wrong person. This person is a subordinate. Do you remember the joke I told you before? He came here just to curry favor with me. With Lingling, it’s not the young master you were talking about. We still don’t wait for someone to make you laugh.”

When Lin Songfeng said this, he was a little nervous.

But it was not because of Wiliam’s identity.

It was because of Wiliam’s appearance that Mr. Cui and the others met with a joke, which made the meeting tonight a little more unexpected.

After she finished speaking, she glared at Wiliam fiercely, and said coldly, “You don’t want to get out of here!”

And Cui Shangyun had no idea what was going on in the cloud, but after hearing Lin Songfeng’s words, his face changed instantly.

Dou Da’s cold sweat came out of his forehead.

At the joke just now, Cui Shangyun still smiled lightly, thinking that there really is such a brazen man in the world.

But I have never thought that the master of this joke is actually his master!

Cui Shangyun looked at Wiliam’s indifferent face, and his heart moved to his throat.

He suddenly felt a deep guilt, and he didn’t dare to look at Wiliam again.

He looked at Lin Songfeng and suddenly felt annoyed.

Cui Shangyun had a good impression of Lin Songfeng.

Everyone is pretty, well-mannered, polite, and a very likable woman.

But at this moment, in Cui Shangyun’s eyes, this is nothing but a poor woman who loves the rich and the poor.

He said coldly: “Ho ho, Lin Songfeng, are you sure, the protagonist in the joke you just said is him?”

Cui Shangyun didn’t want the scene to be too stiff, so he deliberately asked, planning to give Lin Songfeng a step down.
However, Lin Songfeng hated Wiliam at the moment, and was anxious to eat meat, so he nodded without hesitation, “Yes, it’s him, a little trash, and he doesn’t look at his identity, embarrassing.”

As soon as he said this, Cui Shangyun’s eyes suddenly turned dark.

Now, even if he wanted to save this woman, there was no way.

The person in front of him, but Wiliam!

The Lord of Kylin in the World!

Holding common people’s sorrows and joys!

You are a little Lin family, what is it in his eyes?

Actually dare to speak rudely to the young master over and over again!

Ho ho, the young master is magnanimous, too lazy to be familiar with you.

However, as a subordinate, how can you give up such insulting hatred!

“Mr. Cui, let you watch the joke, we will send this person away immediately, so that we can welcome your master with peace of mind.” Lin Zhengdao also squeezed a smile and said.

He felt that Cui Shangyun looked ugly.

Because Lin Zhengdao had also admitted the wrong person just now, and even bowed, embarrassed in front of them.

Thinking about it now, Mr. Cui must be embarrassed too.

But at this time, Cui Shangyun said in a deep voice: “No need!”

“No need? Mr. Cui, what do you mean by this? I don’t quite understand?” Lin Zhengdao was suddenly puzzled.

Cui Shangyun raised his head, just facing Wiliam’s eyes.

He suddenly walked up to Wiliam’s body, bending down respectfully, with an apologetic tone, “Young Master, you are tired!”

This bow once again calmed the atmosphere.

If Cui Shangyun called this kid to the young master before, it can be said that he has admitted the wrong person.

After all, Wiliam just turned around, leaving only a back view.

But now, the two of them are facing each other. Is it possible to admit mistakes?

Totally impossible!

This kid is really the mysterious young man Cui Shangyun said!

Holding the general trend, young and promising!

The faces of the three of them turned pale suddenly!

They suddenly discovered that things had completely exceeded their imagination!

They feel even more frightened, because they are beginning to feel uneasy.

Lin Songfeng’s eyes widened even more.

Even if Cui Shangyun kept calling the young master again, she couldn’t believe it.

Why does a subordinate have such a noble identity!

On the contrary, Gu Lingling was the first to react.

There was a strong gleam in her eyes.

From the very beginning, when Gu Lingling saw Wiliam, she felt that there was a touch of nobility in this kid.

This is simply not what a servant can show.

It’s just that, at the time, Wiliam was indeed just a servant of North’s Lu family.

She also didn’t think deeply, but she was very interested in Wiliam’s skin and temperament.

Therefore, she was the one who spoke the least insult to Wiliam among the three.

On the contrary, there are occasions to show goodwill to Wiliam intentionally or unintentionally.

Now seeing this kid, who really turned into a dragon, her heart beat fiercely.

Looking at Wiliam again, it is no longer what he looked like yesterday.

It was as if this kid was beginning to shine with golden light, so dazzling that people couldn’t open their eyes.

The real master behind the Blue Moon Emperor City.

Gu Lingling’s heart was deeply moved by this identity alone.

Not to mention that it is now three families who show kindness to him in every possible way.

If he could be taken down, wouldn’t it be a combination of wealth and color?

For a while, Gu Lingling’s eyes were full of longing.

At the same time, she secretly rejoiced, but fortunately, she did not repeatedly insult this kid like Lin Songfeng before.

Sure enough, the face value is justice, tusk tusk.

“Young Master, let me go in, I will definitely give you an explanation.” Cui Shangyun lowered his head and said to Wiliam.

But Wiliam ticked the corner of his mouth slightly, and said faintly, “But, there seems to be someone who doesn’t welcome me very much.”


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