Dragon Husband Chapter 735

Chapter 735

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the Lin family’s father and daughter became so miserable.

They fully understood what Wiliam meant!

here we go.

This kid is going to start investigating their rudeness before.

Lin Zhengdao’s body was trembling slightly, and he felt regretful.

How could things become like this?

Obviously it was the Lin family trying their best to ask the master behind Lanyue Emperor City to come out and see it.

In order to please this master, Lin Zhengdao even arched his daughter out.

Even when he was greeted just now, Lin Zhengdao asked Lin Songfeng to be the first to go out to greet him, for this first impression.

it’s good now!

Lin Songfeng is successful, and Lin Songfeng is defeated!

The problem turned out to be directly with Lin Songfeng!

If it weren’t for my daughter just made that joke in the box.

If my daughter’s eyes were brightened!

How could I miss this talented unicorn in front of me!

No, it is not as simple as missing it now.

It was his daughter who had spoken harshly to Wiliam over and over again and had completely offended him.

Originally, I wanted to let my daughter sacrifice her hue to leave a good impression on the young man, so that he would be easy to handle in the future.

It’s all right now, all the plans are all over.

Even in terms of aura, the Lin family was completely weak, and in front of this young man, he owed a lot of affection.

Lin Zhengdao was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood, but Lin Songfeng was the jewel in his palm, and he was not good at scolding Lin Songfeng in public.

Lin Songfeng on the side was a thousand times ashamed of Lin Zhengdao.

From the beginning, she didn’t even have a straight look at Wiliam.

After all, the identities of the two people are there, one is the bright moon in the sky, and the other is the dust in the ground.

How could Lin Songfeng think of a small person like Wiliam.

Where is the problem!

Now Lin Songfeng thought for a while, but found helplessly that the problem really lay in her own body.

Obviously, this kid kept an attitude of neither humble nor arrogant to himself over and over again.

However, I was so dizzy with anger today that I wanted to vent my anger with this kid.

I didn’t think that I was venting my anger with a dragon and tiger!

It’s a dead end!

In Lin Songfeng’s head, the contact with Wiliam appeared in Lin Songfeng’s head like running water.

Wiliam never said anything.

However, I thought this kind of vain attitude was an idiot.

Once this stereotype is formed, a seed is planted in my heart.

To the He family today, it has completely taken root.

In He’s house, she humiliated Wiliam severely.

Say Wiliam is a pheasant!

Said that Wiliam Panlong attached to the Phoenix!

Say that Wiliam has no shame!

Said Lu Yelu wanted to eat swan meat!

Even in the back, she even said something that was extremely embarrassing!

What Wiliam loves her!

What will not give this kid a chance to pursue!

What he is not worthy!

Even in the He family, she didn’t know the identity of Wiliam at the time.

So in the face of Wiliam, he rushed to this man with Gu Lingling.

Maybe that kid likes his iceberg beauty!
If that kid is really a dragon and phoenix, you can consider giving him a chance.

People Wiliam was listening.

It’s so uncomfortable that all the little secrets have been heard, and the feeling that all the pride turns into powder in an instant!

She thinks about it now, it seems like a lifetime.

I’m so stupid!

Now let’s see who is the pheasant!

Who is climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix!

Who is toad wants to eat swan meat!

You are the master of the Blue Moon Imperial City, would you be scared of the color in your own right?

It’s my own wishful thinking!

I don’t deserve Wiliam!

How could this kid laugh at his ignorance in his heart when he said those words.

When Lin Songfeng thought about this, tears burst into her eyes.

She was really ashamed and regretful, and she was moved with shame.

I don’t know how to face this uncontested young man in front of me.

She is usually frosty and high above her. For the first time, she felt that she was incomparable, but now the retribution is coming fiercely.

Just as she was in a trance, Lin Zhengdao beside her squeezed out a few words with an ugly expression, “Master Lu, it was all misunderstandings and misunderstandings before. You have a large number of people. Don’t be familiar with our country folks. Song Feng , Hurry up and apologize to the adults!”

Seeing Lin Songfeng still stunned, Lin Zhengdao was not angry, and pushed Lin Songfeng hard.

Lin Songfeng woke up and looked at Wiliam with tears in her eyes.

There were a hundred doubts in her heart, but at this moment she could only turn into a stoop and an apology.

“Master Lu, I know I was wrong…”

Cui Shangyun still considered the overall situation and didn’t want to be too embarrassed at today’s meeting, so he said: “Young Master, let’s go in first. After all, there are many people here.”

Wiliam glanced at Cui Shangyun, then strode forward.

Cui Shangyun gave Lin Zhengdao a fierce look, and then hurriedly followed.

However, he still had doubts in his heart, so he asked in a low voice, “Young Master, since you know that sooner or later you have to show your identity in front of the two women, why did you make mistakes before, why didn’t you show your identity earlier, why suffer… …”

He felt sorry for Wiliam.

In the next year and next year, I was so young, but I endured too many misunderstandings and tribulations that shouldn’t have occurred.

Wiliam just smiled and said faintly, “If it weren’t for this, how could he have the upper hand today?”

In a word, it’s like a punch.

Cui Shangyun looked at Wiliam, a little more respectful again!

A real man who bears heavy burdens!

He is so far-sighted, even his own personal honor and disgrace are ignored.

Judging from the current situation, the Lin family and the Gu family were indeed weaker by three points because they neglected Wiliam.

No, including the Hejia inside!

All three are weak!

Cui Shangyun patted his head, admiring Wiliam adoringly.

This kind of strategy can’t keep up with his reckless man.

The few people behind Wiliam walked a little dazed.

They looked at Wiliam in front of them, and their hearts were mixed for a while.

At this time, Gu Lingling suddenly thought of something and thought of something.

In order to verify the doubt in her heart, she took a few steps quickly, shoulder to shoulder with Wiliam, and then gently pulled Wiliam’s sleeve, and asked in a low voice, “Wiliam, tell me, last night What’s going on? Didn’t you run home first? What happened?”

Cui Shangyun frowned and shouted coldly: “Presumptuous!”

When he saw Gu Lingling, this little girl, she was so rude. He not only walked up side by side with the young master, but also started to pull the young master.

It’s lawless.

He even more sharply said: “My young master is the kind of person who is greedy for life and fear of death! Listen carefully, if the young master wasn’t for his magnanimity, you guys, I promise not to leave the Blue Moon Emperor City alive!”


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