Dragon Husband Chapter 736

Chapter 736

Gu Lingling’s face suddenly showed a look of enlightenment.

Sure enough!

Wiliam didn’t run away at all last night.

Instead, he was open-minded.

He didn’t care about the humiliation of their women.

Behind is the prime minister who can punt the boat.

Originally, He Yuewen asked him to go out and die, this trick is really vicious.

Wiliam could not care about it, and let the people in Lanyue Imperial City release them.

Thinking of this, Gu Lingling suddenly yelled, and she understood something!

That being said, He Yuewen should have known Wiliam’s true identity last night!

Damn it!

No wonder Wiliam went to He’s house today, and He Yuewen was trembling all over like eating shit.

They also wondered why Yuewen was sick.

Unexpectedly, He Yuewen was afraid that Wiliam was scared to his bones.

It’s no wonder that when Lulu tried to make things difficult for Wiliam, He Yuewen justified in every possible way.

Now everything has come to light.

Ho, Ho, since you already know the identity of this kid, why didn’t you say it earlier.

We were almost killed by you!

Gu Lingling was depressed to death.

But immediately, a sly smile appeared on her face.


It’s so interesting.

It seemed that Lulu was the only one who still didn’t know Wiliam’s identity.

Lulu, Lulu, you are a little confused walking on the tip of a knife.

This feeling of playing with fire, I can’t wait to see your look.

After you know the identity of Wiliam, will you be as stunned as we are.

You can also ask for your blessings hahaha, don’t confuse this fairy character again.

At this moment, Gu Lingling also has a deep understanding of an ancient saying.

Companion to a king is like a tiger to companion!

Lin Songfeng behind him obviously heard Gu Lingling’s question just now.

She looked at Wiliam’s back, her eyes completely lost for a while.

In her impression, this kid was as timid as a mouse and escaped.

Also brazenly climbing dragon and phoenix.

Now, all impressions have been severely shattered.

What was left to her was this more mysterious and stranger figure in front of her.

Wiliam, who are you!

A group of people entered the box, and Cui Shangyun motioned for everyone to sit down.

He Jian and Gu Dahai were slightly taken aback when they saw Wiliam.

They didn’t think that the young man Cui Shangyun said was so young.

Are you younger than Gu Lingling and He Yuewen?

Is it this person, the power of the Blue Moon Emperor City?

No, the palm is more powerful and mysterious than the Blue Moon Emperor City.

It’s really incredible, the so-called Yangtze River waves pushing forward waves.

The two of them didn’t know what happened outside, but looking at the atmosphere of the scene, they were puzzled for a while.

Shouldn’t they please come over this big man right away?

How come they look so ugly like eating shit one by one?

What happened outside just now?

At this time, Cui Shangyun coughed and said faintly: “There is an ugly thing, I will say it ahead. Today’s meeting, after leaving this box, I hope you know what you can say and what cannot be said , What should be remembered, what should be forgotten, my young master, don’t want to add trouble.”
The people present didn’t know what this meant, so they nodded and said: “Cui, Master Lu, don’t worry! We can’t remember anything after we got out of this box.”

Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling looked at each other with helplessness.

This kid is really different from other young people.

If it is ordinary young people, especially men.

Power is in control, should you wait for the world to know and bow your heads?

Just like He Yuewen, when he became the deputy general manager of the Blue Moon Emperor City, he was like two hundred and five.

There is a sense of exaggeration in words and deeds of lying on the knees of a drunk beauty and waking up to the world.

But this kid went the other way, unimaginably low-key.

Really weird.

But Lin Songfeng is also a little conscious now.

She and this young master seemed to be unable to fight together for eight lifetimes.

The young master is already thankful for not making things difficult for her.

On the contrary, Gu Lingling looked eager to try.

However, Wiliam was polite and courteous from beginning to end, and even his expression rarely changed.

This made Gu Lingling, who was so diligent, very frustrated.

She didn’t feel like she was facing a young man.

Instead, he was facing a male zombie old man.

Yeah, my heart is hard enough, my brother is soft enough!

The topic cuts to the topic of today’s meeting.

The three families originally just wanted to make friends with the Emperor Lanyue City.

But because the three companies have offended Wiliam, the friendship suddenly changed.

When it comes to the end, they are all a little lost.

Does this seem to be good?

Why do you feel like you are surrendering more and more?

Shouldn’t it?

The three Patriarchs looked at each other, thinking in their hearts what the problem was.

Finally, they want to understand.

From the beginning, they talked with a guilty conscience, and the other party was clearly a master of conversation.

Has been with the rhythm.

Talking about it actually made the three old rivers and lakes run off.

They looked at the young man and sighed.

Isn’t that old-fashioned, isn’t this a Tianshan child grandmother-level figure?

The mind was terribly deep.

However, they have already talked about things in a rush, and they can no longer regret it.

Fortunately, in his words, Cui Shangyun also revealed a little bit of the Qilin power.

This gave them a little comfort.

The unicorn is so terrible, this surrender is nothing.

At most, you will abide by your duty in the future and don’t let this kid get any more handles.

Otherwise, you will really lose money.

In the end, Wiliam turned his attention to He Jian, who had been taciturn.

This old man Wiliam felt a bit interesting.

From the beginning, his words were minimal.

But every time he speaks, his words cut to the point with great precision.

Wiliam didn’t lead his mind to deviate at first.

It was only later that the two pig teammates led him astray and never looked back.

So when he reacted later, he simply stopped talking, leaving Gu Dahai and Lin Zhengdao to speak.

It’s just that in his heart, he became more and more unhappy with this young man.

Can only speak quickly, do you really think it is very smart?

Had it not been for your noble status, I would have turned your face against you.

Seeing that Wiliam was looking at himself, He Jian stunned and asked, “Master Lu, do you have anything to say to me?”

Wiliam nodded and said straight to the point: “I am very interested in your half-moon lilies, I don’t know if I can cut love?”

As soon as he said this, He Jian, who had been silent, instantly turned red.

Today, within one day, he was asked twice about Ban Yue Lily.

This Master Lu is also interested in his Banyue Lily!

And even speaking out in front of everyone!

This is no longer asking whether you can cut love!

Instead, he was pressing him with his identity, forcing him to bow his head!

If he doesn’t agree, can today’s meeting start and end well?

Totally impossible!

He Jian is also a cruel person, knowing that Banyue Lily has been targeted by such a superior person, and now he can’t keep anything.

He was heartbroken, holding the thought of feeding the dog and not giving you, he said directly: “It turns out that Master Lu is also interested in my Banyue Lily. But I’m really embarrassed. Before my grandson called and said that someone wants it, I promised to give it. I’m sorry now. I’m sorry.”


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