Dragon Husband Chapter 737

Chapter 737

After He Jian finished speaking, he even had a little pride in his heart.

Although I knew I couldn’t keep that half-moon lily, it was a very comfortable thing to be disgusting to this self-esteem kid.

The half-moon lily was extremely valuable, but the He family was not a medical family after all, and holding this thing could not exert its greatest effect.

When Wiliam heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly and asked, “What are you saying is true?”

He Jian’s face was stern, and he said more confidently: “That’s still fake! Before you came, my grandson called me and said someone wanted this half-moon lily, I agreed on the spot, hey, if you come half early It’s all right if it’s small, what a pity.”

The more he said it, the more truthful he was, but in the end, he showed regret.

It seemed a pity that he felt the same way as Wiliam.

Cui Shangyun’s face became a bit ugly.

This is a request made by the young master himself, this old man He Jian dare to refuse in person?

I really don’t know if he is an excuse or what?

In short, if the young master is dissatisfied, this old man He Jian will pay the price!

He Jian was also very good at observing his words and expressions. Seeing Cui Shangyun’s expression on his face, he immediately took out his cell phone and said, “If you don’t believe me, I will know by calling my grandson.

Cui Shangyun was about to speak, but Wiliam gently stopped him, and said with a smile: “Let him fight, I believe him.”

Cui Shangyun didn’t know what to say for a while.

How did the young master feel that his elbow was turning away, helping He Jian to speak.

He Jian felt even more proud when he saw Wiliam say that he believed in himself.

Believe it, the more you believe, the more comfortable I will be.

The feeling of infatuation and wrong payment must be very sad haha.

The phone was immediately connected, and He Yuewen’s puzzled voice came from the other end, “Grandpa, why did you call me? You are not…”

He Jian was afraid that He Yuewen had missed his mouth, and immediately said: “Yuewen, didn’t you tell me before, did anyone want this half-moon lily?”

He Yuewen on the phone was obviously taken aback, and after a few seconds he said: “Yes, but you…”

“Didn’t I promise you? The friends who agreed to sell this half-moon lily to your friends, have you still told your friends?” He Jian interrupted He Yuewen and continued.

He Yuewen was even more daunted.

Because he was scolded by He Jian for a long time before, listening to his grandfather’s anger, he almost came over to beat himself by the phone.

Why now suddenly changed his mind and said that he was willing to sell it?

what’s the problem?

“Grandpa, you…”

“Okay, okay, let’s talk to your friend quickly, hey, this matter comes first and then arrives, your friend is blessed, let’s do this first.” He Jian said, and hung up the phone directly.

Then, he looked at Wiliam triumphantly, his small eyes seemed to say, you see what I said is true, right?

In fact, he still had a small idea in his heart.

As long as the young master is resisted now, everything will be easy.

As for He Yuewen’s friend who wants this half-moon lily?

Ho ho ho, think beautifully.

In the huge Beilin City, apart from the current Emperor Lanyue City and the Lu Family, He Jian really had no fear of anyone.

The atmosphere of the scene suddenly became a little weird.
Looking at He Jian, other people dared to reject the young master’s good intentions face-to-face, and they all raised their throats.

I’m afraid that the young master will run wild on the spot, making the scene even more ugly.

Only Wiliam had a smile like nothing at the corner of his mouth.

But this smile, in the eyes of everyone, has its own meaning.

He Jian felt that he was definitely not going to start the stage, so he smiled with a strong face, maintaining the demeanor of the superior.

In fact, my mouth is smiling and my heart is MMP hahaha!

He Jian likes to watch the young master look like he wants to kill him but can’t.

And Lin Songfeng also felt inexplicably comfortable watching Wiliam collapse on the spot.

She was depressed all night.

It’s rare to see this indifferent person holding an awkward smile, not to mention how relieved he was.

Just as Cui Shangyun wanted to scold He Jian, Wiliam’s phone suddenly rang.

Wiliam picked it up and saw that it was He Yuewen who came here.

When Wiliam left before, he left He Yuewen’s phone number.

Everyone did not dare to bother Wiliam answering the phone, the scene was quiet.

Wiliam answered the phone casually, and turned on the speaker.

“Hello.” Wiliam said into the phone.

“Master Lu, hello, my younger brother is He Yuewen.” He Yuewen’s energetic voice came over the phone.

Of course he was elated, even extremely excited.

Originally, he couldn’t get Half Moon Lily, and he felt even more embarrassed to see Wiliam.

Unexpectedly, it turned around.

My grandfather didn’t know what kind of wind he had smoked, so he suddenly agreed and said that he was willing to sell Half Moon Lily.

Also actively asked him to contact friends.

Listening to my grandpa’s tone, it seemed as if I couldn’t wait to sell it, and he would be disgusted by my grandpa if he made slower calls.

So he decisively called Wiliam.

On Wiliam’s phone, He Yuewen’s voice rang, not to mention how wonderful the faces of the people at the scene!

Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling listened to He Yuewen claiming to be little brothers, and they also had an extremely flattering tone, and their hearts were all over the sky!

Sure enough, he knew Wiliam’s identity long ago.


I can’t kill this girl when I go back!

He Jian heard the phone call from his grandson, at first he was at a loss.

How could grandson call the young master?

What’s the situation?

Although I don’t know why, at this moment, an ominous premonition suddenly surged in his heart.

The comfort that had let Wiliam eat before was slowly fading.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked on the phone, and gave He Jian a seemingly nonchalant look.

“Master Lu! Good news! My grandfather called just now and is willing to sell you half-moon lily! You said this, there will be another village in the dark, hahaha, I don’t want to greet you quickly.” He Yuewen hurriedly Said.

As soon as these words came out, there was deathly silence.

No matter how stupid people are, they know what happened!

Everyone looked at He Jian with weird eyes, as if they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh!

This old man is too funny hahaha.

In order not to sell Banyue Lily to Master Lu, or even to disgust Master Lu, he deliberately sold Banyue Lily to his grandson’s friend.

He thought that this would cause Master Lu to deflate, but the result is absolutely nothing.

His grandson’s friend is also Wiliam!

Isn’t this picking up a rock and hitting yourself in the foot hahaha!

Thanks to this old man, he was so fierce as a tiger just now, he would win prizes for acting.

As a result, it was shown to the dog.

This half-month lily, turning around, didn’t fall into Master Lu’s hands.

The operation is as fierce as a tiger, and the result is two hundred and five.

He is probably talking about He Jian, who is like eating shit now.


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