Dragon Husband Chapter 738

Chapter 738

He Jian’s expression is really the same as his dead parents, ugly to death.

Not only ugly, but also embarrassing!

He wanted to have a crack in the ground at the moment, so that he could get in immediately.

What a shame.

Hao Shengsheng played in front of Master Lu, and in the eyes of Master Lu, he was a fool from beginning to end.

This ah, see through, don’t tell.

I have to use this form to slap myself in the face.

He counted the first and last counted as exhaustive.

The only thing he didn’t know was that his grandson’s friend was Wiliam.

Tragedy now.

He Yuewen on the other end of the phone, completely unaware that his grandpa was as embarrassed as a wild dog, continued to ask for credit: “Hahaha, young master, when it comes to this matter, you really want to thank my grandpa for his broad-mindedness, that old man, usually This half-moon lily baby has to be like a grandson. It was like taking the wrong medicine just now. I almost couldn’t believe it. Do you know what he said? He said, come first, then come. Fortunately, we are the first to buy half-moon Lily’s. Don’t you say my grandfather is so handsome?”

He Jian’s face blushed after hearing this.

He has never been so embarrassed in his life!

And Wiliam looked at He Jian amusedly, and said to the phone: “Well, it’s really high profile.”

Cui Shangyun couldn’t help himself, just laughed.

This laugh immediately triggered a chain reaction, and everyone burst into laughter.

He Jian was even more embarrassed by the smile.

He yelled directly into the phone: “Grandson Turtle! See if I’m going home later, I won’t be able to clean up your meal!”

He Yuewen on the other side of the phone was stunned on the spot.

He heard his grandfather’s voice for the first time.

What he stunned was that he was clearly calling Master Lu, why did Grandpa’s voice appear in it?

And on the other end of the phone, why did you laugh so frantically? Is it so funny?

No, Grandpa is going to a meeting, and Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling are also going.

Could it be possible that Master Lu also went to the meeting?

He didn’t know that Wiliam would go to this meeting before, so his head was completely messed up.

“Grandpa…” He Yuewen said blankly, but there was a beeping sound on the other end of the phone.

Wiliam hung up the phone.

Then he smiled and looked at He Jian, and said, “Thank you, Mr. He, for your accomplishment, and Shang Yun will come back with you later.”

He Jian was struck by lightning after hearing this.

He knew that things were completely a foregone conclusion.

If you knew this a long time ago, you should sell Half Moon Lily to Young Master from the beginning.

You can still make personal love!

It’s okay now, but I didn’t get a little favor, and I became the biggest joke.

Let this kid get half moon lily again, and owe this kid another favor.

Lost a lot.

“Well, that’s it for today’s meeting.” Wiliam didn’t continue to pursue it, and stood up and said.

Cui Shangyun hesitated at this time: “Young Master, if I go to He’s house, then you…”

Gu Lingling on the side suddenly rolled her eyes and immediately said: “We are responsible for sending the young master back. We know where he lives! Don’t worry, we must send the young master back safely.”
With that said, she also pulled Lalin Songfeng.

Lin Songfeng’s face became stiff, but after all, he didn’t say anything.

Lin Zhengdao and Gu Dahai’s eyes flashed, and they immediately agreed: “Yes, yes, that’s it, my daughter, an old driver, is a thief.”

Wiliam also had no objections, and left the box first.

The three of them sat in Gu Lingling’s car, and Wiliam naturally sat in the back row alone.

As the old driver Gu Lingling drove, Lin Songfeng sat in the passenger seat.

Wiliam didn’t speak, the atmosphere seemed a bit subtle.

After all, before this meeting, the two women looked down on Wiliam from the heart.

Now, their identities were reversed, and the two women couldn’t hold their heads up in front of Wiliam.

Gu Lingling planned to send Wiliam off, so she naturally had her thoughts.

Firstly, it was to get closer to Wiliam. Secondly, she still had a lot of doubts in her heart and wanted to ask Wiliam.

When Wiliam saw Gu Lingling while driving, he kept looking back, he was hesitant to talk, and he was almost at the Lu’s house, and he was not afraid of being choked to death.

Wiliam said, “If you have anything, just ask.”

The old driver looked back and was really not afraid of a car accident.

Gu Lingling smiled as if she had received the imperial decree, but she didn’t know which question to ask first.

In the end, she could only hold out one, “Why did you agree to let us send you off?”

After hearing this question, Lin Songfeng wanted to beat Gu Lingling, an unused girl.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I have ulterior motives. I will say, continue.”

Indeed, Wiliam asked them to send him back with ulterior motives.

For some things, you still need to explain to the two of them for a little help.

After this question, Gu Lingling seemed to open a chattering box and continued to ask: “Wiliam, that’s not right, Master Lu, since your status is so noble, why did you come to the Lu family to be a small servant? There is no resistance to bullying?”

Now that the question came up, even Lin Songfeng raised his ears.

Wiliam stared at the feasting city outside, a hint of guilt and sadness flashed in his eyes.

Gu Lingling caught this look in the rearview mirror, and a slight wave suddenly appeared in her heart.

Don’t look at this kid who is usually indifferent, but now he has such sad eyes.

It’s weird.

What is he hiding?

Wiliam finally spoke, “For my wife.”

Gu Lingling was taken aback, “Do you have a wife?”

Wiliam nodded, “Yeah.”

“Hey.” Gu Lingling sighed inexplicably.

Damn, this girl has a wife.

Then he was like two hundred and five. I knew he had a wife, so I would have a fart tonight.

No, if you don’t come, you will be kept in the dark again by this kid.

Maybe, like Lulu, maybe he didn’t know how he died in the end.

Gu Lingling wanted to ask a specific question, but seeing Wiliam suddenly lost her mood, she didn’t dare to ask any more.

If you continue to ask, it will just poke someone into the wound.

“Your wife must be very beautiful, right?” Gu Lingling asked quietly.

Wiliam Lu answered directly, just saying: “It doesn’t matter what is beautiful, my wife is very kind, and there are no more kind people in the world.”

Lin Songfeng, who was sitting in the front row, laughed inwardly when he heard this.

Ho ho, in that case, it’s not pretty anymore.

Generally, a woman is useless. If you want to praise her, you can only say that she is very kind.

Hmph, I don’t know where her wife’s luck has actually climbed into such a big man.

If I met Wiliam earlier than Wiliam’s wife, maybe…

Lin Songfeng thought of this hypothesis inexplicably, and his heart suddenly became better.

She is confident about her looks.

She believes that everything is just a matter of time.

At this time, Gu Lingling’s car slowly stopped. Outside, it was the gate of Beilin Lu’s family.

At this time, Gu Lingling suddenly wondered, “Hey, it’s so late, why is there a woman standing at the gate of the Lu family, alas, a beautiful lady!”


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