Dragon Husband Chapter 739

Chapter 739

Lin Songfeng followed Gu Lingling’s voice and looked towards the gate of Lu’s house.

Sure enough, in the dark, there was a woman in white, standing quietly at the gate.

The breeze gently blew the hem of her skirt and moved the hair on the woman’s face.

For a time, it turned out to be demure and beautiful.

Taking a closer look at this woman’s face, Lin Songfeng had a very high self-esteem for her appearance, and she was a bit shocked for a while.

This woman is obviously not well groomed.

But even so, the plain noodles in the clear soup are still as charming as the water lotus.

Especially the eyes of this woman are shining, stars in the sky.

There are countless nostalgia and waiting in his eyes.

Let Lin Songfeng be a woman in white clothes.

“Strange, how come there is such a good-looking woman in the Lu family? Lu Luren told us? How could Lulu’s wife, the most beautiful in the world, be able to accommodate such a beautiful woman in the Lu family?” Gu Lingling wondered again. Muttered a word.

At this time, the back door of the car opened.

Wiliam walked out.

He has always been steady and unhurried, and his steps are getting faster and faster.

Seeing Feliicity standing alone at the gate, Wiliam’s heart twitched fiercely.

He knew Feliicity was waiting for him.

It’s just that under such a cool breeze, her thin clothes made her look even more desolate.

Wiliam walked quickly to Feliicity.

When Feliicity saw Wiliam, the eyes of the stars became brighter.

She yelled and walked two steps quickly to stand in front of Wiliam.

Wiliam trembles a little when she sees her body being blown by the cool breeze.

He couldn’t help but feel sorry, and he hugged the Feliicity into his arms and rubbed her head, “Silly Feliicity, didn’t I let you go to bed earlier? It’s windy outside, and your body is still not fully recovered.”

Feliicity raised her head to face Wiliam’s eyes, her eyes gleaming, and she kept talking.

There seems to be a longing to tell.

And Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng just watched Wiliam and this beautiful woman hugging each other.

They even saw the deep feeling of mountains and seas in the eyes of this man and woman.

Cool breeze, Xingyue.

Lang Cai, female appearance.

This picture is so beautiful.

The two women in the car were silly.

Until Gu Lingling exclaimed: “Fuck, is this fairy sister the wife this kid just said?”

All the beautiful pictures of Lin Songfeng are instantly disillusioned!

When she heard this, she was like a shock!

The wife who was still thinking about Wiliam just now might be useless, her face value is enough to crush her.

Unexpectedly, reality is another resounding slap in the face!

This kid’s wife is like a fairy in the sky, and she is no better in the world!


Lin Songfeng’s face suddenly became hot.

Gu Lingling also opened the door and walked out, “Is this your wife? What a beautiful sister.”

Gu Lingling is a familiarity, she stood beside Feliicity and said with a smile.

Lin Songfeng also bite the bullet and walked out.

When Feliicity saw the two women, she realized that they had sent Wiliam back.

She looked at Wiliam suspiciously, babbling.
Wiliam said softly, “They are my friends, don’t worry.”

Feliicity’s face blushed, and she squeezed, but she did not dare to look at Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling.

But Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling were just coming over to say hello, but they were stunned by Feliicity’s voice.

Is this woman dumb?

Wiliam’s expression returned to his coldness, and said, “My wife is just injured and can’t speak for the time being.”

Looking at Wiliam, Lin Songfeng suddenly felt an extremely strange feeling in her heart.

She clearly saw how gentle Wiliam was to her wife.

Hundreds of steel-making become soft around the finger.

But when confronted with them, it turned into a cold look again.

It seemed that this tenderness was only devoted to his wife.

Three thousand weak water, just take a scoop to drink…

For a time, Lin Songfeng’s heart was extremely lost.

“Hello, my name is Gu Lingling, and her name is Lin Songfeng.” Gu Lingling reacted immediately and waved to Feliicity.

Feliicity nodded a little shyly, opened her mouth, but suddenly realized that she could not speak.

Gu Lingling looked at such a shy and beautiful woman, she felt extremely sorry.

If it is God’s pity, how can such a beautiful woman be unable to speak.

Just like Venus with a broken arm, the beauty of incompleteness is distressing.

“Feliicity, you stand by the door first, I have something to explain to them.” Wiliam said to Feliicity gently.

Feliicity nodded, and slowly stood at the gate, where it could block a little wind.

And Wiliam stood there, looking at these two women.

“I have a favor, I need your help, even if the grievances are cleared, how about?” Wiliam said.

Gu Lingling’s eyes were pleased, “Really? After helping you, you won’t criticize our Gu family and Lin family again?”

Wiliam nodded.

“Well, as long as you say, we are willing to do anything.” Gu Lingling said firmly.

In the face of the family righteousness, she was quite clear.

She knew that Gu’s family was now in the Blue Moon Emperor’s City, mainly because she had offended Wiliam.

Now that there is a chance to atone for sins, it is naturally the best.

Lin Songfeng also nodded and agreed.

Wiliam said, “Is He Yuewen chasing Lu Xiaolu?”

The two of them were taken aback for a moment, and Gu Lingling spoke directly to each other, “No? You like Lulu too? Can’t, your wife is so cute…”

Wiliam frowned slightly, and Gu Lingling realized that she had made a mistake and shut up quickly.

Lin Songfeng said, “Yes.”

Wiliam continued: “I will let Cui Shangyun go to He’s house to pick up half-moon lilies. Then I will ask He Yuewen to give half-moon lilies as a gift to Lu Xiaolu. Your task is to let Lu Xiaolu receive half-moon lilies anyway. .”

The call made both of them dumbfounded.

what’s the situation?

This kid went around to get the half-moon lily, and now is going to give it to Lu Xiaolu again?

What a bumpy thing.

Also, why give it to Lu Xiaolu?

Didn’t you like Lu Xiaolu?

No, if you like it, he should give it to him. Why do you want to help He Yuewen do this? When the time comes, the benefits will not be taken away by He Yuewen?

Gu Lingling made a bold assumption, “Do you like Lao He?”

But Lin Songfeng immediately grabbed him.

“You don’t need to ask more about the rest, just do it, I will make my own arrangements later.” Wiliam said lightly.

“Well, we agreed.” Gu Lingling nodded, she didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

Wiliam turned and walked towards Feliicity.

Gu Lingling and Lin Songfeng returned to the car and left directly.

And just as Wiliam was about to walk to Feliicity’s side, a woman’s indifferent voice suddenly came from inside the door.

“Good boy, say, how could you hook up with Lingling and Fengfeng!”


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