Dragon Husband Chapter 740

Chapter 740

With the moonlight, Wiliam looked inside the door.

I saw a woman wearing a white blanket, standing there beautifully.

Lu Furong.

Lu Furong had been standing inside the door just now, and she watched Lin Songfeng, who was always above the top, and Gu Lingling actually sent this kid home.

This is incredible.

How could Wiliam, a little servant, get into the eyes of these two princesses?

Let them deliver it to the door in person.

She immediately felt extremely worthless for Feliicity who had been waiting.

Scumbag, bah!

But Wiliam still didn’t speak, but Feliicity trot to Lu Furong nervously, waved his hand and said yelling.

It seems to be saying, not what you think.

Lu Furong wouldn’t know what Feliicity meant.

She sighed deeply, and said to Feliicity a little annoyed: “You, just go shopping with him! I really don’t know what he is good about. If you want an identity without identity, you need power and power, you marry him. It’s really a flower stuck in cow dung.”

Feliicity’s face turned red, and she suddenly hugged Lu Furong gently.

She couldn’t speak, as if she couldn’t find a better way to express gratitude except by action.

And Wiliam was not angry, but looked at the two women in front of him a little curiously.

When will their relationship be so good?

After Feliicity compares hands and feet, Lu Furong added yin and yang strangely.

Wiliam finally knew what was going on.

It turned out that Wiliam went out at night for the past two days, leaving Feliicity alone at Lu’s house.

Although Lu Furong’s mouth is a little bit mean, she really has a good impression of Feliicity.

Or it is a kind of sympathy.

She couldn’t bear Feliicity staying at Lu’s house alone, and was even more afraid that someone would hurt such a pure and kind-hearted girl. Therefore, during the two days and nights, she spent time with Feliicity as much as possible.

The friendship between the two of them was also established in the company of each other.

Tonight, Feliicity had to wait outside for Wiliam to return. Lu Furong couldn’t resist Feliicity, so she had to wait outside with her.

She didn’t know that she was really angry at seeing the scene just now, so she came out to speak for Feliicity.

Unexpectedly, when Feliicity turned his elbow out, he actually protected Wiliam.

This caused Lu Furong to give birth to a good cabbage that made the pigs feel depressed.

“Thanks.” Wiliam also knew that Lu Furong was hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, so he thanked him.

Lu Furong gave Wiliam a white look, and said proudly, “Hmph, don’t think I’m waiting for you, I just have something to notify you.”

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked.

Lu Furong said businessly, “Since you became the medicine slave of our Lu family during the day, you naturally want to live where the medicine slave lives. I will take you there.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, where is the medicine enslaved?

Lu Furong looked at Feliicity and sighed and said, “It’s just that there is no woman living there. Your family Feliicity lives there. It is really inconvenient, so I want to tell you that I’ll follow me at Feliicity night. Living with me, anyway, I can take care of her. Go to that place yourself.”
Wiliam frowned slightly, then nodded.

Lu Furong was right.

Although Wiliam didn’t want to be separated from Feliicity, it was really inconvenient for Feliicity to be a woman among men.

“Don’t worry, I will take a good look at your Feliicity, and won’t let people bully her.” Seeing Wiliam’s promise quite simply, Lu Furong added another sentence.

“Then it will work.” Wiliam said thanks again.

Feliicity obviously knew about this a long time ago, but he was a little reluctant to pull Wiliam’s hand.

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head and said softly, “Feliicity be good, I’m quite relieved to have her take care of you, I will have nothing to do.”

Feliicity nodded then.

Lu Furong didn’t bother to say a word even more for Wiliam, first settled in her room with the Feliicity, and then came out and took Wiliam to where he was going to live.

And as expected, the place where he lived was the most gloomy place he passed when he visited the Lu family yesterday.

“Here, it’s here. Medicine slaves won’t be here during the day. They will rest here at night. The room has been arranged for you. It is a special care for you.” Lu Furong pointed to the corner of the room to Wiliam Said.

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, I see.”

Lu Furong gave Wiliam a white look, and shouted: “Li Banshan, there is no sleepy death, no sleepy death comes out to pick up people.”

Li Banshan?

Wiliam was taken aback. It turned out that Li Banshan lived during this holiday.

This is interesting.

Wiliam was interested in this old man during the day and didn’t expect to live together now.

In the room, there was a vague voice, “He has hands and feet, won’t he walk in by himself?”

Lu Furong seemed to be used to Li Banshan’s character a long time ago and said, “Go in by yourself, I’m leaving.”

After she finished speaking, she walked directly outside, as if she didn’t want to stay in this ghost place at all.

Wiliam opened the door and walked in.

The room is small, with only two beds, and the furniture is simple.

Li Banshan was more than two meters tall and curled up on a bed, making the bed even smaller.

He just half-opened his eyes and said, “Sleep in that empty bed” until Wiliam came in.

Wiliam nodded. He had no requirements for the environment, just a place to shelter.

And he is used to meditating instead of sleeping every night.

Strangely speaking, Li Banshan is a person who is drunk in the daytime, but in this room he is not at all alcoholic.

The windows in this room are open, making the air very fresh.

After washing a little, Wiliam sat on the bed and started meditating.

There was no communication between the two.

However, Li Banshan, who had been curiously looking at Wiliam, suddenly moved his nose.

He seemed to be unable to believe the smell he had just smelled.

Suddenly he lost sleep and sat up directly from the bed.

Lu Yezhen paid attention to Li Banshan’s sudden move and continued to meditate.

A shocking light flashed in Li Banshan’s eyes suddenly!

He sniffed deeply, and then his body rose directly into the air.

With his hands claws, he stuck it directly towards Wiliam’s neck!

The distance between the two of them was very close, and Li Banshan suddenly violent, Wiliam was directly pressed by Li Banshan without notice.

Li Banshan heard it again, and suddenly he burst into a shocking aura.


It’s this smell!

How could this kind of smell that I have been looking for appeared on this kid!

He even more sharply asked Wiliam in a tone mixed with excitement and anger: “Say! How come you have such a smell!”


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