Dragon Husband Chapter 741

Chapter 741

In the daytime, because of the smelly place underground, everyone is full of decayed corpses.

Now in the room, Li Banshan only felt that Wiliam’s body exuded a faint fragrance.

Li Banshan just smelled this scent, thinking that he had an illusion.

Now that he is close to Wiliam, he is even more certain, it was not an illusion just now.

The scent came from Wiliam’s body!

Wiliam reacted with a sharp look in his eyes!

Li Banshan yelled, the hand stuck on Wiliam’s neck seemed to be scalded, and quickly retracted.

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Weird kid!

He looked at his hand again, and a drop of blood was pouring out of his palm!

If he hadn’t stopped in time, maybe his hand would have been pierced!

This kid, how did he act!

Li Banshan was puzzled, but after all, there was no big doubt that shocked him.

Standing in front of Wiliam, he asked condescendingly: “I’ll ask you again, where did the fragrance on your body come from!”

Wiliam faintly looked at the tall Li Banshan before him, and asked, “What fragrance?”

Li Banshan said directly: “It’s the faint scent of grass on you.”

Wiliam was taken aback.

A light fragrance similar to green grass.

Isn’t this the fragrance that came out of Li Nanfeng’s jade pearl when he swallowed it?

Why does this Li Banshan recognize this fragrance?

No, Li Nanfeng’s surname is Li, and Li Banshan is also surnamed Li, is it…

“Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me, I’m not polite to you!” Li Banshan seemed to be unable to bear the violent killing intent in his heart, his eyes suddenly became fierce.

But still waiting for him to do anything, he suddenly wailed again and squatted on the ground in pain.

Wiliam saw the abnormal movement on Li Banshan’s body, and suddenly felt a tingling scalp.

Li Banshan, who was squatting down, was slowly tightening the chains of the pipa bone through his back at a speed visible to the naked eye!

How could this kind of painful pain be something ordinary people could endure!

Wiliam found it even more incredible that the chains on Li Banshan’s body were actually like the curse in “Journey to the West”. Can they shrink?

In this way, wouldn’t he be able to contain this Li Banshan at any time?

What sin did he commit, and he was chained with such a strange chain.

After a long while, Li Banshan’s pain gradually dissipated, and his clothes were already wet with cold sweat.

He was lying on the ground weakly, but his eyes were fixed on Wiliam, “One day, I will let you tell me in person.”

With that, he struggled to get up and returned to his bed.

Wiliam’s heart was upset. This Li Banshan became more and more mysterious.

No words for a night.

In the middle of the night, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly opened!

The window that had been open was suddenly banged by a gust of wind.

Wiliam had seen the environment here before.

These four sides are surrounded by tall buildings, and the sky is not visible.

How could such a wild hunting wind blow?

Just as Wiliam was surprised, Li Banshan, who was on the other bed, also opened his eyes suddenly.
There seemed to be a kind of helplessness and anger in his eyes.

This flat wind is getting stronger and stronger.

In the end, it was squeaking and squeaking, and the window creaked, as if it was in danger of being shaken at any time.

And in the end, accompanied by the whirring wind, there was a strange cry from outside.


The crying became more and more obvious.

Wiliam got goose bumps all over his body.

The cry was getting closer, and finally turned into a quack of laughter.

The sound of crying, laughter, and wind, the whole environment seemed to have become a ghostly hell, terrifying.

There is someone outside!

Wiliam’s first reaction was to get up and go outside to see what happened.

At this time, more cries suddenly came from outside the door.

This crying sound is even more real.

It seems that there are countless people crying at the same time.

Some people even kept shouting: “Here again, here again, don’t torture us anymore, give us a happy one, please…”

Suddenly Li Banshan ejected from the bed again, and went straight out along the window.

A loud shout came from Li Banshan’s mouth, “Old witch! Do you want to die! Please get out of me!”

Old witch!

Wiliam suddenly remembered that Li Banshan had also said this term during the day.

And this word is specifically used by him to describe a person.

Beilin Lujia!

The dead are marching!

Lu Lingyun!

The demon and ghost outside turned out to be an old lady!

Did the old lady’s madness have committed again?

Sure enough, along with Li Banshan’s shout, there was a clearer laughter outside, “Ho ho ho, ho ho ho, Li Banshan, I’m here, I’m too difficult…”

How to describe this kind of laughter.

It’s like the feeling of nails scraping on frosted glass, which makes the whole body hairy.

Wiliam stood in the window and looked outside.

In front of Li Banshan, a man in black had appeared.

It’s not Lu Lingyun.

Lu Lingyun crouched like an old dog.

She woke up like crazy, laughing quack, “Li Banshan, don’t you want to hand over something like that? That thing is very important to me, I’m too difficult, too difficult, can you make me perfect?”

“Hmph, I wouldn’t give you that thing as a ghost, let me die!” Li Banshan yelled, then punched Lu Lingyun.

However, Wiliam saw Li Banshan facing his back again, and the chains shrank severely!

Li Banshan gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain, fighting with Lu Lingyun.

And this battle made Wiliam feel terrified.

Obviously, the realm of Li Banshan and Lu Lingyun was far beyond Wiliam’s imagination.

It’s just two people, one crazy and the other reluctant.

There seems to be no way to show their true strength.

But the occasional momentum and coercion that flashed by, Wiliam could clearly perceive it so far away.

so horrible!

The two struggled for more than ten minutes, and the wind was even worse, and the sand was everywhere.

Lu Lingyun, who was in a crazy state, was obviously superior.

While beating, she quacked and laughed, “Hohoho, doesn’t it hurt? The killing chain on your body should almost cut your bones. It’s better to complete me. I am an old lady, it’s really difficult.”

“Get out!” Li Banshan panted, feeling very suffocated.

This chain is really hateful!

Had it not been for the restraint of chains, how could I have feared this old witch!

“Okay, okay, then give your heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, I don’t want that thing anymore.” Lu Lingyun said, suddenly more powerful.

She kicked Li Banshan into the air with one foot, and then in the dark, her five fingers were shining with glistening nails, and they were about to pull out Li Banshan’s heart alive!

At this moment, Lu Lingyun suddenly folded and fell back to the original place.

Her gaze suddenly looked at an ancient tree in the darkness, “Ho ho ho, there are people?”


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