Dragon Husband Chapter 742

Chapter 742

“That’s it, there is no moon tonight, and the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys are not fresh.” Lu Lingyun said, suddenly he slid and disappeared into the darkness.

And where was anyone on the old tree that Lu Lingyun looked at?

In the darkness, water droplets flowed down the tree trunk.

Very quiet.

Seeing Lu Lingyun retreating, Li Banshan grinned and cursed on the ground. He wanted to stand up, only to find that his body had no strength.

He also looked at the tree just now, with a trace of doubt in his heart.

Is Lu Lingyun really crazy tonight?

Every night before, Lu Lingyun would come here to make waves.

But every time he teased Li Banshan, and he didn’t really want to kill him.

Li Banshan felt Lu Lingyun’s murderous intention tonight.

If it wasn’t for Lu Lingyun’s scruples just now, Li Banshan would really have his heart taken out in midair.

Li Banshan was thinking about it, and suddenly saw another person in front of him.


Wiliam saw that Li Banshan couldn’t get up on the ground, so he took the initiative to walk out.

He already had a faint conjecture about Li Banshan’s identity.

“What are you doing here! Hurry up and go to sleep!” Li Banshan cursed directly.

He was aggrieved and angry.

It is this old witch who pretends to be a ghost here every day.

Therefore, every spirit of the medicine slave who lives here is on the verge of collapse.

This is another important reason why Yao Slave either committed suicide or was scared to death.

This kid is good, knowing that there is danger outside, he dares to come out.

Wiliam ignored Li Banshan’s scolding and just said, “Don’t move, I’ll help you see it.”

He couldn’t help but put one hand on Li Banshan’s wrist.

Li Banshan was taken aback, not expecting that Wiliam would do such a trick.

“You can heal?” Li Banshan asked.

Lu Yezhen answered, but listened to Li Banshan’s pulse with concentration.

Strong and powerful, but chaotic.

Wiliam put down his wrist, then sat him up from the ground.

He walked behind Li Banshan and reached out to tear Li Banshan’s shirt.

Li Banshan obviously knew what Wiliam was going to do, and instinctively shouted, “What are you going to do!”

Wiliam naturally wanted to examine the weird chain carefully.

Just now I heard Lu Lingyun said, what kind of killing chain does this chain seem to be called?

“If you want to live to see the sun tomorrow, or even see the sun five days later, don’t move.” Wiliam said lightly.

This sentence directly hit Li Banshan’s weakness.

Li Banshan looked at Wiliam deeply, his mouth opened, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

To Wiliam, Li Banshan was extremely mysterious.

But for Li Banshan, Wiliam is even more mysterious.

This kid, since the first time we met during the day, he is not like an ordinary drug slave.

On the contrary, there is a kind of indifferent temperament of walking in a leisurely courtyard.

Just now he knew it was a contest between the two masters, so he was not afraid.

Now he is taking the initiative to come out, and he can still do medical skills?

How could a person with this kind of ability and magnanimity come to be a servant of Beilin Lu’s house?

What’s more, there is a fragrance of jade and pearl on his body!

It is even more impossible to be an ordinary person!
Li Banshan couldn’t resist any more, thinking in his heart, for the sun after five days, no, four days later!

In order to let this group of medicinal slaves whose hearts are ashamed, shine in the light.

For brother, for mother, for son!

Absolutely, to live!

Wiliam tore open Li Banshan’s clothes, only then could he see Li Banshan’s back clearly.

At this look, he couldn’t help but take a breath!

The killing chain that seemed to be fused with Li Banshan’s body before, is now like a giant steel snake, tightly entwining Li Banshan’s two shoulder bones!

And it was very tight.

Li Banshan’s shoulders are all arched backwards, like a full bow, in danger of breaking at any time!

Just now, Li Banshan used this state to fight Lu Lingyun very hard.

For a while, Wiliam felt immense respect for this man’s faith!

It’s a guy!

Wiliam reached out to touch the killing chain, wanting to see what material it was made of.

But unfortunately, he didn’t know what the material was because of the cold feeling from his hand.

Worlds, full of wonders.

“You tell me about the chain first. If you don’t want to talk about your grievances, just talk about the function of the chain.” Wiliam said lightly.

Li Banshan was still in a cold sweat, but asked, “How is my body?”

Wiliam said, “Your body condition is very bad. You should have used too much force just now. Now that the chains are locked, you may break your whole person in half at any time!”

Li Banshan suddenly showed a bitter smile, and shook his head, “It’s not too hard, but too aggressive…”

Wiliam frowned slightly, he was overkill?

“You answer me honestly, can you really save me?” Li Banshan asked again.

Wiliam nodded, “The premise is that you have to tell me the secret of the chain, or I am afraid of using the wrong needle.”

Li Banshan stared at Wiliam for a long time, then slowly lowered his head, showing a wry smile.

“This chain is called the killing chain.”

“The chain of killing is not something that this world possesses at all. This thing was brought by the old witch from another place.”

“Anyone who is locked by this chain, once blood is contaminated, the chain will accompany for life.”

“And once the person who is locked up is murderous, the chain will be automatically locked, until the end, as you said, you directly break the person in half.”

Wiliam nodded, he understood.

This thing is so mysterious, it really shouldn’t be owned by this world.

On the contrary, it looks like a magical thing that can be produced from North Lu’s house.

Just like my own long live red lotus.

“I probably know. Now, we should talk about our business seriously. How about a deal with you?” Wiliam said.

Li Banshan looked at Wiliam in surprise, “You don’t want to save me?”

Wiliam shook his head, “I don’t want to be close to you. You can save it or not. It doesn’t matter to me. But you have something that interests me, so I said, let’s do it once. transaction.”

Li Banshan stared at Wiliam and suddenly laughed.

He couldn’t see through this kid at first, and felt that this kid behaved strangely, as if he had seven emotions and six desires.

Now that he said this, Li Banshan felt that he looked like a man, and he looked like a shrewd businessman.

No profit can not afford early.

“Let’s talk, how to deal?” Li Banshan said. He didn’t underestimate Wiliam because of Wiliam’s words. On the contrary, he felt that this was good. He didn’t want to owe this kid favor.

“I helped you loose the chains and save your life. You tell me all about Lu Lingyun.” Wiliam said.

Li Banshan laughed, “Boy, I am more and more interested in you, ok, I promise you!”

Wiliam nodded, “Deal.”

Then, he casually, a few long live red lotus appeared in his hands.

He was about to apply the needle when Li Banshan suddenly grabbed Wiliam’s hand and stared at the Long Live Honglian in Wiliam’s hand in amazement, “Wait! You silver needle! Yes!”


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