Dragon Husband Chapter 743

Chapter 743

Wiliam was caught like this by Li Banshan, his eyes drenched, and he asked, “What’s wrong with my silver needle? Have you seen it?”

Li Banshan’s eyes were horrified, but after he carefully read the silver needle, he showed a puzzled look, “No, no, why are you red?”

There was a glimmer of enlightenment flashing in Wiliam’s heart, and he asked directly, “Could it be that the silver needle you have seen is black?”

Li Banshan’s eyes widened suddenly, “How do you kid know?”

Lu Yezhen answered directly, but asked: “You tell me, where did you see the black silver needle?”

Li Banshan seemed to be reminiscing, and said: “It was probably a few months ago, but also one night, I saw the old witch fighting with an old man in black. The old man in black seemed to be using a black silver needle. It’s also weird, it’s obviously black, but it’s darker than the night, and it’s the kind that shines in the darkness.”

“Lu Lingyun was fighting with that old man?” Wiliam frowned slightly.

Before, Wiliam knew from Cui Shangyun that Lu Lingyun or the Lu family had something to do with the blackened silver needle old man.

He thought it was some kind of cooperative relationship, but didn’t he think the two were fighting?

This was beyond Wiliam’s expectations.

He didn’t think about it carefully, and said, “I will give you the injection first, and you will tell me what I want to know later.”

After speaking, Wiliam thrust into Li Banshan’s back for a while.

Li Banshan looked at Wiliam in a daze.

This kid made him feel more and more mysterious.

A red silver needle in his hand dances like a flying butterfly.

Li Banshan wanted to see where the silver needle came from.

But Wiliam’s speed was so fast that Li Banshan didn’t have time to see clearly.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later that Wiliam slowly let out a sigh of relief, and said to Li Banshan, “How did you try your body?”

Li Banshan had been tensing his body just now, and he moved a little now, and he was suddenly surprised to find that the killing chain behind him had loosened.

And it’s restored to what it was before.

His shoulders were nothing different from usual.


Li Banshan asked in surprise: “How did you do this! Once the killing chain strikes, it will take several days if you want to return to the normal state. You have only recovered after a few minutes?”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “No surprise, just a little trick.”

The chain of killing is mysterious and can cut a person in half.

But in fact, after Wiliam did some research, he understood something.

This killing chain acts on human muscles.

Let the muscles tighten quickly, and then achieve the effect of strangling.

Wiliam only relieved Li Banshan’s muscles and slowly restored the killing chain.

As for how to completely remove the chain of killing, Wiliam still had no idea.

The killing chain and Li Banshan have long been connected to each other, and it is difficult to pull them out completely.

The two of them returned to the room first. Wiliam sat opposite him and asked, “Now you can tell, what you know about Lu Lingyun.”

Li Banshan didn’t shirk, and said readily: “This Lu Lingyun shouldn’t belong to this world, she belongs to the person above.”

Wiliam nodded, he knew from He Tiantian that Lu Lingyun seemed to be from North’s Lu family, Wiliam’s family!

“Years ago, because she was rebellious and refining medicine was extremely demonic, and accompanied by serious madness, and too murderous, she was personally expelled from the North Lu family by his brother and imprisoned in the Beilin Lu family.” Li Banshan apparently Very clear about these past events.

Wiliam was taken aback, “You mean, Lu Lingyun was imprisoned in this Beilin Lu family?”

Li Banshan nodded, “Well, to be precise, it was the North Lu family who forced the old witch to swear a poisonous oath, and she was not allowed to take a step outside the Beilin Lu family for a lifetime.”

“So, what else, for example, what is Lu Lingyun doing recently? Have you been involved in refining any drugs recently?” Wiliam asked.

Li Banshan glanced at Wiliam strangely, “I heard the old witch say that it seems to be refining some kind of heart, refining it with human heart, it is extremely evil. But she has refined this thing for many years, and it has never been successful. , There are countless people who died under this thing. Recently, I saw her expression eased. There should be new progress, and there are two things missing.”

Wiliam nodded. The two things were half moon lilies.

He also finally understood that Lu Lingyun murmured before leaving.

She was eager to kill and wished to commit suicide to where she was.

However, he was helpless with poisonous oaths and dared not step out of Beilin Lu’s house at will.

But what is one more thing?

Wiliam stared at Li Banshan and asked, “Ling Yun said that you have something on your body just now. Is it one of the medicines used to refine it?”

Li Banshan shook his head and said, “I can tell you very clearly, no. As for what I have, sorry, I can’t tell you.”

Wiliam did not continue to question, and the two fell silent for a while.

Li Banshan actually had a lot of questions to ask Wiliam, such as where the jade and pearl fragrance on Wiliam came from.

But because of owing to others, Wiliam didn’t seem to want to talk about it, so Li Banshan didn’t even ask.

“Anything else?” Wiliam asked at last.

Li Banshan shook his head, “That’s all I know.”

“Okay, I see, let’s rest first.” After Wiliam finished speaking, he slowly closed his eyes.

Things have become more and more complicated.

The relationship between Lu Lingyun and the old man of Black Flower and Silver Needle.

The relationship between Li Banshan and Li Nanfeng.

This little Beilin Lu family seems to hide a big secret.

Early the next morning, Wiliam and Li Banshan and others came to the basement.

After Li Banshan’s recovery all night, his face changed a lot.

Just when I arrived in the basement, I saw a man standing there.

Li Banshan stepped forward and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The man was obviously waiting for Li Banshan and the others. When he saw Li Banshan coming, he said, “You don’t need to come here today. The old lady will give you a day off. It’s not right. Anyway, it’s a holiday. If you want to go to work, wait for the old lady’s notice. Right.”

Li Banshan showed a puzzled look, “This is weird. The old witch can’t wait to squeeze us twenty-four hours a day. How could she suddenly give us a room?”

He and Wiliam looked at each other and whispered, “Could it be that the old witch was also injured last night?”

Li Banshan asked, “Do you know what happened?”

The man obviously knew Li Banshan for a long time, so he approached Li Banshan’s ear and whispered, “I’m telling you, don’t tell others. It seems that the little princess fell ill early in the morning. She is still very ill, and the old lady is in the little princess’ room now.”


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