Dragon Husband Chapter 744

Chapter 744

When the next person finished speaking, he hurriedly left.

And Li Banshan was even more puzzled, “Sick? That Xiao Nizi, who is always alive and well, looked fine yesterday, why did she suddenly fall ill?”

But Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Calculate the time, almost.

The Green Snake Snake had an attack.

At the same time, in Lu Xiaolu’s room.

A group of people surrounded Lu Xiaolu who was lying on the bed, looking nervous.

The old lady sat on Lu Xiaolu’s bedside, carefully checking Lu Xiaolu’s pulse.

Lu Xiaolu seemed to be sick at this moment, but was a little weak.

She asked with a pale face: “Grandma, what the hell is wrong with me? Suddenly in the morning, I felt like a needle stick in my heart. I was so uncomfortable to death. Then after a while, I felt very itchy in my back. Why did I never know what happened to me? Guerrilla. Fighting like…”

The old lady did not answer Lu Xiaolu’s words, but she looked solemn!

Her medical skills are the best in Beilinlu’s family.

How could she not know what disease Lu Xiaolu was suffering from now!

Green snake flow!

But how could his granddaughter get this strange disease for no reason!

She couldn’t believe it for a while, so she diagnosed it again and again.

In the end, she sighed deeply and asked with an ugly expression: “Lulu, who have you been in contact with in the past few days!”

Lu Xiaolu saw that grandma was so close to an enemy, he was immediately anxious, “Grandma, tell me what disease I have? I’m not going to die? Don’t scare me.”

The old lady couldn’t hold back Lu Xiaolu, so he said in a deep voice, “What you have in you is a green snake!”

As soon as these four words came out, the people at the scene directly exclaimed!

“Green Snake Flowing Goblin! How can it be Green Snake Flowing Goblin!”

“Lulu, how could you catch the green snake?”

“Old lady, is it a mistake?”

When Lu Xiaolu heard it, his head buzzed and he almost fainted.

Why doesn’t she know the power of Green Snake Flow!

When her grandmother was interested, she also studied this green snake.

But at the level of the old lady, there is no way to conquer this green snake flow for a while.

In Lu Xiaolu’s view, the disease that grandma could not cure is now appearing on her body, which is tantamount to a terminal illness!

“Grandma, save me! I don’t want to die.” Lu Xiaolu’s tears fell on the spot.

The old lady caressed Lu Xiaolu’s head lovingly, and said, “Don’t worry, grandma will definitely help you figure out a solution. Tell me first, who have you met these days?”

Because Lu Xiaolu was so frightened in his heart, he told the old lady about the itinerary after returning.

And when she talked about what happened in the Blue Moon Emperor City, the old lady’s eyes stunned.

Obviously, she guessed something.

People around also shouted: “Blue Moon Emperor City! The people of Blue Moon Emperor City must have done it!”

“Old Madam, let’s go to the people in the Blue Moon Emperor City to settle the account! Force them to hand over the cure!”

“Huh, we don’t care about Lanyue Imperial City, they really think we are soft persimmons! These days, they are too overshadowed! We are all bullied.”
“Shut up!” The old lady was upset for a while, and shouted directly, “Now it’s useless to find someone in the Blue Moon Emperor City, but it’s a delay in time.”

Those people suddenly became reconciled, “But if you don’t go to them, how can you get the antidote!”

The old lady sternly said: “The green snake has no antidote at all. You don’t have to ask how I knew it. I will remember this account. Three days later, it will be Lulu’s birthday party, our invitation. They have all been sent out, so we must heal Lulu’s green snake flow within three days. Don’t act rashly.”

What she thought in her heart was that after three days, it was not just Lulu’s birthday banquet, it was a bloody feast, and it could not be destroyed. It would not be beautiful to live up to hundreds of hearts…

At this time, Lu Xiaolu’s strong desire to survive suddenly flashed a flash of lightning across her head, and she suddenly shouted: “Grandma! I know one thing! I don’t know if it’s useful?”

“When I was a doctor in Jianghuai a while ago, I also saw a man with a green snake in his body. Listening to his tone, it seems that someone can cure this green snake. I don’t know if it is true or false?”

The old lady’s eyes drenched, although she knew it was a little unlikely, really anyone in the world could cure the green snake?

Unless, it’s him…


However, seeing Lu Xiaolu’s pleading eyes, the old lady softened, and immediately said, “I will send someone to Jianghuai to find that person and ask.”

Lu Xiaolu suddenly nodded with tears, as if grasping the straw.

“Don’t worry, I will let you celebrate your birthday banquet in three days, making you the most eye-catching little princess in the entire Beilin City.” The old lady reassured him and told everyone else to retire. Down.

At this time, a servant hurriedly walked in from the outside, knelt in front of the old lady, and said, “Old lady, there are three people outside the door asking for a meeting.”

The old lady was upset and said directly: “Did you see me being annoying? I don’t see anyone!”

The man trembled for a while, and finally bit his head and said: “It’s Master He Yuewen of the He family, Miss Gu Lingling of the Gu family, and Miss Lin Songfeng of the Lin family.”

The old lady frowned, “Is it here to look for Lulu? Just tell them that Lulu is uncomfortable. If you are not seeing guests today, let them go back.”

But the offender said in a daze, “They, they didn’t come to see Lulu…”

“Isn’t here to beg Lulu? Who is that? Isn’t it the old lady who came to see me?” The old lady asked suspiciously.

This person, almost buried his head underground, and said a sentence that made everyone at the scene dizzy.

“The three of them are here to see Wiliam.”

There was an uproar at the scene.

Some people don’t even know who Wiliam is.

“Wiliam? Does our Lu family have this person?”

“Why does this name sound familiar?”

“Fuck! I remember now, isn’t it the medicine slave we just recruited two days ago? I remember his name is Wiliam?”

“That’s not right, those three people are all fascinating people in Beilin City, how come to meet a low-level person from our Lu family? Didn’t you hear the wrong name?”

The man who was questioned by so many people was even more trembling. He cried and said without tears: “I have not heard anything wrong, and I have confirmed with them many times. They came to see Wiliam.”

“Even, they even said a word outside the door…”

“Said that if Wiliam didn’t see them today, they would kneel outside!”


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