Dragon Husband Chapter 745

Chapter 745

The people at the scene were even more clouded.


It’s fine for a small servant to ask three daughters to come to see him.

The three of them still kneel at the door to see you?

what’s the problem?

Are the three of them crazy?

After listening to these words, Lu Lingyun’s eyes flashed with precision.

Interesting, so interesting.

“That’s right, take them to the lobby, and then call Wiliam over.” Lu Lingyun said.

She took a step, heading to the meeting hall.

She wants to see with her own eyes, what is the power of this little medicine slave who can make three daughters kneel and beg to see him?

She even wanted to see what happened inside?

And Wiliam was in his room at the moment.

He was going to find Feliicity, but was stopped by Li Banshan.

Although there is no work started today, during the daytime, drug slaves are not allowed to walk around.

Until someone calls him, go to the conference hall.

Wiliam had a vague guess in his heart, and went to the discussion hall without refusing.

When he arrived at the meeting hall, he saw Lu Lingyun in Gao Ju Hall at a glance.

Lu Lingyun’s face at the moment was three points joking, three points majestic, and a little worried.

And under Lu Lingyun, three people were sitting tremblingly.

It is Gu Lingling and them.

It turned out that they also had an attack of green snakes this morning.

After the family’s diagnosis, they also knew that the inexplicable green snake had gone.

After a telephone conversation, they immediately guessed that something happened in Lanyue Emperor City that night.

The owner of the Emperor Lanyue City was Wiliam.

They didn’t have Wiliam’s permission, so they didn’t dare to come to Wiliam so blatantly.

But because of their fear of death, they could only bite the bullet and come to see Wiliam.

Since this green snake flow came from the Emperor Lanyue City, Master Lu should know how to solve it?

What’s more, the three of them felt that they were all doing things for Master Lu recently, and the adults should know how to use the Internet.

So they discussed it together, and they didn’t make a phone call, so they went directly to ask for a meeting, in order not to give Wiliam a chance to refuse and decline.

Unexpectedly, when he came over, the old lady was also present, and even many elders of the Lu family were also present.

This is embarrassing.

They have no idea what to do now.

If Master Lu’s identity is revealed, it would be a death!

As Wiliam stepped into the discussion hall, everyone in the hall stared at Wiliam and talked about him.

Many people have seen Wiliam for the first time.

After all, a drug slave, who has nothing to keep in mind.

When the three of them saw Wiliam, their expressions were happy, and they were about to bow down, but they were all startled.

Can’t kneel.

I really can’t tell when I kneel.

Wiliam looked like a light cloud and a light wind. When he came in, he asked, “What are you three of us doing over here?”

The three of them stared at each other, and they all dared not say what they had prepared.

Because Lu Lingyun was staring at the four of them with interest.

In the end, He Yuewen was the first to react, pretending to be angrily and asked: “We came here to ask you, you were with us that night, why we were all caught in the green snake, but you looked good?

This sentence made many people come to realize.

It turned out to be here to ask the guilt.

But many people still have doubts.

Asking sin is in line with their identity, but why did they kneel at the door before?

He Yuewen’s desire to survive burst, and immediately added, “Say, do you have any antidote? I beg you, and share the antidote with us!”

The people present now understood that they thought that this kid had an antidote, so they knelt to ask for it.

It’s just a pity, how can there be any cure for the green snake?

These three people are still young, or they are in desperate conditions.

There was only Lu Lingyun alone, with a slight tick at the corner of his mouth.

Perhaps, He Yuewen found a good explanation and diverted everyone else’s attention.

But, unfortunately, there is a big logical loophole in it.

They said they came to inquire about crimes and seek medicine, but how did they know that Lu Yezhen was ill?

So, there are stories in it.

As for those present, Wiliam could ignore him, but he could not ignore Lu Lingyun.

Seeing Lu Lingyun’s eyes joking, he knew that these three people couldn’t play Lu Lingyun.

After the three of them came to the door on their knees, Wiliam knew that Lu Lingyun would not be fooled easily.

He faintly said to the three of them: “Well, the three of you don’t act. Acting in front of the old lady, you are still tender.”

The trio’s complexion became stiff and embarrassing.

But the people at the scene were even more confused, “acting? What kind of acting? What’s the situation? What does this kid mean I can’t understand a word?”

The old lady finally laughed and asked the three of them: “Are you three also caught in the green snake flow?”

The three of them nodded quickly, not daring to hide anything, “Yes, old lady, we were with Lulu that night, presumably Lulu she…”

The old lady said slowly: “Your guess is wrong, Lulu hasn’t come out now, and the person is in the room.”

After speaking, she looked at Wiliam with curious eyes, “Hoho, I want to know, you were there that night, why don’t you have a snake in the air?”

Wiliam faced the old lady, and said without changing his face: “It’s not in the middle, but I got rid of it.”

As soon as this was said, the scene was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at this kid in disbelief and talked a lot.

“My day, what did this kid just say? Can he get rid of the green snake?”

“Hahaha, I said this in front of the old lady. Isn’t this hitting the old lady in the face? You know that the green snake Liuzheng has even the old lady to do it.”

“It’s just rants. We have a lot of talents in the Lu family doctors in Beilin, and the old lady is a master in the dark. Why did he say this?”

At the scene, no one believed Wiliam at all.

Including the old lady.

She didn’t look down on Wiliam.

It simply felt that this kid had another purpose when he said this.

Even if he can cure the green snake, would he say it so easily?

What a ridiculous thing that a drug slave can cure a green snake, he said it, his life is about to die.

So, he is bluffing.

What is his purpose?

The old lady couldn’t see through Wiliam for a while.

Since he couldn’t see through, the old lady changed the question, “Wiliam, then you tell me, why did the three of them kneel at the door, begging to see you?”

When the three of them were asked this way, their hearts were raised in their throats.


With this kneeling, Master Lu’s identity was about to be revealed.

However, Master Lu is so witty, there must be a way to hide it!

The three of them looked at Wiliam with a guilty mind with a fluke.

Wiliam was still not swift and ill, but sat down under the eyes of everyone, uttering shocking words.

“It’s easy to say, I am the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City. They don’t come to beg me, but who do they ask?”


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